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  1. I don't get why people buy then ask?
  2. From what I've seen here in NYC, it's definitely less flooded in the market, but if you don't see that many Rolexes, that doesn't really matter. Also, outside of WUS and other Rolex owners, I doubt a majority of people can tell (or care about) the differences between the two--to most it'll just be a black Rolex. If it were the AD/seller, naturally they'd push you to a SD as it's more expensive. Can't really comment on value retention, but it doesn't seem that different in eyeballing prices from what I've seen. Lastly, personally I found the SD to be more comfortable for my wrist. YMMV.
  3. It depends on which world you inhabit. I'm a not-so-senior office worker and have spent much of my time in the legal and financial services professions in Manhattan and San Francisco. I'm also one of those people with 'above 20-20' vision. The result is that I see A LOT of subs (and Omegas, and even quite a few Panerai's). Currently, my boss and boss's boss both wear Rolexes, though not Submariners. If I try really hard and put my phone down I'll probably see a Sub in the elevator lobby today. fwiw: I noted on these forums that I sold my 14060 for the Pelagos currently on my wrist primarily because I find modern subs too 'blingy'. That said, the relative rarity of the Pelagos was a small plus. I would prefer the sub - however common - if it just had a matte dial and/or domed crystal with AR.
  4. Ian Fleming wore a Rolex Explorer... if one were interested in owning a 'Bond' watch, that would be the one...
  5. What is there to know? Expose it to light and it will glow in the dark. I believe it will glow a blue colour, and last a decent amount of time in comparison to lume of old. The lume on my Tudor Pelagos is out of this world, and I think it is the same stuff Rolex use.
  6. I had to pretty much beg for my 15% and pay cash. I think they gave it to me to get rid of me, I bet I went in at least a dozen times when I was considering my pelagos. They told me Tudor/Rolex doesn't allow discounts but I called BS on that.
  7. Big congrats for your new Ingy! This model is really beautiful but it's too big and expensive for me, so sad that I didn't have bigger wrist
  8. Hi, A local seller is willing to sell a 2006 IWC 3706 Pilot on bracelet with complete box, papers, warranty, and possibly unserviced. (actual pic below) My reason for purchasing the watch is that it can be negotiated to about 2900-3000 dollars and based on current ebay/chrono24 ads [3700-4500], this looks like quite a bargain. I can enjoy the watch, but at the same time, I want it to be an " minimal investment" piece that I can flip if ever for the same amount I paid for it. My question now is - do you think the price of the 3706's complete set second hand market will continue to play around 3700-4500 dollars? Some apprehensions I have is that since IWC seems to be changing the pilot ever so often, it might just drown this out to an undesirable latter. But then again, there are stories about this being a last 7750s that IWC worked on, "true flieger" design, etc. Furthermore, the pilot line isnt really a Submariner in icon. Im no expert but can any of you shed light on this specific 2006 model and give your opinions on the 3706's future value and what you would do? Thank you
  9. setover12

    Incoming, First IWC!!

    Congrats, it's beautiful. A great way to enter the IWC fold.
  10. Define ding? A light scratch will come out during a polish, but a dent/ding likely won't... you have pics?
  11. Funny, but I thought the same about the JLC. Its a great watch, and I really tried to like it, but it bored me to tears. Really glad to hear that your YC is working well!
  12. 100% fake I'm afraid. Has he got any comeback on the seller?
  13. Does anyone know the lug to lug measurement? I purchased a Steinhart 44mm pilot to satisfy my BP dreams until I can get one, and it is just the right size for me. Even though the BP is 46mm, I think the lug to lug would be similar to my Steinhart at 52mm.
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