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  1. Looks like a cellini, basically it was a line of dress watches they did. A search for the 1600 movement shows it was made for the cellini line speciifcally, and dates from the mid 60s to early 70s.
  2. Efighter

    Hulk or Batman

    I've seen the Hulk in the steel and it pleasantly surprised me with how much I liked it. That being said, I think the BLNR would win out -- especially due to your work wear issues. Not to mention, the GMT will come in handy if/when you travel!
  3. Nice review! My one issue is the weird black ceramic ring under the bezel. The black kind of makes the raised steel part of the bezel float. But it's just strange and kind of unnecessary. But without it the bezel would look strangely plain and too raised if it was all steel. I do like the dial work and the hands. It's a larger dial and so are the hands, but it does fit the watch well. The hands to hour markers to dial is well proportioned too.
  4. An enjoyable reading with great pictures. That dial color is off the hook!! Sent from The White House on taxpayers dimes. DTR + 4.10's + Eaton swap = Wreeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom
  5. Apologies if this is duplicated somewhere else. Using the search function didn't bring much up. I'm looking for strap ideas for the BB no matter how wild they may be. I don't know whether to go with a brown/tan or try something a little different with grey or something. My reason for buying the BB in the first place was the splash of colour so if anyone has picture or advice/info, that would be great. I think the long lugs might be a problem but one of the hirsch range has adjustable spring bar holes so that's an option. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  6. get the Seiko 1st. since it's a limited edition. there are lots of BB's around.
  7. Honestly, its a travesty. The Big Pilot is a wonderful watch, beautifully designed and with some connection to history. However, with the endless mash-ups and adding the Top Gun "brand" into the mix, I'm convinced that IWC are trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Go classic instead.
  8. sometimes i wonder if the 'in-house movement' thing is just blown way out of proportion. yes, it does add a certain cache to the brand and the watch, but it feels that now there are some 'manufactures' that buy the IP of older movements and produce parts from their own sources and end up with movements that are somewhat redundant to what ETA can produce for them. ETA makes some of the best, more reliable, and easily serviced movements around; is that reason to look down on them? granted, some in-house movements add extra functionality, or a certain feature set that stock ETA movements may not have, which is a great reason to go in-house, but to do so just for marketing purposes seems... undesirable to me. that said, iwc prices are a bit higher than some competitors, but with their history, fit/finish, and aesthetics, they seem to be able to move product at their asking prices. i say, if you like the brand and the looks, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, buy it.
  9. Efighter

    IWC Custom Straps

    Anyone ever buy a strap from Analog Straps? They look pretty nice and custom made to size. I've been looking for a custom gator maker to make a BP strap for a 3777. Artist of analog strap: Two Type Alligator Pilot Strap For IWC 3777
  10. I was selling IWC ten years ago, but in the last ten years the purchasing power of 'homage money' has pretty much fallen off a cliff.
  11. If there exists a Santoni strap with a width of 22mm, it will fit. Perhaps IWC doesn't sell the 5001 stock with a Santoni but you can certainly purchase it separately. The Portofino 8 Days has a 22mm lug width so I don't see why that dealer was not able to fit it onto the Portuguese 7 Day
  12. I think a check under the hood is going to reveal it as a counterfeit. Just a wild stab here, but all of the Cyrillic on the case back looks a little "off" to me as does the laser etched picture. Maybe it's ok, but I don't feel really good about it.
  13. Ruhlas aren't too popular around here. I managed to find a picture of that model so it's probably safe to say that it's original.
  14. It's rather nice actually - that dial may not be original but it is at least tidily done and quite good looking. Unlike many.
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