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  2. At present, most consumers lack the basic knowledge of watches, and even how to watch the clock, adjust the calendar, time and other basic issues are not clear; today, let me tell you how to correctly watch the clock and adjust the calendar, time Wait. First of all, you have to figure out what type of watch is, the current watch is divided into two categories, namely quartz watch and mechanical watch; quartz watch is to rely on the battery as a watch when the energy source, which includes the electronic watch (LCD digital display Time), ordinary quartz watch (usually 2 or more to the dial scale display time), radio (through the battery to the battery energy storage), lightwave (through the light wave to the battery energy storage), etc .; mechanical watch is to rely on mechanical motion to give Clockwork supply of energy, and then winding energy storage, watch pointer through the clockwork energy to go, according to the movement can be divided into manual winding and automatic winding two First, how to correctly watch the winding quartz watch rely on the battery to go, so there is no issue of winding. Mechanical watch, winding the watch by rotating the crown 3 o'clock clockwise. Usually more than 30 hours of storage watch, after the purchase of winding 25-30 laps can be saturated; manual mechanical watch winding spring will feel more and more tight, until completely tightened (be careful not to cause excessive force to the clockwork Or the crown screwed down); and automatic mechanical watch due to the skidding device, until the release of energy until saturated (Its role is to prevent the automatic Tuo continued to rise, resulting in the winding is too saturated and damaged), so the automatic mechanical watch does not exist in the absolute state of the clockwork, usually around the new table can be 25. Many consumers tell us after their watch is worn for 1 day, "The error in your watch is very big, a few minutes a day!" Most consumers first reaction is the movement out of the question, in fact, such a big error, often not a movement problem, but not the correct mechanical watch winding sake, most consumers think that the automatic mechanical watch This is a very erroneous understanding without the clockwork. First of all when you receive the watch, it has been in the express package for 2-3 days, and the watch's clockwork is basically close to 0, this time you wear a watch, just rely on automatic Tuo Add a winding watch to you, automatic Tuo non-stop supplement, but the watch is non-stop consumption, then the watch winding is always in a relaxed state, this time the error is also normal! For example, your watch at this time the energy storage can last 20 hours, and you match every day 8-10 hours to watch 20 hours of travel time to add energy, then your watch will inevitably empty after 5 days, This time your watch will naturally larger error or stop. So when you receive the watch, the first thing is to put the clock on the first good, if you wear too little time a day or less exercise, then you have to put the clock full in a few days; the other if the watch Placed more than 15 hours, once again worn, but also full winding. Only such a mechanical watch will keep you the best time to go! Matters needing attention 1: 1. Automatic mechanical watch through the automatic Tuo swing to a steady stream of energy, if you wear less than 8-10 hours or less your arm activity, then automatically Tuo Tuo energy will be Not enough, when the watch with a period of time after you find that you are not allowed to go, so you can regularly watch the watch manually add some spring. 2. When the watch appears to go wrong when the larger or stop the state, most of the time is due to lack of winding, but not all the movement problem. 3. Ordinary dial can be directly pulled out, and screw-in dial (screw-in dial refers to the thread inside the watch, like a screwdriver cap, screw clockwise locked, counterclockwise rotation Out; screw-in style is generally used in waterproof watch higher) need to unscrew the counterclockwise before they can pull out, and remember to use the finished watch must be locked to prevent the watch water. . Note 2: 1) The watch's calendar, day of the week, the moon phase adjustment Do not watch time between 21:00 PM --- 3:00 AM operation, during which the calendar function is in operation, but also lower gear meshing Frequent movements will damage the internal parts of the watch. Adjustment work such as a calendar is required at 12 o'clock (at 12 o'clock in the 24-hour period, when the gear is at the latching position at 24 o'clock and the gear is at the latching position at 24 o'clock, and the gears are separated from each other opened). 2) Calendar calendar grid, due to the format is divided into two different speed, the first ± 5 minutes calendar to complete the calendar, the second calendar within 3 hours to complete the grid. 3) In case of spiral crown watch, do not pull hard, please turn counterclockwise to open the locking crown, adjust the time, the crown clockwise and push into the lock, so as not to Water. 4) In the case of calendar with a watch to adjust the date, please adjust the calendar to the day you need the day before, and then turn the hour hand to adjust the date, when the needle after midnight the date will change, so you can avoid direct adjustment date Cause day and night confusion Second, the correct adjustment of the watch's time and calendar steps Many friends told me that his watch calendar does not jump or jump at noon, after the understanding that consumers will not properly adjust the watch and calendar caused. 1. First adjust the calendar to the previous day: slowly pull out the first cell of the crown (3 o'clock position), and then counterclockwise (some movement is clockwise) twist the crown, adjust the calendar, adjust the calendar To the previous day (for example, today, on the 16th, you first manually dial the calendar to 15. (Without a calendar watch to skip this step) 2. And then pulled out a grid, rotate to adjust the time, when the calendar by On the day when the day jump, that is, the same day early; and then follow the 24-hour system, rotating the watch will be time aligned with the time can be, for example, at this time for 6:00, half-turn rotation; if it is 18:00, A circle of half .3 remember to adjust the time and calendar, be sure to press the go in, screw-in watch but also remember to lock the watch. In addition the watch calendar shows that there are 31, if not this month 31, then the calendar needs to be manually adjusted.
  3. The first watch for you

