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  1. New Raven Deep Tech came in today. First impressions: Very well made and overbuilt microbrand diver. It's a great looking blue dial that changes depending on the lighting. I couldn't capture a decent pic of it on my phone. I'm trying to figure out if it's more watch than I'm looking for. After wearing a sub everyday for the last 7 months, the deep tech feels like a brick. It's also pretty thick at 16mm. I've owned larger watches in the past and I probably just have to get used to it again. Some crappy iphone pics:
  2. I have a Sub C. Not an ideal dress watch but the Croc strap should do just fine till I can figure out a dress watch I want. I kinda like the vintage saddle brown for a casual look too.
  3. The EXPII's will probably look good with one of the vintage calf options too. You can see the other colors on the Everest website.
  4. I just received an email from Everest for their new leather series straps and I thought I'd share. The system looks really clean with the Everest end links. I think I may have found my dress watch solution What do you guys think?
  5. I forgot I even made this thread. To update you guys I ended going with an Oris Aquis Date. Great affordable diver with an awesome highly adjustable rubber strap.
  6. Yea, Im not huge on the blue shark strap either. I would wear it on bracelet or rubber.
  7. Nice Steinhart. Yesterday I was all about the Halios and today I'm leaning towards the C60.
  8. I had an Oris Aquis for a few months. It was a great watch and made very well. It had just a few QC issues like lume application but what bothered me the most were the weird lugs. I like having a bunch of strap options and the Oris divers make it hard to do that.
  9. The Halios comes with the blue shark leather strap. The bracelets are in production and can be bought as an accessory for $75 sometime this summer.
  10. I currently own a Sub C and I'm considering picking up an affordable blue diver to add into the mix. So far I'm looking into the Christopher Ward C60 and Halios Tropik SS. Price: Cward C60- $620-700. Halios- $650 Movement: Cward C60- Eta 2824-2/SW200-1. Halios-Miyota 9015 Other: Halios- Ceramic bezel. Right now I'm kinda confused on which I like better. The Halios is a more unique/non-homage looking diver and comes with a ceramic bezel (something I've gotten used to with the sub c). While the C60 is a great looking homage with enough design cues to be considered its own. I just cant decide if its dumb to own an homage to the real thing I already own. What do you guys think?
  11. Great story and a wonderful way to commemorate him.
  12. Take it from me- I was a habitual flipper and have gone through about 10-12 watches in the last 2 years. I couldn't keep a watch for more than 4 months and jumped from TAG, Oris, Breitling, Lum-tec, Panerai, etc before finally landing on Rolex. Flipping ended as soon as I picked up the Sub C. It's been over a year and I still love the damn thing! It ended being a gateway drug to my GMT BLNR I just picked up I say be patient and save up. The SO 42mm will end up being a band aid for what you really want. It was for me I went from this: To this!
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