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  1. I wouldn't worry if nothing is wrong. That is some beautiful watch!
  2. I bought a higher quality set from Home Depot that still isnt up to par for watch bracelets, I'd love to see the responses to this one.
  3. Do you have the original hands? If so, I'd put them back on and leave it as is. An AD probably would not relume the dial for you. Rolex replaces dials but they charge around $550 last time I checked.
  4. Actually $720 isn't much more than USA. They wanted $700 to service my Big Block.
  5. I barely see it. A few more days and you'll forget it's there.
  6. Another vote for Rikki, a great watchmaker with quick turnaround! Made my '69 1016 run like brand new.
  7. I don't like that it says T Swiss Made T and does not have tritium.
  8. No, it can be from a non luminous watch.
  9. Beautiful watch. Must feel brand new! Strap is here- http://www.ebay.com/itm/ULTIMATE-Her...#ht_2485wt_952
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