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  1. I don't get why people buy then ask?
  2. From what I've seen here in NYC, it's definitely less flooded in the market, but if you don't see that many Rolexes, that doesn't really matter. Also, outside of WUS and other Rolex owners, I doubt a majority of people can tell (or care about) the differences between the two--to most it'll just be a black Rolex. If it were the AD/seller, naturally they'd push you to a SD as it's more expensive. Can't really comment on value retention, but it doesn't seem that different in eyeballing prices from what I've seen. Lastly, personally I found the SD to be more comfortable for my wrist. YMMV.
  3. It depends on which world you inhabit. I'm a not-so-senior office worker and have spent much of my time in the legal and financial services professions in Manhattan and San Francisco. I'm also one of those people with 'above 20-20' vision. The result is that I see A LOT of subs (and Omegas, and even quite a few Panerai's). Currently, my boss and boss's boss both wear Rolexes, though not Submariners. If I try really hard and put my phone down I'll probably see a Sub in the elevator lobby today. fwiw: I noted on these forums that I sold my 14060 for the Pelagos currently on my wrist primarily because I find modern subs too 'blingy'. That said, the relative rarity of the Pelagos was a small plus. I would prefer the sub - however common - if it just had a matte dial and/or domed crystal with AR.
  4. Ian Fleming wore a Rolex Explorer... if one were interested in owning a 'Bond' watch, that would be the one...
  5. What is there to know? Expose it to light and it will glow in the dark. I believe it will glow a blue colour, and last a decent amount of time in comparison to lume of old. The lume on my Tudor Pelagos is out of this world, and I think it is the same stuff Rolex use.
  6. I had to pretty much beg for my 15% and pay cash. I think they gave it to me to get rid of me, I bet I went in at least a dozen times when I was considering my pelagos. They told me Tudor/Rolex doesn't allow discounts but I called BS on that.
  7. Big congrats for your new Ingy! This model is really beautiful but it's too big and expensive for me, so sad that I didn't have bigger wrist
  8. Hi, A local seller is willing to sell a 2006 IWC 3706 Pilot on bracelet with complete box, papers, warranty, and possibly unserviced. (actual pic below) My reason for purchasing the watch is that it can be negotiated to about 2900-3000 dollars and based on current ebay/chrono24 ads [3700-4500], this looks like quite a bargain. I can enjoy the watch, but at the same time, I want it to be an " minimal investment" piece that I can flip if ever for the same amount I paid for it. My question now is - do you think the price of the 3706's complete set second hand market will continue to play around 3700-4500 dollars? Some apprehensions I have is that since IWC seems to be changing the pilot ever so often, it might just drown this out to an undesirable latter. But then again, there are stories about this being a last 7750s that IWC worked on, "true flieger" design, etc. Furthermore, the pilot line isnt really a Submariner in icon. Im no expert but can any of you shed light on this specific 2006 model and give your opinions on the 3706's future value and what you would do? Thank you
  9. setover12

    Incoming, First IWC!!

    Congrats, it's beautiful. A great way to enter the IWC fold.
  10. Define ding? A light scratch will come out during a polish, but a dent/ding likely won't... you have pics?
  11. Funny, but I thought the same about the JLC. Its a great watch, and I really tried to like it, but it bored me to tears. Really glad to hear that your YC is working well!
  12. 100% fake I'm afraid. Has he got any comeback on the seller?
  13. Does anyone know the lug to lug measurement? I purchased a Steinhart 44mm pilot to satisfy my BP dreams until I can get one, and it is just the right size for me. Even though the BP is 46mm, I think the lug to lug would be similar to my Steinhart at 52mm.
  14. The strap strikes me as odd for the time and location, especially for a Russian watch. So I'm guessing it was aftermarket or a self mod. But the face is just too hard to see to identify.
  15. Ruscamera has the exact same watch for sale: Russian Watch Aviator Movement 2614 Poljot | eBay Most of his watches are legit, I would say your watch is legit as well. Nice pickup
  16. wow, looks like i can always count on you to provide information for practically any watch i pick up haha. it's really great for a beginner to have guys like you on the forum. regarding the size, i could get used to it but in the back of my mind i'm wondering whether people will think i'm wearing a ladies' watch hahaha. i've collected 6 watches now (all in the last month, i only had an old swatch before this) but i think my favourite size/shape watch has to be the ultra-slim 2209.
  17. good to see u back! yeah I will go to for the start, is lovely!
  18. I spotted this fine piece below this afternoon, I really wanted to buy it, but my dad has been after one for a while so I let him buy it. I hope I find another in just as good condition, it's been boxed for a while, at least it's found a good home price was good too.
  19. This watch looks nice and interesting. Probably we cannot say for sure if it's franken or factory made "anything goes" from wild 90's, but parts fit consistently and it's the same pattern as the example Sq100 showed. Sure it's not from late 80's but rather early 90's, but you always have to buy the item, not the story. It will be interesting to see if there's authomatic inside, and you can even check that without opening it, just shake the watch a bit in some round movement and try to hear and feel if there's acceleration of the rotor. Or, wind it up, wear it and see if it stops after a day and a half. if it goes without additional winding for more than 35-40 hours, it's authomatic for sure Wear it in good health and enjoy! But don't blame us if you'll contract a disease that gives you a sudden urge to buy more komandirskies/amphibias... in more severe cases, you're driven to buy more russian/ soviet watches of all kinds.
