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  1. Strap- actually it's exactly the one shown in the picture of the original post. Truth is that with the bracelet it looked and felt too big, I would definitely recommend the strap for guys with smaller wrists.
  2. Hey guys, I would like to thank you all for your opinions and let you know that the dice has been cast and I am now a happy owner of a PO chrono. Though this is an Omega forum and it was expected that it would be biased, it was interesting that everyone voted for PO. Wearing the PO in my hand right now, I have to say you were all probably right:). I will write a detailed review later on and upload some wristshots. Oh and regarding the size: First of all, PO chronos come only in 45.5mm. My wrist is relatively thin, nearly 7'' however the watch seems to fit fine, at least in my eyes (but hey maybe I am biased as I just can't stop looking at it:P).
  3. thanks for your answer Kokyuryoku. Any specific reason you are biased against Tag?
  4. I am seriously thinking about buying an Omega PO chronograph, the version with the black dial, orange numbers and rubber black strap (reference 2910.51.82). The alternative option is the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera 17RS with black dial (you can see both watches side by side on the attached photo). I was thinking maybe you could help me choose between them. Appearance-wise, it seems to me that the omega is more classic and more sporty, while the tag is more original (different than most watches you would see) and more classy. The Tag has a transparent case-back which is a nice touch, though not really important. The omega is slightly bigger. The omega is more water-proof (600m vs 100m) but then again I am not a diver so it does not make any difference for me. On the other hand I like to keep my watch on all the time, even when I take a bath or when I go for swimming, so if I go with the tag, I would probably have to buy a replica leather strap (as I understand the original one is rather expensive and would be quickly destroyed by water). The Omega's strap is rubber so it shouldn't have any problems with water. If anyone has a PO with rubber strap can you please confirm this? Their price is exactly the same. Company-wise I believe that Omega is slightly more prestigious than Tag but then again I am not sure. What got me pissed about Tag is that I have a kirium chronograph and after a few years since I bought it, the entire kirium line got discontinued, which resulted in an immediate 50% drop in their price. So this got me thinking that Tag does not respect their watches. I think Omega is more consistent with their watches, I could never imagine the entire Sea Master series being discontinued for example... On the other hand there are some other Tag series like monaco or link that are being continued for years. So I really don't know how to choose. Maybe in terms of appearance I slightly prefer the Tag, however I think that Omega is a better watchmaker. What would you choose? Any input would be appreciated...
  5. I own the PO chrono for about three months, more specifically the 2910.51.82 model with the black strap-orange stitches. I wanted to write a detailed review and post some wristshots too, but unfortunately I haven't found the time yet, so here are just a few comments for the watch: One thing that I love about its looks is that you can wear it with everything and it still looks nice, from suits to training outfit. Regarding the size, I had very serious doubts before I bought it and I am sure that had it existed a 42 inch PO chrono I would have opted for it. Well luckily it didn't exist because I see now that the size is just about right. My wrists are relatively small, 6.9 inches, but somehow the watch fits perfectly. Regarding its weight, it is a heavy watch, but it feels right in your hand. Ok it took me 2-3 days to get used to it, but now it feels perfect. One thing to consider here is that I am talking about the strap version, while the bracelet version is a different story. In my opinion the bracelet version looks and feels way bulkier than the strap one and you really have to have big wrists in order to pull it off. True, you save money buying the watch with the bracelet, but then again I prefer to wear the watch only the way it fits me nicer, so no point in buying it with the bracelet, at least for me. In terms of accuracy, during the first two months it was +1s per day. Then something happened near Christmas and it lost about 30s in about one week... Since then it is steadily gaining less than 1s per day. I am not an expert in mechanic watches but based on what other are saying, these results are rather amazing and difficult to find even in much more expensive watches. Finally regarding durability... The double AR coating, which many people were complaining about, is still intact and I have to admit it gives the watch an amazing look - from most angles it is as if the glass does not exist at all and you are looking directly at the dial. There are a few scratches on the case, but then again this seems to be unavoidable with any watch. Overall I love the watch and though I own it for a small period of time I would highly recommend it.
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