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  1. hello all, recently got a tudor chrono 79270 (pre-eldrick woods) and was wondering if the trip-lock (3 dots under shield logo = 300M min depth rate?) crown and caseback are in fact 300m wr? i was actually surprised to see the trip-lock tudor crown on the watch but there's nothing on the face or caseback to identify the depth rating (strange?). this is my first tudor so i'm not 100% on the history of this early 2000's era watch. thanks
  2. anyone out there buff out their pcl's??? any horror stories or positives to offer? i'm thinking about a gmt2-c but will need to either put on a leather band or have the pcl's removed. any comments appreciated. gracias
  3. anyone know how to brush out pcl's? just got a daytona and i'm going to do it but if its an easy diy, i'll pass on taking it to a jeweler. heard folks use a bremel tool but nobody goes into detail on the prcess based on what i could find on the forum. a link to a vid would be great too if avail. any advice is appreciated. thanks in advance!
  4. anyone ever have one of these fail? they're about $10 on the bay but appear to do the job based on buyer comments... its not bored through on both sides like an oem rolex link. its just one side open for the crew-in linkpins while not exposed on the other end. thanks in advance on feedback.
  5. can't comment on your tags issues but if its a really old watch the battery could have leaked into the case at some point. best to remove batteries if one retires a quartz or replace the movement alltogether. i 'serviced' and old faithful tag 1000 4 years ago on advisement and it went through batteries like a hummer goes through gas afterwards. prior to the 'service' i was told to do when all i wanted was a battery, it was perfect. i can't explain what the tech did to it but its never been the same. i'm planning on swapping the entire mech next year. lesson learned, question old german/czech watchmakers even though you may not feel right doing so. lol...
  6. anyone out there sample bands for rolex that are not everest or rubber-b? I tried a real cheapo last year but didn't like the look, feel. I know there's others from hirsch or hadley roma etc... that are good quality but have not tried them. anyone have exp with them? i'd prefer the ones with the metal tubes for the lug openings a-la panerai style but would not like to pay $250 + $30 shipping from rubber-b on a trial run (yes rubber-b wants $30 for shipping a strap to canada). it would go on a dssd and a exp2 42mm please post feedback & thanks in advance.
  7. just curious to know how the crown is removed from a rolex triplock. thanks
  8. no one huh? will update after a trip to the AD sat.
  9. hello members, got an issue with my 16613LV. just unscrewed the crown to pos. 1 (crown out) and after winding about 10 rotations, it went freespin on me. re-screwed. unscrewed back to pos. 1 and wound properly. tried again to see if i could repeat the original issue, and it went free again. i think it could be a mainspring issue but the watch only has about 2yrs wrist use since new, but has many restarts as i rotate often. its a Z 2006 series. gonna take it to my ad this wknd for a quick assessment but any ideas? thanks in advance.
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