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  1. Let's do a Brand Research Project, what's your opinion on the three major Japanese watch brands? Brand feeling. Like High Tech, cheap, expensive, or other words. How is the design? Colorful, in or out. Which brand you would preferred if the price is the same? Among these three brands, is there a model that is your favorite watch?
  2. Hi, watchtalkforum members, thanks very much for the support, please add watchtalkforum to tapatalk to make it more accesibble from mobile devices!!
  3. How to post pictures on watchtalkforum Don't say what I'm doing now is meaningless, I have seen many members talking to me that don't know how to post a picture, so this post I think is quite worth to be done. Steps of posting a picture on watchtalkforum 1. Take the picture by phone or camera, then transfer it to your laptop. 2. Upload this picture to a web host 3. Link to the image in your watchtalkforum post. There is no need to talk about how to take the picture by your phone or camera, or transfer them to your PC, but I will be detailed to explain how to upload the image to a web host. There are many websites that are able to host or store the pictures for you, like photobucket, flickr and so on, I'm personally using photobucket, so today I will use photobucket for this guide. First, and most necessary, you need a photobucket account, which is free, by doing the following you will get one account for FREE. 1. Go to http://www.photobucket.com/ and click on the "sign up" tab 2. Fill in an email, username and password of your own choice as well as the birth date and verifying, then you are free to process the next step, click the "Get started" button, now your account is completed. There is no confirmation email you will get in the process, but you need to remember firmly about your username and password cause you gonna need them the next time you want to log in your account to upload the picture, the following is the page shows when you done your sign up. 3. And now you go to a page where you can upload the image, click the “upload” button, will redirect to the page with "choose photos & videos", one click on that button, you will be navigated to the folder on your laptop where your images are stored, and select it or double click it, then the image is selected for upload to photobucket, then waiting for the image to be completely uploaded. 4. Click the image just uploaded, and notice the right side of the page, there are some lines of HTML stuff, find the one called "IMG" 5. Right click anywhere in that text, when you click, the text will suddenly show up a little yellow box saying "copied" for two seconds, which means you have successfully stored the link to your picture in your laptop's clipboared/memory. Posting an image on the watchtalkforum 1. Start a new post, and type text up to the point where you want your picture. Paste the code you copied from photobucket into your post. You should see something like a code of HTML like this: and then get rid of the part with only left of code tags that tell the forum software what to do, it should look like this: 2. And there you go, finish typing your post, insert any other images you like to put in your post, and submit the post. But before submit your post, it's a good habbit to preview your post to make sure everything is all formattted correctly. Ok, that's the end of this guide, hope members don't know how to upload pictures could be enlightened somehow.
  4. it's a gen, planet ocean 8500
  5. welcome to watchtalkforum, any question please feel free to ask
  6. thanks to all the new members for the registration since this being rather a new watch forum, so each registration really means a lot to us, so thanks all the fellow members here and we watchtalkforum(WTF) will try our best to keep this forum running smoothly ^_^ :P
  7. Welcome to watchtalkforum Watchtalkforum is a platform offered only for watch collectors, all discussion, information, news and anything related to watches are free to post and discuss here but by doing that please bear in mind that all members here ought to familiarize yourself with the forum guidelines to make our home a better place, which including: 1. All discussions should be carried on under a polite, friendly, informative manner and tone. Please be aware of that any inappropriate post or posts do not meet our standards for acceptable discourse may be removed, members are expected to conduct yourself accordingly. 2. Screen names can be anything you like except the ones trying to impersonate others or names containing racist, political, profane, offensive overtones. 3. Posting your views publicly in the forum stands for that you are supposed to accept other members’ opinion no matter other members are disagree or agree with you. It’s inevitable that sometimes different opinions can cause tempers but undue anger, hostility or personal abuse or anything sort of that are clearly prohibited here. Don’t post personal information about people or send fellow members insulting, profane or antagonist private messages, e-mails or spam. 4. Members’ intention by sale or want to buy is allowed on watchtalkforum but only in watch Sale Section, post sales or potential sale post on anywhere else the forum may cause the post be removed or deleted. Do not make posts trying to advertise or promote any dealer, and please read and follow the rules of Sale Section before posting. Dealer, manufacturer, vendor or other commercial entity are not allowed to spread sale information unless we stipulate in explicit terms in the days to come. 5. Watchtalkforum do not support the counterfeit watches discuss, but indeed offered a section called identification where members are free to post your collections that you are not certain about its authenticity, members who are well versed in watch hobby can offer you a constructive and informative idea. 6. Linking to other watch forums to share knowledge is acceptable on watchtalkforum. Just give a credit if you use a picture found on internet in your posts unless they are openly domain. 7. Any member who has a complaint or question in relation to the forum can contact any member of the Admin team which you can find at bottom of the main page simply by clicking The Moderating Team. 8. Do not bring in any outside debate into the forum. 9. Members’ personal information submitted to the forum while register is well stored on database, we will by no means disclose member’s personal information out to any parties. Please be confident to join us. 10. Please observe any additional guidelines in each forum. Thanks!
  8. Welcome to your new Invision Power Board! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...
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