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  1. Did the same thing on my old SMP. Looks good.
  2. Both great watches but I give the nod to the AT. I would love to own both though.
  3. Well, now I find it has to be worked on more. When it is off my wrist, the movement dies. It has stopped three times in the past 24 hours. Guess it was not as good of a deal as i thought. My DJ had some dust, but the accuracy was excellent. I figured an ETA was even easier to dial in. Now I don't know if I send it back to him to fix, or suck it up and send to Omega service and have it done right at a now premium cost.
  4. I acquired a Seamaster 120 automatic about a month or so ago. I found it on the timezone forums for a terrific price and couldn't pass it up for a full box and papers watch. The watch was gently worn for about a year and then put in a drawer for the last ten or so years. I had it about three weeks and knew it needed a service (i knew when i bought it it needed servicing). I took it to my local watchmaker who did a full internal servicing for $125. I go and pick it up today and I was less than thrilled. When he serviced my DJ last year, I found dust under he crystal. He took care of it at the point I brought it back to him. I get handed my new beauty today and it looks good inside. I pay and leave. As soon as i walk outside, I immediately notice TWO specks of dust on the dial and hands. Maybe I am super critical... maybe I was just hoping for a different outcome than last time... I decided not to bring it back to him to fix. I feel that a servicing for $125 is still a good price even if I have to take it to an AD to have them blow out he dust on the dial for a small fee. I am sure the cleaning and regulation is spot on. I just wish he could put a watch back together without the few extra specs that seem to appear.
  5. Very nice. An understated future classic. Enjoy.
  6. Thanks for advice fellas. I decided to take it back to my watchmaker for one more try. He is retired, working out of his home for cash only and generally does a good job. I sent him my DJ last year and he serviced it for $400. It had a tiny bit of dust under the crystal, but was taken care of. Kept perfect time after service. We had a conversation yesterday and said if I was unhappy with anything, let him know. He said it was my watch and it needed to be made right. We will just see what happens. Yes his pricing is cheap, maybe a little headache, but the price is right. Nice fellow when you get him going talking about watches... At azguy, I live between Fayetteville and Charlotte, NC, right in the middle. Small little town.
  7. Hello. I sent my latest acquisition, an omega seamaster off for service with a local watchmaker. This is a 12 year old watch so it was worth trying to save a few bucks. I did an internal servicing only on the ETA movement. I got it back yesterday with dust under the crystal ( a few specs), and I have found out that if I lay it down, even with a full wind, it stops. It is under a one year warranty with the watchmaker, but I am wondering if I should just send it to Omega service instead. Service cost was $125. What should I do? My wife thinks I am nuts to go back. Also, what could be causing the movement to stop? It is a cronometer grade movement. Its working worse than before servicing... Glad I have my 14060 to take my mind off how aggrivated I am at this whole situation. Thanks for your help.
  8. Omega makes a hell of a watch. They may not have the same weight with society as a Rolex, but in my opinion, an equal watch with exceptional finish. I actually prefer the omega finish to Rolex. The clasp on my old SMP 2264.50 was my favorite part of the watch.
  9. You did well, Dino. I love my Omega too.
  10. Definitely my favorite of the Speedmasters.
  11. Mine is sitting at the watchmaker waiting for a servicing.
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