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  1. texex91

    It's here

    Enjoy that Omega---it's a nice one
  2. texex91

    Another new SMP

    Great watch. Great color. HUGE CONGRATS!
  3. Love it--congrats on that beauty
  4. Great looking watch--congrats!
  5. Oh I wouldn't give up LV for Daytona. It's nice to have different brands in the rotation, so my vote is keep LV and add Omega.
  6. texex91

    Just got this!

    Great pick-up--enjoy that Omega!
  7. texex91

    A trio of Omegas

    Very nice trio for sure!
  8. The blue dial speedy looks pretty sharp.
  9. texex91

    this just in...

    Gotta love the Speedy!
  10. Wrist shots! Looks great--congrats to both of you!
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