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  1. Thank you, my explorer 2 (216570) will be taking a back seat I think now (for the time being!)
  2. Hoo

    Hulk or Batman

    I already own 16610. Now, I want to buy a second watch for myself. Should I go for 16610LV or 116710BLNR? I like both of them but I can buy only one at the moment. I work as an IT engineer from 9 to 5 with stirct dress code (suit). I like Hulk a lot but I am afraid it will not suit my office dress code because it's total green and it requires certain colour of clothes to get along with whereas BLNR is black and blue which goes well with office dress and with jeans/polo as well therefore I should buy Batman. What do you think? Please help me with your pro experience. Thanks in advance.
  3. I think either is a suitable daily wear and durable. It comes down to personal preference. If you think you may add another Rolex one day I would save the gold or TT for a DJ or DJ2 but again it is all about what YOU like the best.
  4. Not to sound negative but I would say dont go for vintage purchase for your first major serious watch. Its not a small sum of money, you dont know what you want and parts can be hard to come by in certain parts of the world. There are tons of rework dial, fake part and franken sample out there, its a jungle if you dont know exactly what you are looking at. Just something new or slightly used so you can have it verified and serviced by RSC. The good thing about rolex is that their modern offering stays true to their past. They still make DJ in 36mm(and thank god for that), my personal favorite would be a black or blue dial with baton markers. Good luck
  5. It was originally intended to have diamonds but they ran out?
  6. I've got 2 BBs and know them fairly well and this to me looks fine. There is s specific serial number that the fakers use, can't find it to had but if you're really worried I will see if I can find it. The bezel locks slightly at 12 which the fakers don't do or they can't get it to lock dead on 12. Also the writing on the dial should be slightly raised as opposed to just printed. The engraving on the crown is another thing the fakers can't quite get right and yours seems fine. Enjoy that watch. I got mine on a bracelet but I'm liking the look of the red BB with a leather strap.
  7. For a brown strap, how can you not go for a santoni? I give you a close up of the light brown one as below.
  8. Hoo

    IWC pricing

    Well, lets say it this way. I would prefer an IWC inhouse movement as well, although I believe certain ETA movements have proved to be very reliable. However, thinking that only because of a watch having a no -inhouse movement makes it being not "worth the money" brings us to a point at which we could say all luxury watches are overpriced which in the end is what they are, a luxury good. I agree that some brands might still be more expensive than others and the fact that this thread was started shows that there are more people out there with this very opinion. On the other hand, i still love the design of, in my case, the IWC Portuguese Chronograph. To me its the ultimate watch and while I would probably prefer an IWC inhouse movement, I am fine with it having an ETA / Valjoux 7750 which proved to be a workhorse. To sum up, I will definitelly go for it sooner or later!... Wait a minute, this makes me part of the problem, doesnt it Guess its a never-ending discussion. Wish the IWCs were cheaper but still consider buying one
  9. Hello, I am very interested to know these two dimensions from ingenieur 3239 owners: -Case diameter without the crown (I am supposing it is 40mm but one seller said it is 38,5mm) -Bracelet width at the widest point (it seems to be 26mm on the 3227 model but it might be less on this model?) thanks!
  10. Hoo

    Minute hand

    That should be a very easy fix for someone who knows what they're doing. Unfortunately, taking it to an AD will probably require a very formal process of servicing taking a 20 minute job to a 3-4 week one.
  11. The Petite Prince series is the only IWC I'm willing to actually own but certainly ain't worth $7500. You can find the chronograph for around 5k which is the max I'd pay for an IWC.
  12. Your PAM183 is 45mm, I say go for it. Hoping to pick up my grail Big Pilot, so excited.
  13. isn't the 3717 the previous generation? so unless you know the previous owner had it serviced it might mean its time for a servicing.
  14. Hoo

    IWC Pilot Watches

    Hello - new to IWC but looking to add a pilot watch. I have always had my eye on a Big Pilot, but currently looking at the 3778 or 3777. Other than size, what other considerations between the 3777 and the 3778 should I keep in mind? Any other general suggestions, etc? Thanks for any input.
  15. The watchmaking forum has a similar thread and it is still currently traveling. The watch is a broken watch picked up from somewhere and the forum members send it around and take a shot at fixing it or just taking pictures. WUSF6 Watchmakers of the World Watch Tour
  16. I believe the straps all work the same way. You need to flip up this piece I marked with the arrow using a screwdriver in order to release the buckle allowing it to be slid up and down the chain mesh, then try your best to clamp it back down when you're done.
  17. Here is your watch komrade! You will wear it and you will like it! It is Fatherland's version of Rolex.
  18. Many repairers have a minimum charge or are tempted to overcharge naive customers. The Vostok probably had a part out of place in the keyless works, quickly set right, and the Type I is a simple large movement, easily serviced and your bill reflects that. I'm happy for you. You may have found a honest and competent repairman. I'm sure he anticipates continued business from you in the future, too, if he treats you right.
  19. Yes they are rare, were still same but quartz, and with other shooters.
  20. 'Kinda cool' condition ;) It is a 1MChZ movement... I don't understand...
  21. I bought this Poljot about three years ago. I thought it was a nice clean design but I also had never seen one before so I always thought there was a possibility it was a Franken. Then, the other day this one showed up which I bought and am awaiting delivery. It has the same dial/case/hands (missing second hand) and same movement type. Both movements are 15 jewel ZIM type 41ms which I believe are replacements in both watches since the jewel count doesnt match the dial. So I now think this is an authentic watch type and not a Franken. The dial has its feet and they fit the 41m movement. There was a 16 jewel 41m movement made and this is what probably was in it originally. I bought this one in the past and I will be attempting to restore this movement to replace the 15 jewel ZIM. A common 16 jewel movement of this time period was the kirovskie central second hand, non-shockproof design which I thought came after and replaced the 41m. The early Vimpels were appearing at this time, too, I believe. There may have been some overlap but if there wasnt could this 16 jewel 41m be the first appearance of the iconic Poljot slash dial? Another Russian watch mystery. I will probably take the dial from the first, the best hands from both, and the case from the second to construct the best example. Thanks for looking.
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