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  1. Very nice watch. The blue dial is amazing.
  2. Very nice. She is going to love it.
  3. Omega. The recent models are fantastic. For those who have not tried them on, I recommend you to do so. Some models give Rolex a run for their money, in my opinion.
  4. Thank you for a great review.
  5. Congrats. Love how you also have the Rolex catalog in the background.
  6. Get the one that you like the best. Just because one can afford a Rolex, does not mean that a Rolex will work for that person. If the Omega works for you, then go and get it.
  7. Very nice, Blue. Love the pairings of boots and the amazing 116613 LB. For me, it would have to be my Allen Edmonds shoes and Rolex watches. Don't have any pictures of them together, but will soon take some as I am inspired by your thread.
  8. Had all three at one time. Reason behind that was quite simply, I wanted them. Love what each had to offer, but in the end, found that the Explorer II did not get much wrist time after getting the GMT Master II as the GMT Master II also had the GMT function like the Explorer II.
  9. Eric Chan

    DD2 fire sale?

    Nothing wrong with the DD II.
  10. What a way to spend a Wed., especially at work.
  11. Double congrats to you. She certainly sounds like a keeper.
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