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  1. To put it bluntly, I was fully aware of the new caliber earlier this year after it was announced at Basel. After several months of contemplating, I decided to go ahead and buy a current model Sub C now instead of waiting for the new improved model. The reason? My 15 year old Datejust 16200 is still running (4 services in) and it work beautifully. The new 3255 is still an unproven movement and may run into some problems that were prevalent in the earlier Omega 8500 movements (black residual on barrels etc.). I had problems with my early 2500 based Omega SMP and also a first gen 8500 AT. I ain't going to jump in and get burned a 3rd time. Better to get an older, time proven movement than buying the next big thing which may spend more time in the service center than on the wrist.. if if the movement proves to be reliable, I will get a GMT Master II later. I will hold off till then.
  2. I have an Explorer 39mm and love it--most versatile of watches. Then I looked at both of the Explorer IIs (40 and 42) and ended up getting the polar 216570--primarily because of the much improved bracelet and lume. My wrist is barely 7" and I don't believe it wears too large. I like having a GMT being a ham radio operator and also with family in the UK and Europe. Both run about +1s/d. There is no easy answer--both are tremendous watches and either will serve you well.
  3. I finally caught one of my grail watches, a 70s Tudor Montecarlo in "like new" condition. I had one before maybe 15 years ago but always regretted selling it to my Japanese friend. It took me a while to find one again but it was well worth the wait.
  4. Simply think of it as buying either a BMW 3 series or 5 series.
  5. Thanks for the information. This is exactly what I was looking to find. X18C
  6. hmmm... as much as I LOVE iwc, I must admit that when talking about abyss the Sea-Dweller is THE choice. Not only it's unbelievable robust and reliable but it has a fashonable story and strong heritage. To me, Sea-Dweller deals to ocean as Speedy Pro deals to space :)
  7. Buy it if you like it. IWC in general are over priced. They looks gorgeous but compared to what else you can get they are more pricey. In saying that I think this is based on the IWC of today, go back 10 years and it's a different story That hasn't stopped me from buying IWC though, they look amazing
  8. A ref 3731. It was in the catalogue until 1996. http://www.gregsteer.net/IWC/Catalog..._Reference.htm http://www.weeber.biz/IWC/Workbook/1994/3731.htm
  9. The automatic Portofino may be basic and entry level, but it's amazing how many compliments I have received wearing it. It's tasteful. Nomos is a good watch, but I would vote for the IWC.
  10. Looks like an 852 or even the original 85,, gorgeous watch
  11. Some watch shots for you IWC fans. Paired my 3714 with a vintage style strap and the result was stunning!
  12. frodostar

    IWC threads slow...

    It is such a good thing. This is one sub forum where there aren't too many @is this fake" or a help me choose post that has been discussed a million times before
  13. Imposed sanctions on me ... old topic BEZEL handmade VOSTOK AMPHIBIAN closed. I put in the subject watches for sale, this should not be .Only will show new models of my bezel.
  14. Looks OK to me. I have a Volmax Aviator that has the same logo (sorry the Aviator name is slightly covered - its in Russian). Wearing it today, as a matter of fact: Joe
  15. Looks good! Congrats on your first Russian watch!
  16. Here's today's progress. Now to wait for the bezel insert...
  17. After long time of searching for Amphibia 090 crown alternative I finally decided to strip the original one. What I found astonished me, under the steel sheath it's a Komandirskie like crown with much sharper shape and way better looking. I think though it's brass nickel plated.
  18. Guys, I am afraid I have to break some unpleasant news for all us vintage lovers and NOS fetishists! There is a new wave of cheap good looking new dials inundating the market: You'll be surprised at the prices, LESS THAN 10 US$!!! I will just let you view the picture. You might want to have a second look at some of your recent lucky purchases of NOS or pristine watches... Yes, these are absolutely brilliant replicas, not only printed but with nice applications, colours, and so on. And guess what? i think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Newbies will buy exaggeratedly expensive watches with replaced replica dials, the prices of cheap battered watches will explode, given the profit that one can make, you will now have to permanently filter thoroughly through myriads of too-good-to-be-true offers, screen even reputable sellers. A mayhem, I think. Bœllœcks!
  19. I have a faint memory of a discussion on this forum long ago about 'KGB' Vostoks imported into the USA and sold by a chain of hardware shops. That was only 10 to 15 years ago though, and I think the watches were Amphibia, not Komandirskie automatic. At 20 years old, this one would surely be one of the earliest Kommandirskie autos? And a very early use of the small screw-down crown.
  20. Thanks Assasin, Apreciate your help, I think someone beat me to that one though it ended last night, not too worry as my funds are a bit low just now, my wife will kill me if I keep buying every watch I like, but I will certainly keep an eye on Amil's listings, so many too look through though, I just recently bought my Tatarstan flag dial watch from him, that was in excellent condition I am really happy with that watch Regards, Chris.
  21. Thanks comrade! That is what I needed to know! It's working like a charm and with some nice patina!
  22. Perhaps just repair the mainspring, a simple procedure and only a touch more time consuming than fitting a new one, with no costs. Repairing a Vostok 24XX Mainspring a simple guide Regards Matt
  23. Thanks. I'm leaning towards blue, but know that pictures don't necessarily show the dial accurately. I've seen pics where it looks very dark blue, and pics where it's greenish. I was leaning towards a navy NATO strap and blue bezel, thinking even if the dial was light blue, it would contrast nicely with the dark strap and bezel. Regardless, I'm going to wait until I get the watch to decide what color mods to get for it. Appreciate the responses!
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