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  1. Thanks for the review - I have a RubberB with blue stripe for my GMT II BLNR, and I'm thinking of an all blue Everest too.
  2. ??????????????? ever hear of google? or the myriad of black bay pictures from other members already posted?
  3. Good deal! It's a great watch you will surely enjoy
  4. Hi there, Which portuguese? Chronograph? 7 days automatic? I have the chronograph and love it.
  5. cornolio

    DING in my Portofino

    Doesn't look too bad to me. Little dings and scratches are inevitable. I'd leave it alone until due for regular service and see what they can do then. I realize this is a dressier piece, but sporty enough that a few marks just give it some character. But if it bugs you that much, you're in the right city to find plenty of people to remove it, or at least soften the ding a bit. Really nice watch.
  6. Full overhaul is $600, and the crystal replacement is $210.
  7. Looks good to me. Lots of indiactions it is not fake. Fakes have simpler 1 piece rotors, no decoration except the top surface, the printing on the plate is always uneven... Can't explain the scrapping noise, rotor bearing may be crooked from a drop.
  8. cornolio

    Why IWC?

    Quality designs, good movements and just beautiful!!
  9. Great. I really like the california dial. Just a bit concerned about the size. I couldn't pull off the BP.
  10. Go to the Orbita website and you will everything you need.
  11. nice read, sven. You sure do have a lots of free time until you are fully fit and back to work :P cheers
  12. yeah thats about what im ok to pay, i love the feel of it, rivals my sub somehow. im gonna keep an eye on one at jomashop. are they legit and reliable ?
  13. Congrats on your green dial, I bet pictures don't do it justice, I have a blue dial that looks better in the flesh.
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