    Collection of watch story, to tell you the story of the first watch in your life? Watch witnessed the passage of time "With timepieces, time is no longer important, but should enjoy the minute by minute." Timepieces used to be time reference gauges designed for time, and nowadays, on social occasions, timepieces not only mean concepts of time but also taste, fashion, and status. The culture of timepieces has infiltrated everybody's body. Everyone wears timepieces now or have been on hand, yet every watch has a different story. Let's talk about the story of the first watch in your life!
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  5. Ancient mechanical clock

    The importance of time to human beings is self-evident. In this way, it is also worth exploring how to count time. The ancients started their study of timing tools very early. The ancient kingdom of Billund invented the earth and the principle we all knew was to judge the time according to the change in the length and orientation of the sun. Ancient Chinese people also have similar inventions: sundial, clepsydra, hourglass, etc., leakage pot, hourglass is the use of water and sand flow meter time. Although these people can make a general understanding of the time, but there are still disadvantages: not accurate enough! If you want to know exactly what time it is in the end, is impossible to do. Sundial The emergence of watches and clocks to solve this problem, watches and clocks, including two types of watches, which is measuring, indicating time precision instruments. Thanks to them, people can count time conveniently and accurately. What is the earliest mechanical watch? The earliest mechanical clock is invented by the Eastern Han Zhang Heng - leaking turn armillary sphere, the gear will be muddy and time hitch together to make. Hourglass leaking impetus to the uniform rotation, transfer is a day. Only when the Northern Song Dynasty was in the Northern Song Dynasty was the great leader of the water transport system created by the prime ministers Su Song and Han Gong Lian, there was another little device called the escapement, known as the "heart" of the mechanical clock and watch. Leak to armillary sphere The ancient mechanical clock in Europe, appearing in the 14th century in Europe, was driven by a heavy hammer attached to one end of a rope and the other end of the rope was wound on a shaft. As the weight dropped, the shaft rotated accordingly, The clock driving the clock rotation. In 1510, the German locksmith Peter Henrias first used steel clockwork to replace the heavy hammer, creating a small mechanical watch with a crown wheel escapement. However, the timing effect of this watch was not satisfactory: Too tight, the pointer will go too fast; if the winding too loose, the pointer will run slowly. Fortunately, human beings are wise, this shortcoming has been quickly improved, the Czech Jacob Heck designed a cone-shaped turbine, coupled with a winding mechanism composed of the table winding mechanism, wound winding, Force acting on the top of the tapered turbine; relax the spring, weakened pull force, the force acting on the bottom of the turbine, the turbine shape just to compensate for changes in the role of the clockwork, so clockwork machinery can maintain uniform operation. Will not appear "different elastic winding lead to different clock speed" phenomenon. Around 1582, Galileo invented the gravitational pendulum. In 1657, Huygens introduced the gravitational pendulum into the mechanical clock and produced the world's first precise pendulum clock, a major event in the history of mechanical clocks. Compared with the previous need to drive the mechanism to promote the symmetrical horizontal wall clock, pendulum clock apparently to save a lot more, using the earth's gravity to promote. Later, the pendulum was applied to the clock, clock accuracy is also due to higher and higher. By the middle of the seventeenth century, the clock's error was only 10 minutes a day. Western modern