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  1. Unless you're wearing it to the bottom of the ocean, it has to be the Explorer II or Explorer. Same robust movement as others with no pesky rotatable bezels to worry about. But, in the end, isn't the question sort of like asking which ball is more round? A basketball or a baseball?
  2. it arrived this morning! honestly, the pinch things don't seem to add that much, and it seems easier to use just one end of the device like a regular springbar tool (especially when putting it back together), but, hey, i'm happy, i got it off, and now i can go strap shopping.
  3. thanks all for the advice, much appreciated. not so easy to source bergeon over here, as the one on-line shop i could find with the bergeon 6825-pf is out of the UK and currently has it on back-order. i'm not up for having it shipped from the U.S. and deal with customs fees, so, i found a no-name brand that seems to be the same at 1/4 the price. the pins are "ultra-fine" and 1mm, which i think is slightly smaller than the 1.1 mm ultra-fine bergeon. so, maybe no filing needed, either. if this works, next step = get a strap to see if the TT DJ can be "reinvented".
  4. sorry, i know this has been asked before, but, i'm a clutz, so i need a tool designed for the purpose, and i'm confused, after having tried to search the board and not getting a clear (to me) answer. for a mid-90s DJ, which bergeon to remove the springbar? 6111? 6767? some other model? ideally, it would be easy to use to avoid scratches.... and, do i need two of them? as in, depress the spring bar from each side? or, does one depress the springbar just from one side and not do anything to the other side? any other tips? thank you very much.....
  5. Some people swear by the Bergeon 6825-PF, with a slight bit of grinding still being necessary. Then there's the Rolex tool 3200, which only ADs can source. I haven't used either of them, but think about getting the Bergeon.
  6. Cru Jones

    My new PO

    Great choice! Looks perfect.
  7. gotta disagree with you.....imo, the top combo is KILLER....
  8. I'm a fan! Seems like a white dial would fit in your collection, but the grey teck is pretty sweet, IMHO. If the price is so great, I'd consider picking up the model in the picture AND a white dial Explorer II to satisfy the white dial urge....
  9. Cru Jones


    This thread is an eye-opener! I've always pronounced Omega as "oam - gaah".
  10. Saw this one at an AD the other day. Very sharp!
  11. Pretty well done for a joke! Do I see "Original see-through sapphire crystal system" on the side, too?
  12. just to say, the orange bezel and mesh bracelet is a killer combo!
  13. that mesh is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!
  14. CONGRATS!!! Been a long time coming. GREAT choice. And thanks for the pic. Good to see the man behind the "ask an expert" thread.
  15. POs on mesh are sublime.
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