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  1. I've taken off my Submariner for 36 hours, and it still runs normal, so should I wind it manually?
  2. I've had interest in Seagull ST19 movement, and noticed 219.134 on the Internet. I immediately bought it. Now share the photos.
  3. Hi guys, I just got a Longines diving watch, but the lume looks weird, especially the hour hand. So are there any problem with the luminescent coating? Does anybody with watch expertise give some useful opinions? Thanks in advance. here's the shot
  4. I accidentally found the scratch on my Submariner, and was hoping the RSC will treat my watch professionally and fix the problems. I've bought the famous polishing cloth but it has no effect. So does any Rolex experts offer some methods? TKS.
  5. I've always wanted to replace an original leather strap, recently went to Richemont after-sales center, they had the strap in stock,and now share the shot. The Bracelet
  6. Bought this Seamaster 8605 half a years ago, but it stopped running this morning, I will send to the after sales center, and need some experience now. Ps, post this shot, and I noticed a screw fell down on the transparent case back.
  7. Todd Louis

    Seiko sdgz015

    Love this great watch, and wanna share with you guys
  8. I would like to get more information about this watch, what's the model? I've searched for a long time but had nothing.
  9. This watch is 50mm diameter, 28mm thickness, it still runs normal after winding. So does anybody identify this watch? And what's the brand? Thank you very much.
  10. I was so confused with this VOSTOK watch, and cannot find on the official website. Do you have any idea? Thanks.
  11. I know only little about Swiss watches, but almost zero to German watches, which brand is relative more value to get?
  12. quite a respectable watch brand, go for it, you wouldn't be regret :P
  13. as much as i love Certina, I will surely choose to keep Certina, it having a handsome and rich look, i will vote keeping the Certina
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