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  1. Lol. Yeah I have that problem ALL THE TIME I have a ceramic sub and LOVE it, but also want the BB in red. PPL think I'm crazy because the two watches are so similar
  2. Your homeowners insurance may cover it.
  3. In- house movement-curious to see this dropping and some hands on.
  4. So a new Tudor scheduled for Basel 2015 release was leaked. Tudor in house movement, silicon hairspring, COSC certified. Discuss. Tudor North Flag Watch With In-House Movement For Baselworld 2015 | aBlogtoWatch
  5. hahahaha, I think that sums it up entirely!
  6. Excellent choice in saving for what you truly want!
  7. Congrats. I know that feeling all too well - mine arrived last week! Having said all that, I'm not an expert but I'm... not sure that watch was produced in the 60s. Rolex only started making GMT II's in the late 80s, as I understand it.
  8. Bezelnt

    21st Watch

    Thanks for the replies guys! Didn't realise how beautiful the Explorer II was until i saw it in the windows! Only concern is if it will be too big for my wrists, but i guess i will only know when i try on. Anyone have other suggestions? Within my budget, seems these are the main three.
  9. Explorer 1 bro... not my pic but i like it.. it is definitely not if you want to be different look for a nice 1016. good luck with your purchase, try on everything first if you can.. i would not discount the polar 16570 btw, that is a gorgeous piece, i might have to add it to the flock.
  10. Going to try and pick it up today, they say it is fixed, my concern is if they scratched it up like they did my explorer in the process of fixing it since this was warranty work and they did it in under three weeks, should know a little later.
  11. Agree on all counts. As regards the discount, the issue is that I can also obtain a similar discount on the GO, so the roughly $3K discrepancy would appear to remain, if I were to buy new. On the used market, the difference appears to be more along the lines of $500 to $1K, and yet while I can understand that someone would prefer either of the two based on individual tastes, I struggle to understand where the price discrepancy comes from, especially considering that it's far from insignificant!
  12. I was strongly expecting the 2014 Aquatimer Chrono ref. 3768 to get the fine IWC fine adjust clasp for the steel bracelet from SIHH 2015 on but no info on this so I'm afraid we have to wait another year to achieve this... :(
  13. Went to a dealer just to check how long would it take to order Cousteau edition on a long strap, and to my surprise they had it in stock on a standard length strap. I couldn't leave it there. The long strap is ordered too and will come in 3-4 weeks.
  14. Nope. He's a "friend of the brand" http://www.iwc.com/en/news/night-portofino/
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