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  1. Here's a couple of mine, I have around a 6" wrist.
  2. It's not really about the amount of it being "flooded" in the market, it's about supply and demand. If one a particular model is being "flooded" in the market, but is also a lot more in demand than the other, than even with the "flood", that model may still hold its value just as much (or more so) as the other. What determines value is how much people are willing to pay for something. With that said, SD and Sub are both great watches and they both hold their value about the same. Go for the one you like more, not for the one you think might hold its value a bit better.
  3. I'm just surprised it fits, or that you took the time to try it out. Good find. Personally, I prefer my blue Everest if I'm not using the bracelet, because it's not so plain. My black rubberB with blue stripe is too subtle, but bracelet looks best.
  4. Great plan to save for what really excites you! That's one heck of a sports watch.
  5. It looks simply stunning. Really eye catching dial. Well done!
  6. Great shots here!!! It's just great to see the Oysters. Oyster cases, sexy curves, different angles Awesome!
  7. U r rite! Thought it was a 36mm DATEJUST but you identifed the correct model and can now find that it actually exists with that combination. Thanks a lot! Is it model discontinued now?
  8. I'm just curious if you guys have your Rolex Roadmap. Would love to know what it is. Mine is (notice that I do not have cliche like Daytona or Sub in the bunch...just don't like the idea of seeing it on so many wrists...and most of them being so fake that it cheapens the models for me): 1. Rolex Explorer 2 42mm Polar Orange Hand (ref:216570) [done]. Loved it as you can only love your first luxury timepiece that you plopped down your hard-earned money for. 2. Rolex GMT Blk/Blu (Batman) [done]. Get tons of compliment. Haven't seen one on someone else yet. 2.5 Rolex Cellini Prince. This number because I might via my course to #3 if I come across the right one/right price/right situation (being my financial state at the time). The closest thing you'll ever get to a Rolex with traditional watchmaking decoration like a “Clou de Paris” on the face and guilloche “rayon flammé de la gloire” on the movement in see through caseback! The only non-GMT of the bunch and that's saying a lot from someone who only considers GMT, Worldtimer, and Worldtime at this point in his life. 3. Rolex SkyDweller White Gold Don't like yellow gold watch. Too blingy for me. White Gold/Platnium are more subtle. I don't need to shout to the world I have a gold watch. Anyway, the people whose opinion matter to me (fellow watch aficionados) when it comes to my wrist wear will know and appreciate it. To be fair, at this price I might be tempted to go ALS or Patek if I have to choose one at that time.
  9. Tttale

    £1000 ROLEX?

    Well, which one do you like?
  10. $1 perhaps? Go on ask him you never know but he might say $10000000 The trick is to find out what you want to pay and what he wants for it. We could tell you its worth X amount of money but if you dont want to pay that much or your friend doesnt want to sell it for that its not much help. If you are unsure you could always look at the 2nd hand prices and see there. Pick an average amount remove the amount for dealer markup and you never know. Whats the worst your friend will say if the price is wrong.
  11. Tttale

    Gst 3715 question

    when you have to replace the dial you can go from opening the case or....? if it has to open the upper case it needs a special tool? last,does iwc has dials from this ref as a stock? thanx
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