mechanical watches were introduced into China in the late Ming Dynasty. In 1601, Italian missionary Ricci donated two self-explanatory bells to the Ming Dynasty Wanli emperor. It is these two bells that have had an impact on the manufacture of the mechanical clock in our country. It is said that at that time, Matteo Ricci had also renovated it. In order to adapt it to China's timekeeping habits, the 24-hour clock was changed to 12 o'clock, Changed into Chinese numbers, and divided the day into one hundred minutes, dividing each paragraph into one hundredth. Ricci In 1660, Hook invented the hairspring, used to control the reciprocation of the balance wheel in isochronism, the emergence of flexible elements in the clock so that the clock toward a more sophisticated direction. gossamer Although there are many mechanical clock structure, but the working principle is much the same. It is composed of the original motive force, transmission, escapement speed governor and pointer lines on the dial-needle lines and so on. In the 18-19 century, the clock and watch manufacturing industry has gradually realized the industrialization of production. In the 20th century, the rapid development of the electronics industry gave birth to the development of mechanical clocks, battery-driven clocks, electro-mechanical watches, digital quartz clocks, etc. Come out one by one. In 1969, there was a quartz watch, quartz watch timing quite accurate error of 0.0001 seconds per day or less. Mechanical clock history has also appeared a lot of interesting tidbits, sailing clock is one of them. Navigation clock, as its name implies, is a precision clock for ocean navigation. Nautical clock, invented in the second half of the 17th century, when the ship sailing no technical means to measure the longitude, the use of navigation clock records the time of the first meridian, and then the location of the vessel noon time comparison, through the difference between the conversion Longitude of the location. In order to compete for maritime hegemony, all European countries have invested their money in finding ways to measure longitude. Britain, of course, is the most active one and has introduced a bill that claims that as long as anyone can find a way to measure the longitude at sea, it will get 20,000 pounds. There must be brave husband under the big money, John Harrison, the self-taught clock maker tangled to receive this award. This is a very long campaign to pull Harrison in the sketches get Observatory director Harley, who is the discovery of Halley's comet that recognition, they began to make. After five years, Harrison produced the first sailing clock, let's call it H1, weighed 34 kg. Harrison conducted a test and found it to be far more accurate than all the measurements of the time, but he was not satisfied with it and made subsequent improvements on that basis, H2, H3, but this monster Not easy to carry, Harrison is also big. Occasionally, he discovered and used small high-frequency vibrators, although already 60-year-old, Harrison throw do not mind to come back, after the great design theory produced H4 just a little larger than the pocket watch, however, This is 6 years later. The award-winning board commissioned Harrison's son to take the H4 to expedition to Jamaica and 81 days of maritime voyages found that the H4 was only five seconds slower, with errors well below the maximum set by the commission. In the "war of longitude", the United Kingdom won the first chance to lay the foundation for maritime hegemony and lay the dominant position in the world. From this it can be seen that it is of great significance to obtain accurate time. Navigational positioning is no longer a distant dream. Watches also enter the new era of quartzization, which combines microelectronics and precision machinery. Getting accurate time and location is a simple matter. Have to admit that the development of science and technology has brought us great convenience.
  6. Cartier Fine Watchmaking collection

