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  1. eBay has them for as low as $169. Still, you can test quite a few watches at a shop with the equipment for that price and not have to worry about storing the tool.
  2. Aside from obvious difference between dials (white, black, Roman, Arabic, etc.), would some explain the difference between 1803 and 18038 dials (Acrylic vs. Sapphire)? Were all the 1803 pie pan shaped? What it the difference on the back side of the dials? Thanks, Lee
  3. Tim, Wow, thank you; it has definitely grown on me. Such a sweet watch.
  4. Since I rearranged my photobucket pictures and the originals disappeared I'll update this thread. After: Before:
  5. Normal Rolex buckle can on the strap. I like the looks of the deployment but knew the bracelet was the path I wanted. Make certain you use the correct spring bars or you'll have to cut off the bars when you change back.
  6. All done, I also taped of the lugs to prevent scratching them while working. I couldn't quite get the tool inside the band but with pressure the band moved as did the spring bars.
  7. I have the standard spring bar tool used for this sort of thing. The issue is not damaging the leather while trying to remove it. No lug holes. A lot like the one below:
  8. Any recommendation on removing a leather strap without damaging the watch or strap or is better left to a jeweler?
  9. Nice watch; congratulations! I bought mine as used but unworn (not a single indication of wear). Mine is the original Bond automatic which I also like a lot but is almost too common because of the press it received. Not quite as iconic as a Sub but in competition.
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