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  1. This is my the first time I am posting a thread, and maybe it might be discussed before, but I was wondering what do you guys feel if you forget to wear your watch to work (or go out)? Apparently, I was in such a rush this morning, I have a pair of empty wrist, and I am feel like to go back home at lunch to pick up a watch to wear... Just interested to know what you guys feel if you run into my situation?
  2. I might buy one, but I will probably not wear it as often as intended. Maybe a good watch to go travelling, and pretty much that's all.
  3. Finally, my new JLC arrived. Have been so busy at work, no time to start an incoming. But still wanted to post the pic.
  4. Well, guys. I made up my mine, when I was just about to make the order for the JLC, the watch was not available anymore, but my friend told me the Q187T170 is available at amazing value, and since I wanted a BLNR in the first place as I wanted a GMT and some element of blue, I didn't hesitate and made the order for the Master Compressor GMT. Hopefully this order is successful and start an incoming thread before Xmas.
  5. Thanks everyone. I probably go into an AD tomorrow and try it out. Good point that most of you mentioned I can always get a GMT2, where as, this is a limited time opportunity.
  6. I have an opportunity from a friend that can help me to get a new JLC Q183T470 at 1/2 price. I have never have much attention to JLC's range, but knowing that they make very good movements. Originally, my plan was to get at BLNR or a GMT II TT (which I am already struggling), but with this JLC offer, which the price is even lower than the GMTs that I am saving up for, what should I do? I am always happy to try other brand, but I always ask my question, what can I do with the same $ for a Rolex before I make the decision. It's like Rolex sets a benchmark for me in buying other non-Rolexes. Can I ask if anyone can help me with the follow? 1. Stay focus, ignore the JLC - based on the current collection I have (Sub LV, Vintage Datejust, Daytona SS White, IWC Aquatimer 2000, Baume & Mercier Classima 8689)? 2. Is the JLC Master Compressor - Q183T470, a good watch in its range, or is it just like an entry level JLC for those that wanted to move into the brand? 3. Any sites that provide review for this model? Thanks!!!
  7. I go for Daytona. Speaking from having a Master Compressor (but not Chrono) and having a 116520, I would pick the Daytona. The JLC is a great watch, but Daytona sings a lot more to me. After all, Daytona is a legendary watch.
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