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  1. ... When your wife gives you this for your b'day:
  2. Congratulations, looks great on you.
  3. julywest - yep, the loaner is head only. the OEM NATO is woven and not printed and is much nicer, imho. ottovonn - thank you - cheers, mate
  4. Please update on the accuracy.
  5. Damn you. This picture is doing nothing for my Pepsi obsession. Love it!
  6. thats my concern. Those lugs are pretty big and I'm not a fan of the gap between the case and strap on any watch so this is going to test me. I've ordered a fairly cheap one as a test. Shame there aren't more curved lug straps around. Be interested to see the BB with an isofrane.
  7. Thinking of trying a 116200 but not too keen on the polished finish of the case and centre links. Should be easy enough to have a jeweller put a matt finish on these parts in the manner of a Sub or Explorer...but what will it look like?? Anyone out there tried it?ThanksRD
  8. Great decision! Congrats on your Submariner!
  9. 1 vote for the 377704. Especially since I just bought one myself. I was actually tossing up between the IWC and the Breitling Transocean. In the end the IWC won out because it was really the watch that I wanted. I have had Breitlings and Omegas in the past and have to say that, if you have not had an IWC before, I highly recommend getting one. You won't be disappointed. I highly recommend trying them both on and seeing which is a better fit or which appeals to you more. The IWC pilots bracelet is very comfortable and link removal is very easy with the tools provided. I have a 7.5" wrist and like the 43mm size of the IWC. I went from a Breitling Avenger Skyland which was too big for me at 45mm. The Omega is a very big watch. In terms of movement, I think that the Co-axial movement is better (someone else might be better informed on this than me) however when are you going to notice a difference in movement?
  10. jnashmen

    IWC pricing

    The AT2000 is actually quite an impressive piece in person. The case is really beautifully made and the lumed bezel is very cool. I really liked the Bremont Alt1-c in pictures but was very disappointed in the watch in the metal. It really left me cold. I'm not anti-Bremont but I feel they are way overpriced given what they are and where they are in their history. The secondary market seems to agree, with the watches selling at around 1/2 of their MSRP not long after they're originally sold. IWCs are expensive. But at a decent discount from an AD (20%) or second hand they are pretty reasonable value, if that can be said of any high-end mechanical timepiece.
  11. Experience: Buying Pre-Owned IWC Portuguese Automatic 7-Days in Komehyo, Shin... Experience: Buying Pre-Owned IWC Portuguese Automatic 7-Days in Komehyo, Shin...
  12. Too big for my wrist is the main reason... And the fact that everyone has one (or will eventually get one) is kind of a turn off.
  13. What's the general consensus on the JLC movement equipped 3741? I've recently acquired one and have sent it in for service.
  14. jnashmen

    IWC Flieger Collection

    Thanks. Very interesting. Hopefully IWC will have some data on it.
  15. Woot congrats! It looks great :)
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