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  1. I'm interested to see how this works out or not.
  2. Sapphire sandwich for me, please!
  3. Never seen a Seamaster like that before. Looks great, I love it.
  4. Nice pick up. Its a classic. Enjoy.
  5. it! Looks great. Would like to have one for my collection.
  6. That blue dial looks amazing! Me want!
  7. malarky_hk

    My new toy :)

    Me like! Congrats.
  8. malarky_hk

    Zenith OR Omega

    Zenith chronos are top notch with a proven history and hertiage. However, the Speedy is also a top notch piece of kit with an iconic status. It's a personal choice but you can't go wrong with either.
  9. malarky_hk

    New Blue Speedy

    Love the look of that blue dial.
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