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  1. Sounds like a service wouldn't be a bad option at this point. Just my opinion. Time wise, it sounds like your watch would be a perfect candidate. For my tastes, +15 is outside of what I am willing to put up with.
  2. Recommended service interval is 5-7 years, depending on wear habits.
  3. And you've gone from knowing nothing about mechanical watches to this point in two years? My hat is off to you, sir!
  4. Good thing it's under warranty. I would definitely get it checked out.
  5. I think you (and the watch) will be fine. Really. I know this is going to sound crazy, but next time you wash your watch, try a soft, lint-free cloth to dry it. I know...it sounds preposterous when you think of a drying solution compared to a blow dryer, but give it a whirl anyway. And where did you come up with your user name?
  6. If you're 1.5 seconds ahead, you have a phenomenal watch.
  7. And to add: you can replace the permanent link with a removable one is so desired in the future.
  8. From what I've heard, it's not a DIY. Good luck,
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