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  1. If you keep an SS dial then I have no problem with the bezel swap, as for me there must be a visual clue to a WIS of what this watch truly is otherwise it's too disingenuous for me and probably for this site.
  2. Agree that looks fantastic, always liked the TT Panda!
  3. Switching dials is one thing but I think swapping over the bezel as well is going too far. For this money you can buy a WG on strap and have the dial and bezel you want.
  4. Love the LM and Im really into ceramic/gloss dials and bezels and got myself a SUBc. Will probably get the beautiful black CSMP next as LM is too expensive for me now.
  5. Id have to say the black which is just stunning. Despite those great pics the blue shade is a bit dull and lifeless unless in very good light not like the older blue at all.
  6. Stunning pics, Marc, but they done gone and forgot the damn crystal!
  7. I love the gloss dial and bezel of the new CSMP, esp in black, and prefer one now to the 8500. But to help make up my mind would love to see pics of some. Thanks!
  8. Nice pics Col, it looks good on the black/orange, but I found my pumpkin looked better on the orange strap, seemed to blend in more with the bezel.
  9. Cartier are mainly a jewelry brand more comparable to Chopard than a pure watchmaker like Omega and Rolex. For ladies Cartier is the most desired watch brand generally in a similar vein to Rolex for men.
  10. I prefer the grey bezel on the 8500, as the black dial black bezel combo is pretty common on divers and draws too many comparisons to the Sub.
  11. If I was you Id set a target date of say 3 or 6 months to save and buy the PO. If by then you dont have the cash then Id sell the Sub and get your true love.
  12. I understand your point, the orange PO if you love it, and I do, youll love it forever and it certainly has more wow and just-makes-you-smile factor than the old Sub so if I were you Id flip now. If you were talking about the new subc then that has the wow factor and Id save up and have both.
  13. I love the new ceramic Omegas, and like the Rolexes they are a real step up in class, fit and finish to older models, just think the chrono is too thick for me, so more interested in the 8500.
  14. AK797

    New Addition AT

    This watch and that dial is growing on me...
  15. Nope went in for a PO 8500 and ended up with a subc.
  16. I dont think itll be too long before you open a box like this if you keep trending as you are.
  17. Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeitling!!!!!! Now what was the question?
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