    Maybe you are right.
  7. In the area between the Patek Philippe brand and the product, there are many wonderful and fascinating features of Patek Philippe Watch hidden behind the scenes, and then I will list in as concise language as possible. (1) Do not look at the series In general, consumer awareness of Watch is based on the major series of brands. Because most brands are based on a series of products, the same series of Watch, design style and positioning are exactly the same, easy to identify and marketing; and number (model code) is like clothing M \ L XL size, Just given the range of options. However, this principle does not apply completely to "table king" Patek Philippe, the root of which is that Patek Philippe emphasizes that each product is more than the expression of the series, and strives to make each one contain unique charm Different movement and design of the nuances) rather than as a series of dependents. The Patek Philippe 5960 belongs to both the Calatrava series and the complex series Patek Philippe Watch is divided into Aquanaut, Calatrava, Golden Ellipse, Gondolo, Nautilus, Twenty-4, complex functions Function, such as timekeeping, calendar, world time, etc.), super complex functions (perpetual calendar, tourbillon, querying, chasing the needles or more than two complex functions) 8 series, there are unconventional cutting-edge research (silicon) series. One Calatrava series covers more than half of Patek Philippe style, and may overlap between different series, such as the 5207,5208,5002 Calatrava series both belong to the case (divided by case shape), but also a super complex function Series (by function). In the table circle, Patek Philippe Watch number more deeply than the series name, the series is only easy to divide the product only. (2) Carla Zhuohua cross The latest CH 28-520 movement engraved Carla Zhuohua cross and Patek Philippe mark Since the word Calatrava is mentioned, let's explain briefly so that some readers are not covered in it. The Carla Rojo Cross is a flower-shaped cross, the emblem of a Spanish knight, later used by Patek Philippe as a brand identity. Since 1932, Patek Philippe has used Calatrava to name all of the brand's round watches, which were not as popular and rich as they are now, and are now the largest product line. The "Carat Zhuohua Cross" logo is often found on Patek Philippe Watch's ponytail, clasp, backpack of the half-hunt, and official paper material, and is considered a symbol of the Patek Philippe brand. (3) Product code mystery As I mentioned earlier, the numbering is important to Patek Philippe Watch. The ability to tell the hottest or the more complicated features Patek Philippe Watch's number is one of the obvious criteria that distinguishes ordinary watch lovers and senior friends. However, it is not easy to understand and remember these four-digit numbers, because there is almost no logical relationship between them. At first (at the beginning of the 20th century) only a few dozen works were still found, but with the ever-increasing number of styles, hundreds of product codes have ruined the law. Currently available for reference is the beginning of the number 3 for the old men's watch, number 5 at the beginning of the new men's watch, the number 4 at the beginning of the female form, and the new Ladies First complex function of the female form are beginning with the number 7. Another similar function or style Watch, number will maintain a certain consistency, such as the famous successor 3939 Tourbillon Questionnaire style is 5339; and 5196 (small three-pin male form), 5296 (third-pin male calendar) 5396 (lunar calendar), 5496 (calendar) and 4896 (small three-pin female form) are the continuation of the history of the Patek Philippe 96 formal wear watch elegance, it is also the same as 96 suffix. (4) sales file system Patek Philippe family business has a seemingly flexible side (such as product number), but its management is actually very rigorous, focused on the brand's unique sales archive system, which is the next set of policies we will refer to , Including the brand's "heirlooms commitment" basis. Patek Philippe World Time Moon 5575 Patek Philippe salon in Geneva The so-called sales