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  1. Ok I have a question. I noticed that my watch clasp was not centered on the bottom of my wrist. When I got it from the jeweler they adjusted the pins in the clasp of the 12 o clock side as it make it smaller. I believe this was why it was off center. I was wondering is it better to take out a link on the 6 o clock side and move the 12 o clock side back to position 1 in the clasp.?? I really hope you understand what I mean its the best way I think I can explain it without pictures. I noticed that when I adjust the 12 o clock side in the claps to the first whole (position 1) the little first link shows ( and to me it looks a little ugly with that tiny link showing). Should I remove a link on the 6 o clock side and add it the 12 o clock side and then make it smaller in the clasp with the pin adjustment? would this help center the clasp and keep the little link on the 12 0 clock side not showing? I want to take proper care of my new watch and want to make sure I adjust it right.
  2. Yeah I can see now. Thanks for your help. I sent him an Email that he selling fake stuff as real!
  3. From what I can tell just looking at this a little more is that the rolex engraving is to light compared to the other clasps I have seen. Other than that I can't really tell them apart.
  4. Could someone tell me if this glide lock appears to be fake or real. I found this and at a decent price of $300. Thanks
  5. HHHmmm I like the Italy idea. That would be fun but are the prices the same as they are here? I have no idea if USA is cheaper or more expensive. Also not sure how your son is but for example my son has expensive taste, so I would rather surprise him with one and know he will be happy just to have a ROLEX. If I was to take him in and he chooses one I can't afford it makes his buying experience a little blue.but thats just me and my two cents.
  6. Once again great input. I like this watch its classy but yet sporty. The weight is very good. Pretty heavy which I prefer. I guess I have gotten use to heavier watches. Im going to test it for a bit and have until Sept 4 to decide whether I keep it return it. Funny Im also looking to purchase an explorer II and could use the money towards that.
  7. Good feedback. I will take this into consideration. I usually do much more research before buying anything but this time I pulled the trigger to fast. At least I can return it should I reconsider.
  8. The reason I bought this watch was because I'm a fan of Gucci. When I found out they had automatic watches I started looking at them. I came across this model and thought it looked pretty nice. I didn't think of resale value a at the time. I did a little research and came across a few sites that said how good they were and had good movements in them and that Gucci uses a Swiss company to make there Swiss made automatics. I can't remember the the name off hand. From my readings that was supposed to be a good thing. I was looking to have something I could wear that was a little different. Rolex is nice and I like a lot however many people have them and I never see anyone using a Gucci Swiss made automatic. Hahaha maybe there is a reason I don't see them hahaha. Maybe not as desirable don't know. However having a watch that cost so much it is important to me that it will last for years and keep good time. GUCCI is probably one of the most know. Designer brands out there and maybe it will have some resale value. I'll have to decide if I keep it or not.
  9. They use a ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. http://www.guccitimeless.com/en/watc...tic-slim-large Is this a good movement?
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