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  1. Enjoy!! Any day I can start by throwing this on my wrist is off to a great start. Have an amazing day all!
  2. uBeast

    Daytona Help

    Not crazy about tt, especially on the Daytona. Unlike a tt Sub or GMT, the gold Daytona bezel is a bit too overpowering for me. That blue dial though is gorgeous. If you have several black dialed ss sport watches, I'd strongly suggest a white dial ss Daytona. I had a black dial Daytona, but traded it for a white. A little variety and MUCH easier to read for me. Either way, if you like the tt, then go for it!
  3. +1 for the new blue lume lasting a long time. I had a small overlap with owning my SubC ND and Planet Ocean. The blue glowing indicies last for hours. The green on the PO kept it's charge, but not nearly as long.
  4. Are Rolexs really this Fragile (GMT Master)/ is a warranty worth the paper its written on Firstly let me start by saying hello. I am a long time viewer of the site but have never got round to posting and commenting. Unfortunately my first question here comes from a rather disappointing set of circumstances. After several years of procrastination about what Rolex to upgrade too (I currently have a Omega Seamaster) I decided that the GMT Master 2 was the one for me. Its a good everyday watch which ticked all the boxes. A few months after purchasing the watch I noticed that it had
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the case on the strap versions of the PM Daytonas have end-links 'fused' to the case (at least mine does). Therefore, they cannot accept a PM bracelet without somehow altering one or the other and ruining the case or bracelet. Put in on a rubber strap if you must get it wet, or get a strap like I put on mine. This is a waterproof Di-Modell strap. I paid less than $50 for it as I recall.
  6. IWC has had trouble getting consistent time keeping from their super long PR watches. There were many many many pissed off owners when the Big Pilot first showed up - IWC simply couldn't provide them with better than 15 sec/day timekeeping. I haven't heard complaints about that lately, so either people have lowered their expectations or IWC managed to figure it out.
  7. Well, I wasn't planning on an iWC but when I tried it on .... Went into AD on Monday, bumped into another member here. Anyway, I was thinking about another Rolex and even tried on the AP diver but the three of these in the new Inge line just really got me quite excited. A thoughtful 24 hours later I returned and another half an hour going between two models :) and this in shaded it. It's big and beautiful. 375807 with the in house calibre 89361.. Anyone else have one?
  8. I love this. IWC forum and first three posts rooting for the Omega. Unbiased opinions are a rare and a beautiful thing in watch fora. Cheers, guys! That said, I'd sell the Omega in a heartbeat if we would be talking about the Mark XVI. I'm not so sure about the triple date window in the Mark XVII. I used to have the 3570.50 Speedmaster. I know it's a true classic, an icon and all that, but somehow I didn't feel the love for it. I tried hard, but I couldn't make myself bond with it, so in the end I let it go. Maybe I'm a little biased against Omega, as I don't really care for anything in thei
  9. Have you considered the Mark XV? 38mm. Hands like the XII.
  10. Ah yeah I see what you've done there. Nice setting the bezel to 4 in that case to balance the offset lighting!!
  11. I really hope someone might be able to help me with this. I was offered a vintage IWC watch, other than the pictures all from the outside I haven't gotten any more information. It has no external marks other than the dial which shows some patina that I think might be age appropriate. Does anyone know which reference model this watch might be, or if it is even a real IWC?
  12. Thanks! And yes, I'm on the westside, which suffered more wind damage than flooding. It came close, but nothing got inside.
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