file, is the watch factory for the production and sale of each product to establish a detailed record. No matter how many years later, when the owner of this watch will send it back to the watch factory for maintenance or repair, you can find the corresponding history and stock replacement parts. The system says it looks easy, but it's actually a systems engineering project that involves the management and documentation of tens of thousands of products, hundreds of dealers, hundreds of retailers, and millions of parts each year. And as time goes on, the files and parts that need to be saved are getting bigger and bigger like a snowball and are currently only available to Patek Philippe throughout the watch industry. (5) Natural limits Limited in the watchmaking industry is a marketing tool, but also a sensitive topic. Limited rationale is precious and rare, but in fact, many limited-edition works based on industrial production tend to have only limited value and prospects, but their numbers are not rare. Patek Philippe Beijing source mansion opening special section 5153G Before we introduce Patek Philippe's 8 regular series are all non-limited, and only a few special models, such as the opening of the Beijing source mansion special 5153 commemorative models, is limited. But not limitless does not mean uncontrolled production, Patek Philippe in the sale of all models (including the models have been sold), the highest annual output of only a few hundred, ranging from only a single figure, or even one or two. These natural limited edition works can not be bought without money, depending on the identity of the customer. (6) Become VIP The identity of the customer I am referring to is not the type of celebrity, celebrity or "second generation" but the VIP status generated from the records on Patek Philippe's sales archive. In short, if you have not purchased any of Patek Philippe's regular watches before, you will not be able to subscribe to its complicated menu because the brand can not confirm that you really love Patek Philippe Watch and the intent to buy it. Given Patek Philippe's special position in the industry, the VIP system has effectively shielded off some speculators and speculators with the aim of turning around profits, and for true watch lovers, the process of becoming a VIP is a test of sincerity . (7) The privatization of the mark Patek Philippe has long been the brand that enjoys the most Geneva stamps. Until 2009, Patek Philippe announced the exclusive "Patek Philippe", which not only surpassed all the existing quality standards in the Swiss watch industry, but also standardized the service of the company from a human point of view, on behalf of the family business Consumers have promised to provide life-long maintenance and repair services for every piece of timepiece Patek Philippe has made since 1839, ensuring it is handed down from generation to generation. " Patek Philippe's mark In the Swiss watchmaking industry, whether it be the "Swiss Made" label, or the various certifications and stamps, the aim is not to make consumers go maze through cumbersome standards, but to provide a true quality assurance to meet the consumer Patek Philippe seeks to achieve this by establishing a privatization mark. (8) Salon and source Di Watch retail stores have integrated stores (distribution of different brands of Watch), stores (only one brand distribution), direct sales outlets (direct brand) and flagship store (to promote brand culture) of the points. And Patek Philippe has a special system or tradition: its direct stores in Geneva, London and Paris are called Patek Phillippe Salon, meaning they are not only a place of sale, but also Combining the exclusive artistic ambience and service concept of the brand, it brings extraordinary appreciation and exchange experiences to guests. Patek Philippe House, has the same status and function as the Patek Philippe Geneva Salon. In other words, as long as you love the table, even if there is no plan to buy Patek Philippe Watch, the brand also welcomes you to go to your house to enjoy the Swiss high-level watch brought joy and touch.
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  9. Black Friday deal - Orient Star Seeker

