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  1. FTX I

    2254.50 Sunset

    Love my 2254. Congrats.
  2. FTX I

    PO or Sub?

    I own both brands, but nothing compares to the Sub-C.
  3. I believe the auto is a very nice choice.
  4. As far as I know, pres. kennedy wore this one and many pics show him with it. to the op, in my opinion this is by far the best LE Omegas has ever released. huge congrats pal. wear it in best of health.
  5. I was dragged into the battlefield, so on my behalf I say I knew I was paying a premium for my 2255.80 EB as I found one brand new, at the city I was traveling to with my wife for some work holidays so no need to mail or wire anything, got extended 3 yrs warranty, Omega Cap, Omega gulf balls, polishing cloth, mags, key holder, complete package and etc. It was a nice deal and the watch was a very nice NYC souvenir so that is why I decided to pay extra for it. On the other hand, my 2254.50 was bought new at an AD for 2k back in 2010. If you guys want to know the real price for this watches nowadays, you all should hear what our fellow Kringkly is saying on this thread. He knows this game. Chill guys.
  6. I have a 2254.50 and also a 2255.80 Electric Blue. My favorite modern Omega by far. The EB I got in feb 2012 NOS at Tourbillon Boutique Wall Street NYC for 2500+tax. Those are my only modern Omega, sice I sold my POs and a 2531 Bond to fund my Sub-C and could not be happier with my diver collection. To be honest, I believe today one will find a mint 2254 for 2200 or 2300 usd here or WUS sales corner.
  7. FTX I

    ok just wondering�.

    Id say BLNR but you already have the black one. So, if a had the same collection Id get the original Speedy 357050.
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