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  1. Hi, Tried searching but couldn't find the lift angle for a 3136 movement? Also I'm assuming it's also the same for the 3130? Thanks in advance! Mike
  2. Kyle, I'm assuming you don't have a crystal or caseback press? If simply applying pressure with your thumbs doesn't close the case, try flipping in around and pressing down with more force. Important, do NOT apply pressure to the glass as you risk chipping, cracking, or damaging the gasket. You'll want to find something hard with a hole slightly bigger than the glass and put the watch face down in it. Then you can apply more force without risking the glass or water resistance. The easiest and best solution is to take it to a watchmaker to close as it should be waterproof tested as well.
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    Samples every 4sec?
  4. kilyung


    Rikki, I was told that an acceptable vertical drop could be as much as 45 degrees? Has it been your experience that the drop should be less than 10% for a vertical position? OP: Just to clarify Rikki's point, in the horizontal position the balance rides on one of the balance's pivots. In the vertical position, the balance rides on the sides of both pivots thus increasing friction and slowing amplitude.
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    Still very acceptable, 270 being nominal.
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    Full wind? Sounds normal.
  7. Why not let the buyer have the option of polishing? Try selling it as is, if it doesn't move because of the condition then get it polished.
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