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  1. I have no intention of selling the watch ever, period.
  2. Sorry for the late reply guys, I do NOT support the creation of Franken-watches, I am restoring a dead rolex and trying to use another movement to save cost Thanks
  3. Damn!! Ill have to see what they say when the work is carried out. Fingers crossed nothing is wrong. In a worst case scenario, any ideas of what parts would need to be replaced? That may be a difficult question and the answer might be how long is a piece of string!!
  4. So I called a watch smith who sounded like he knew what he was talking about :) gave me a decent price to fix it. My only concern is if there is any underlying damage from the knock? Could the knock have caused any other damage, other than to the seconds pinion which is going to be replaced?
  5. Thanks, it came from a watch supply company that shall remain nameless unless they become unhelpful! This was also after I bought a 3135 and had to make a paypal claim and had the money returned because it was never sent! crowncollection can you recommend someone in Melbourne, I noticed you were in Australia.
  6. I was just a bit concerned because I watched the video "3135 under the loupe" and the seconds pinion was one of the first parts that gets put on the base. So I thought it wouldn't be cheap seeming the entire movement needs to come apart. The seller has offered to send me the part, would you guys be asking for the labour charges?
  7. Hi guys, I purchased a 3135 from a seller in the US, it arrived today. To my dismay the seller put it in a zip lock bag in a metal container... When I opened it up overall it looked to be in excellent condition however, upon further inspection I have found that the seconds' pinion is bent right over and isnt upright or centered. Can anyone please advise, is this something that can be straightened out or will it need to be torn down and replaced? The other thing is I dont know what position the crown has been left in. So if the pinion was damaged and trying to move could it cause other damage to the movement? I can send over some pics if required. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks, Daniel
  8. Ahh right perfect :) What about the shape of the bezel rikki are you able to see the difference in the vertical shape? If that makes sense?
  9. Is there a difference in retainers for a 16610 compared to a 16800?
  10. I have no idea what to do, should I be looking for another retainer? The bezel doesnt fit on the current retainer on my sub.
  11. Thanks rik, what about the retainer? How many variations are there? With the bezel on a retainer thats not on a watch how easily should the bezel rotate? I could rotate it with force but it wasnt smooth or easy to do. Im at a loss here :(
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