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  10. German Junkers watch brand introduction

    What watch do you recommend to me?
  11. Annoh & Osao in love their wacthes

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  12. Cost-effective Three Men's Watch

    Now, in addition to wrist wrist watch for us to act as a timing tool, but also be able to dress with their own to enhance their overall temperament and taste. Believe that everyone wants to have functional and design co-exist wrist companions. Therefore, today's watch house will introduce you to three price and value of the watch, for your selection of the table, provide advice. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Automatic Watch M79250BM-0001 watch Product Type: M79250BM-0001 Watch diameter: 43 mm Movement Type: Automatic Machinery Movement Model: MT5601 Case Material: bronze PVD steel, matte; one-way rotating outer ring, anodized aluminum word circle Waterproof depth: 200 meters Watch Comments: After a year of precipitation in 2016, this high-caliber bronze Tudor Kai Cheng watch and this year's black gold Kai Cheng Biwan watch once listed, it has become the brand more hot time Account payment. With brown dial and cigar antique brown leather strap vintage with a full wrist show charm. Inheritance brand many diving design, giving the watch more brand recognition style. As a Rolex brand popular version of the Tudor classic watch, 200 meters waterproof rating, 70 hours moving storage, the price is relatively good, like the table friends may wish to consider it. ORIS Hammerhead Automatic Gray Dial Men's Watch Product Model: 752 7733 4183 Watch diameter: 45.5 mm Movement Type: Automatic Machinery Movement Model: Oris752 Case material: stainless steel, one-way rotating diving bezel, black ceramic scale circle Waterproof depth: 500 meters Watch Comments: Howl's efforts in recent years is obvious to all, especially in the diving sports watch has a relatively good result. Just like this year's dive series, pure stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet, case with black one-way ceramic bezel, black and white design more eye catching and intuitive, easy to operate bezel. Feel full of gray black brushed solar radiation plate, covered with luminous part of the faint blue central pointer and hour and minute time scales against each other, even in the dark environment can observe the time, very convenient. Day of the week display and date display at three o'clock position, simple and practical. Whether it is sports or formal wear, are good choices. Baume & Mercier Classima 42mm (M0A10333) Watch diameter: 42 mm Case Thickness: 8.85 mm Movement Type: Automatic Machinery Case material: stainless steel Waterproof depth: 50 meters Watch Comments: If you like gentleman genial style, then this year's celebrity based watch is a good choice. Inheritance brand has always been resistant to look style, this watch is accompanied by refined simplicity. 42 mm polished steel case with a dark blue alligator strap to showcase the unique and profound meaning of the watch. Inheritance series of classic design timepiece design style, willow-shaped pointer, and the elegant Roman numerals, the outer ring of the hour markers against the background of each other, so that when the reading intuitive and clear, and elegant style. Summary: Retro, sports, simple, three models to show the style of mechanical timepieces in three styles, and each have both high value and cost-effective, this year's watch is a better choice. If you like one of these three watches, may wish to consider it.
  13. Casio watches powerful and functional, many young people are very much in love with a watch brand. In the development of many years, Casio has introduced a variety of series of a variety of models of watch products, consumers want to recognize them really very difficult. So how to view the Casio watch model then the watch house for everyone to explain, if you are a fan of Casio watch it do not miss it. First, how to understand its function from the model: WW -Wide Temperature Water Resist Waterproof at all temperatures GS personally think it should be translated as GIEZ series G-G-SHOCK GW -G-SHOCK WaveCeptor Solar wave, but when used in the frog man just refers to solar energy GL-G-Lide Extreme Sports Series BGR, BG-Baby-G Reef, coral reef transparent series MSG-G-Miss series, business women's watch OCW-Oceanus Waveceptor Poseidon radio series LOV - couple on the table prg - mountaineering series prw - Mountaineering series, with radio function paw - US version of the radio wave mountaineering watch, some of the old models in China can not open the radio time zone function Again is the model, pure digital coding DW word head MTG-Metal Twisted rubber metal interwoven design MRG -Majestic Reality This is a bit hard to translate, it seems to be the 'top rendering' meaning GMN-G-SHOCK Mini, mini series BG-Baby-G series DW-Digital Water Resist digital waterproof AW -Analog Water Resist pointer is waterproof EF-Edge heavy metal series, all-metal pointer or dual-display EFX - plus Sapphire, coated Edifice Expensive EQW -Edifice (Quartz?) Waveceptor heavy metal wave models SHN -Sheen brilliant shiny (full polished) female form Second, how to learn from the model style: 8200,8201,8250,8251,9900,9901,6300 - frogman (ISO waterproof 200M, asymmetric shape) 8400 old mud people (anti-mud dust) 8600 Fisherman (tidal phase) 8800 Code Name 9100 trapeze (height gauge) 9300,9350 Raysman (solar energy) 9800 Wademan (electronic compass) AW series 570,571 Gaussman (magnetic pointer) G series 9000 Clay (anti-dust) 9100 Bay people (moon phase tide) 9200 trapeze (temperature measurement pressure height) GW series 200,205,202,225, 2xx frogman (ISO waterproof 200M, asymmetric shape, the new increase solar function) 9000 Clay (anti-dust) 9200 trapeze (temperature measurement pressure height) In addition the two numbers 5600 and 6900 forever reserved for the classic two Third, how to understand the material from the model: A, B, C, D stainless steel E, H, T -titanium titanium L -leather leather strap GM-Gold Frogman Model Golden frog man HL -Hawaiian Lifeguards Hawaii lifeguard HD -Hawaiian Pro Designs Hawaiian surfer style design NISMO -Nissan Motor Sport, Nissan car race RE-Red Eye, red-eye (referring to the red letter LCD) RF -Rain Forest Rainforest RJ -Rastafarian Jamaican leader style SA -Street Artist Street artist TC -Triple Crown of Surfing Triple Crown Cup surfing competition WC-World Cup Cup, but in the frogman on behalf of the WCCS-World Coral-Reef Conservation Society Coral Reef Conservation Association K, AK - Whale dolphin meeting PP-puppy, Baby-G's kitten puppy series Casio watch number really is very complicated, but I believe that through the above description to find the corresponding model is not very difficult. After you master Casio watch model identification method, if you find a problem with the watch, you can find the solution for the first time, and watch maintenance can also be of some help.
  14. Now I finally know how hard it is to find a watch that suits you.
  15. Breitling movements