  20. Following in the footsteps of "Vlad" the roaming Komandirskie, I would like to introduce to you "Roman", a Russian chronograph that I would like to send off for adventurous travel whenever he may be summoned. The chronograph is a mid-nineties Poljot creation with flashy gilded casing and rotating titanium bezel. Although not your customary old school Sturmanskie-style to say the least, I have made an attempt to beef up the looks by retrofitting a aviator chrono-seconds hand and matching nato strap. The watch face is actually very impressive with cut chrono-eye borders, gilded indices, and one of the better pilot emblems I've seen on a Russian produced watch. Mid-life crisis... After being rejected by his former owner(s), Roman made the lengthy trip from Germany to Canada to become apart of my ever growing collection of cal. 3133 chronographs. Upon his late-arrival, I began my usual inspection to determining whether Roman was fit to join the ranks in his current, seemingly as new, condition. Well, things did not go so well for Roman... Being a mid-nineties child of the bankrupt 1st Moscow Watch Factory, Roman had some quality control issues with his plating that only storage in a drawer within a temperature controlled environment could help conceal. Sadly, the blemishes that appeared in the plating stick out like a sore thumb in close-up photographs and more so under the loupe. Fortunately, not really an issue for everyday usage, as Roman, like myself, looks just fine from a distance! Mechanically, however, there were issues too... After numerous winds I could tell Roman had some movement issues that would need to be addressed, including a gap between the movement and casing that allowed for unsightly movement when setting the time. To rectify that particular problem the clamps had to be tightened against the casing to the point where extra friction was created that decreased power output. Into the parts bin... And so, after languishing in the parts bin for the past two or more years, I had decided that it was time to resurrect Roman, fix him up as best I could, and put him to good use as a travelling ambassador of my collection, the forum, and the cal. 3133 chronograph in general. To accomplish this, Roman has had a few parts replaced, been cleaned and oiled, and had a fine-tuning done to his chronograph function. I suspect that Roman was dropped on his head a few too many times as a child, and also that the same storage issues that caused the plating to blemish also caused the escapement wheel to produce some erratic readings - so I replaced it with decent results. He now runs respectively well. To fine tune a 3133 chronograph function so that there is no jump at start-up is riding a fine line, and nothing a trip through the postal service cannot undo, but here is hoping he stays in top form for at least a few trips. The loose movement issue was rectified by placing a small section of a broken 100-year old Dueber-Hampden mainspring into the casing to act as a spacer. This worked very well and leaves a small gap to get your nail under to pull out the crown. Dressing up Roman... I was a little reluctant to replace parts or spend further money on Roman, but decided it may help create some interest in the project and hopefully add to the fun factor. Therefore, as seen in the images, I spruced up Roman with a new Nato strap, had his case back engraved, and purchased a fake passport to accompany him throughout his travels. Unfortunately, the recently completed case back engraving was, oh-so-predictably... not done to my specifications: I had actually printed out a copy of an image that detailed exactly how I wanted the engraving to look. However, the main concern seemed to be noting existing scratches on the case back, the current value of the watch, and of course the pre-payment. Oddly enough, I had envisioned it looking a lot worse than it did!! So all-in-all, I was content with additional non-perfection on an already non-perfect watch. The mock passport finally arrived after more than a month in the mail. I added an image of Roman and had it stamped at a area post-office. I also though it would be cool if members hosting Roman could toss in a postcard from their location, or thereabouts, so I picked up one of those for a meager fifty cents too. Hosting Requirements: All I ask is that you ensure Roman is passed on to the next host within 2-4 weeks; that you chose a trusted follow-up person (preferably) before accepting to host; and that you assume responsibility for ensuring that Roman is passed along by said host in the allotted time frame. Vlad the travelling Vostok, courtesy of forum member Dan, has been making the rounds for some years now, but with a few layaway stops here and there, so I would like to either keep Roman moving or have him sent back to home base for a while. Please refrain from opening the case back. If and when repairs are necessary, send the watch back and I will forward it to the next host after the repair is complete. If you drop him and cause damage--don't worry!! Just send him back to me. It would be nice if the host could: 1) Have the mock passport stamped at a nearby post-office. But only if you feel comfortable in making the request. 2) Add another postcard to the package. But again, not a requirement. 3) Take a few pics with the watch that are (preferably) somewhere of interest in your area - but a few WRUW shots will suffice if you do not have the means or time to do so. Roman recently accompanied me to the local military base as seen in the April edition of WRUW: And now, all we need is for you to post your interest in hosting Roman so that future hosts can make contact. Roman is on parole, and counting on you to keep him out of the parts bin! The legend of Roman begins, or ends, here...
  21. Hi All, I spotted this watch on Esty some time ago. It was priced at $150, which is clearly a ridiculous price for 99% of Soviet watches! It turned up two days after my birthday for 19.99 on Ebay. I was the only bidder. It has a nice military feel to it, though I know kit is not that kind of watch. These are the seller's pic, but it looks to be in great condition, with the exception of the minuet hand and a small hole in the dial. The watch on Esty had different hands. Any info on this watch?
  22. Thanks guys, I also got this ugly thing
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