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  1. Thanks guys! I ended up getting one today. I got the black bezel with the orange numerals. I will get a rubber strap for it later, love the bracelet for now. Its a solid watch. Ill post up my thoughts about it after wearing it for awhile. Its a good bit heavier than my Rolex GMT.
  2. Good to hear. My AD just got in two for me to take a look at today or tomorrow. Im looking at the all black and the black with orange numerals. Going to go with the bracelet and the rubber strap either way I go.
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback! Any others?
  4. Im looking into getting a Planet Ocean as my "Daily Driver". I love the way it looks and I think its a great watch for the money. However, the more Ive been reading the more im getting worried about the AR coating. I dont want to spend 3k on a watch only to have the face look like crap after a few months of wearing it. I know some people have just taken the outer layer off with Polywatch, but Im sure its hard to do without getting any on the bezel. Does anyone have any pics of their crystal after a year or more of wearing it? Who has had major issues with this and who hasnt? If its a big issue I may just save up a little more and get another Rolex. When I spend that kind of money, I dont want to have to worry about something like that.....
  5. I tried to get some friends of mine to help me throw it in the back of my truck...........nobody would.
  6. I thought this was pretty cool and that some might enjoy.... Found this while I was at my company Christmas Party was at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. It must have been over 15 feet tall!!
  7. 00pumpkin

    Monster Omega!!

    Gets me through the day!
  8. Anyone know the prices yet?
  9. Nobody know the pricing?
  10. Im curious on what the price is for the following PO Ladies model. I believe its 37.5mm. Does anyone have a pricing sheet for the new models?
  11. Very nice! I had the old model in that same scheme. I saw that same one the other day and love the new bezel/movement. They had a significant jump in price through. I think the new ones are a few thousand more than the one I used to have.
  12. Another wrist shot. She is really loving this watch!
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