    Yes,they are all the perfect movement.
  16. History Back in the 1970s, the design of this Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973, presented to you, is based on a wristwatch created by the Longines Watches in 1973. Combining history, tradition and precision, this new Longines collection features the exclusive Longines Watches column wheel chronograph movement. The shape of the case, sharp dial layout, styling both chic and harmonious pleasing, but also for the seventies elegant style into the modern flavor to meet today's taste Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 watches form can instantly capture the attention of others. Around the dial is an elegant pillow-shaped case, a thorough retro design, completely loyal to the original models. The original model is Longines Watches produced in 1973, a flying hourglass-marked chronograph. This watch was equipped with Longines Watches mechanical chronograph movement: 30CH. Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 watch following the footprints of its predecessors, also equipped with advanced movement: L688 column wheel chronograph movement by the ETA exclusive Longines Watches. Featuring a dial in black or silver, the Longines Heritage 1973 Vintage watches have succeeded in highlighting the contrasting effect of color. At three o'clock and nine o'clock each has a timing plate: silver dial with black dial watch section; black dial watch is equipped with silver timing plate. Decal hour scale with black thread and Super-LumiNova® luminescent dots. Minutes circle also decorated with black thin lines, and hour scale to form a well-proportioned layout effect. The dial has a blue speed measurement scale, add a touch of subtle colors for the watch. Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 watch diameter of 40 mm, the pillow-shaped stainless steel dial fully retained the original style and style of the line. Table back configuration transparent sapphire crystal case back, so that wearers can appreciate the operation of the movement and the blue column wheel. Case symmetrical shape with circular button set off, even more harmonic pleasing, and with a black crocodile leather strap. Longines Watches, a watchmaker from 1832 in Switzerland, maintains the heritage, elegance and functionality of watchmaking. Longines Watches has long been a timer manufacturer for all types of sports world championships and has long-standing relationships with various international sports associations. Longines Watches is a member of the Swatch Group, a world leader in timing products. Longines Watches is a trademark of the world-famous brand with its flying hour glass. Longines Watches is well-known for creating sophisticated timepieces and operates in more than 130 countries around the world.

    This is one of the reasons I love this watch
  18. If you want to buy a good watch, you need to seriously consider for a long time, carefully selected for a long time, from the appearance, function, price, sale, etc.

    This watch style is very suitable for young people to wear.
  20. Breitling movements

