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    This vintage (circa 1967) Accutron cal. 214 dual timezone Railroad Dial doesn't get much wrist time but I sure do like it and doubt I will ever part with it. Very cool hum from these vintage tuning fork horological marvels...
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    New Accutron in the stable!

    This one came today, it is the fifth addition to my Accutron collection. It is a 1965 two tone model with the 214 tuning fork movement. This model has an asymmetrical case shape sometimes called the "Floppy Football" and it is one of my favorite case designs. It was a nice addition and matches its stainless steel brother.
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    Accutron (218) Service

    I am lucky that where I live (Ca) my jeweler's a third gen with a dad and grandad that are still living and know how to work on my Accutrons. Those above will be as good as any I think. The problem is that Accutron certified watchmakers are simply dying off or retired. I dont own any 214s because they are a bit more fussy with batteries (they really need downvolted Accu-Cells) and are not quite as reliable (most think) as the 218s and 219s and even the 224 Accu-Quartzs. Before you spend any money on getting one fixed, maybe check out finding the same movement in a working Accutron, it might be a lot cheaper. Sorry about your 218, they actually are a pretty robust movement and last a long time.
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    Accutron (218) Service

    Thought you might appreciate the similarities between your and my Accutron. Just this week I had pulled my 218 N0('70) from storage and whatever came over me-I decided to overhaul it myself. (note: I am not a watchmaker but have years of experience with vintage and specifically pre-quartz electrics. I can only do a basic service/regulation of movement though and have no skills to disassemble any of the clutch/tuning fork/or gear components) That being said, I was able to regulate it to what now seems like approx +/- 1 sec per day though I am not exactly sure how except for persistence and luck. I was able to repair the back winding stem from slipping by examining it under high-power scope and determining there was oil/crud built up. Again-just dirt, no actual 'break'. The gasket seal was amazingly pliant and supple so I re-used it for better or worse. I also cleaned out the battery compartment from buildup. I was having intermittent running and thought this may be one thing causing it. Its fine now so I can only assume. I never have been certain why Boluva used plastic battery reducer rings in these as a standard 389 size seems to be what the movement was drilled out for. But the plastic ring also isolates the battery side walls. Hmmm, on this point. Accutrons are already a bit odd with voltage and they have the battery set [+]positve down unlike most other brands (afaik) **I was never a big Accutron fan back before my days on WUS and in fact-I received an Accutron like yours, a '75 from death of relative and I used it like a beater and it held up faithfully for man-years and then the clutch went and it was kaput. Then, (and this is SO painful to admit still..agh!) I received thru another incredible fluke a solid 18k gold case/gold dial/gold bracelet Accutron Astronaut in the mid 90s. And guess what? I did;t like it. Not its style. Did;t appreciate its GMT function. I just thought it was way too much bling and even spot gold wasn't outrageously high at the time. And like an idiot. -or I should say-like a pre-WUS dummy- I took it to a Jewleler and sold it for a pittance of what it would now be worth. And whats worse-had I kept it-I most certainly would be wearing it and liking it very much. But then I was the guy in the 80s who inherited a '60 GMT an almost sold/trade that for a song too -not 'liking' its blue and red thing. Now I would pretty much kill for a decent black dialed SS Astronaut for a decent price. I don't have a lot of regret like that but that Astronaut will always remain with me as a lesson in how stupid it can be to sell something without knowing what your selling. It was a reputable Jeweler who I come across years later and 'humorously' mentioned his ripping me off (i guess I'm still 'hot' about this. His attitude was totally: "eh. you win some and lose some" So. he isn't wrong, exactly. but, he definitely saw me coming back then. Anyway-that is my 'Accutron story and sorry I have no better advice on serve then the others. In fact-my experience has been the few guys who can do repairs are not very polished in other areas of watch finishing. (sloppy) So-I am on my own for now. I think our dials have the exact same index markers and mine is just a no-date and a back-winder. The quality and finish of this watch rivals most of the best mass produced luxury dials. And lately I have grown much more interested i plain no-date 3-handed watches so my buying this one years ago allowed me to get a decent example for less then $50.

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