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  1. Thanks for sharing. Everything in moderation - but everything we want!
  2. Hmm, it's a tool watch. To me that means a basic robust movement that can be serviced anywhere . I've never been a fan of in house movements. It's an opportunity for Tudor / Rolex to rip you big for service.
  3. The 14060 features the 3000 caliber whereas the M had the 3130. Some of the later M models had COSC certification and the corresponding text on the dial. All had the 93150 bracelet without SEL and the stamped diver's extension. Like all Rolex watches there was a switch from tritium to luminova.
  4. I would hang onto it; prior generations of the GMT are, as noted, steadily increasing in value.
  5. Hello, I was looking for some advice on which Rolex to buy for my 1st introduction to the brand. I have tried them both and have to say I am completely undecided. My current watches are a Tag Heuer Aquaracer ceramic, Longines Master Chrono, Omega Speedmaster Mark II vintage and a Bell and Ross Br123 Heritage.
  6. Great ending to your story- glad to hear it! Gives me a bit more confidence in their handling during service.
  7. Hi im looking to purchase iwc xvi from ebay aution IWC Schaffhausen Mark XVI Automatic Stainless Black Dial 3255 No Reserve | eBay The date window seems bit concerning, do you think its fake or real? your help would be very appreciated thank you
  8. Wow that's quite a change! I thought it would have taken years to see any change in the finish.
  9. Hey guys, I've always been a Rolex and Panerai guy. I've had a love and respect for IWC, but haven't yet had a chance/funds to purchase one. I've always wanted a Big Pilot, and of course I'm always drooling over IWC's perpetual calendars. A couple of weeks ago, I was traveling and found a Portuguese Hand Wound IW5454-08 at an airport at just the right price! I really like it but I wasn't actually looking to buy a watch. I like the 44mm size (no it's not too big!), and how thin it is (10mm!). The rep. kept saying that I should buy it right then and there because I was not going to find a that same price anywhere else. I ignored what she said and left, but later I checked online and indeed the price was unmatched! I figure this might be my chance to enter the IWC world at a reasonable price. I'll be flying through the same airport next week, and have already called the store and asked them to hold the watch for me. Meanwhile, I've been trying to learn more about the watch and I read somewhere that it was only produced in limited quantities before being discontinued, but was looking to learn more information. Does anyone have more information about this watch? - What do you guys think of this particular watch? - How good is the movement? - Why was the watch discontinued? - How closely does this design resemble the original Portuguese? - Should I go for it? Thanks! -Youssef
  10. I'm no expert, but it screams fake to me on pretty much every level.
  11. I wouldn't do it... The ExpII is such a great all a rounder, but I guess it depends on what else you have.
  12. Looking to purchase my first mid-range watch, and I think that I'm set on the 3777-04. What should I look to spend from an AD. Thanks
  13. Same here, can anyone point me to an AD willing to ship to Canada ? Thanks
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