    Breitling watches the quality of the movement are good, is a good watch brand.
  21. Watch is a man's wrist an important partner, since its birth, it is no longer an ordinary timekeeping tool. But a status status, a symbol of temperament and wealth. Now there are many watch brands on the market, then those watches brand is good? Watch House today for everyone to introduce some of the more famous watch brands. Interested friends come together to see it! Rolex watch design in a solemn, practical, inconspicuous flashy style, by a large number of people, the quality of the Rolex movement and durability, Rolex is undoubtedly the best, simply can be passed on as pass away to future generations. Although Rolex almost never create complex watches, but it is durable, precise time travel is notorious, and has been the darling of the secondary market, hedging excellent. Watch technology, Patek Philippe has been in a leading position, with several patents. Since Patek Philippe won the first Piston Clockwork patent in 1851, major patents include precision regulators, dual timers, large helical balance wheels, peripheral self-winding rotors, and associated balance Wheel center device. Only from 1949 to 1979, 30 years, there are 40 patents, many of its patents, the most in the list. Cartier has more than 150 years of history, its brand founded in France, but the factory is in Switzerland, but also with the top Swiss movement. Cartier from the World War I victory of the British tanks to draw inspiration on the track, launched the tank series, which was the celebrity favorite in Europe and America Cartier is also a great price difference, the cheapest is the "tank" (tank) of stainless steel Models, about 30,000 yuan; expensive hundreds of thousands of Cartier on behalf of many things, refined, luxurious, elegant, noble, also on behalf of success and high. In addition to the Swiss brand, other countries have a lot of good watches. Germany's watchmaking level can be compared with that of Switzerland, Lange, Glashütte original and Asian are the leaders of German-made watches. Of course, the price is not cheap, the purchase requires a certain economic base. Although not as good as the Swiss watch and German watch as the superb skills, but pay attention to the combination of products and the latest technology, electric wave form, photodynamic energy meter is a model of Japanese watches. Representative brands Seiko, Citizen, Casio, the East Shuangshi. In the United States across the Atlantic, the American casual lifestyles are also deeply influenced by the development of the American watch. Most American watch brands have a very distinctive minimalist style. American watch more famous Hamilton, Tiffany, the day beauty, CK, GUESS, fossils and so on. The domestic watch also has some very good brand, quality and reputation are very good. Such as FIYTA, Rossini, seagulls, Beijing watch, Shanghai watch. Seagull watches, especially the most popular watches, seagull watches since its birth in 1955 has been more than 50 years of development history, more than 50 years of history for the "Seagull" watches laid a solid foundation of technology has now become a watch set Core research and development, production. Assembly. Sales in one of the watch production base.
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    Germany is the birthplace of modern watches, Nuremberg eggs are historians recognized as the earliest pocket watch, but the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland in the future from the southern German artisans learn watchmaking technology, beyond predecessors, achievements However, the Germans continue to be one of the largest buyers of timepieces today, and some of the most famous Swiss watch brands are even considered privately by German insiders as modern German watch brands are often dominated by people Think of some unknown mid-priced brands, good quality but too practical, difficult to decorate and artistic value. German watch In the 1990s, when the situation changed, the high-end German brands emerged one after another: the historical background of this period was the integration of the former East Germany into West Germany and the authorities strongly encouraged investment in East Germany. The brand's VDO group, persuaded by successors Walter A. Lange & Söhne, has reinvented the historic A. Lange & Söhne brand with its own technological know-how. At the beginning of its creation, the brand positioning was placed on the highest end Whether it is carved three-quarter plywood, gold sleeve or a large calendar are to highlight its style with Patek Philippe, but not in technology and workmanship is not lost to Patek Philippe. Inspired by the rapid maturity of A. Lange & Söhne in the near term, Glashütte, a watchmaking city near Dresden, was also launched quickly and became a Swatch Group against A. Lange & Söhne The main force behind the heritage of ancient craftsmanship and the development of complex movements, A. Lange & Söhne, and the persistence of Bauhaus in design style, has won more and more buyers with its minimalist design In addition, there are many small brands based on Glashütte's call, which, perhaps, except for the few people in the circle who often follow the brand A. Lange & Söhne German-style rules, so that German watches as with Special uniform as clear. In fact, a series of newly emerging watch factories in various parts of Germany are becoming the main competitors of Swiss counterparts.JUNGHANS from Black Forest, which is famous for its clocks and clocks, are economical and have a series of new technical fields, such as radio wave watches However, the brand investment in the field of mechanical watch more and more, but also continue to have super high cost-effective products listed in Frankfurt, SINN initially a series of assault troops, firefighters, divers to create a professional color , But also has a high cost-effective products, after obtaining consumer recognition, SINN prices are no longer cheap, but still very professional in terms of functionality.In addition, a new man can not be ignored is from Hamburg, "Jewelry King" WEMPE- - The brand, which sells luxury watches and owes its name to many watchmakers and maintenance masters, has struggled with the clockmaking industry these years, with a range of practical and beautifully engineered products, even robbing the mainstream Swiss brands. Germany's Observatory precision timer test, the German style more intuitively accurate way to run come out. Although most German brands have a short way to go outside of the industry except A. Lange & Söhne, the foundation of the German watch is the practicality of life and its future development Especially in the future with strong consumer support.Deri watch in the technology has its own deep foundation, it is also very old in the design style, so in the coming years to continue to rise is expected.For purely European style Of admirers, the German table also means that personality and time, not able to have several German tables, it is difficult to publicize its taste is worth mentioning that this style of taste is often favorably and without cost, It is enviable endless envy.
  24. Wrong watch purchase

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  25. What you think of Annoh & Osafo ?

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  26. What you think of Annoh & Osafo ?

    To purchase it's here: • Dawn https://www.annohandosafo.com/product-page/dawn •Aspire https://www.annohandosafo.com/product-page/aspire • starligh https://www.annohandosafo.com/product-page/starlight
  27. German Junkers watch brand introduction

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