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  1. I have yet to hear a bad thing about Rikki or Bob Ridley, can't go wrong with either one, I however would be leery of the RSC. Not because they would do poor service but they view all watches as theirs and if somethng isn't right with the watch they may refuse service or even worse.
  2. If you're due for service I would just send in to the RSC, or have a local watchmaker take a look if it's not due. It is a precision piece and while it can get gunked up, it takes a lot for it not to be functional. There maybe something going on that soap can't fix.
  3. What about the ones you need to wear in order to work? That's what I'm looking for, one with a strap or a wire that keeps me from have to hold it to my eye.
  4. I'm not a fan of buying someone elses headaches, however if you're getting a reasonable discount (more than reasonable discount would be better) and you had it authenticated it could work out. That said I'm not a watchmaker and I would rather buy a 100% working piece.
  5. Thank you gentlemen! I appreciate the information!
  6. Do I need to be concerned about removing the case-back on a used model. I have a friend selling a 16610. I removed the case-back to take a look at the movement. He said he was ok with it but then when I was finished he started to freak a little bit. He thought since it was due for service soon (purchased in 2004 so it might be over due) that my removing the case-back may have compromised the depth rating. Anyway I decided not to buy it and now he wants me to subsidize part of the service. Of course I told him to go pound sand, in a nice way. Given that he agreed to let me look at the movement and that any service needed is his responsibility, I don't feel guilty. I still wondered if he had a point about it possibly being compromised in someway though. thoughts?
  7. So what is the consensus on the best way to handle scratches on a plastic crystal? Novous 2, Polywatch or toothpaste?
  8. The attached video shows my SM300 for a full minute. It starts at 9 o'clock, and ticks along normally when it's going "uphill" but then just past 12 o'clock, the second had seems to move at a double beat or a double move when it's going downhill. Anyone know what causes this?
  9. My 2007 16613 is going to need a service soon, and guess where I'm sending it... to Rik!! No RSC wait time, or price.
  10. The RSC will send a quote for approval unless you authorize them to do what they need to before hand. $500 is a jumping off point for RSC service. Parts and extra labor will be more. Rik is fantastic alternative to the RSC, and he'll tell you exactly what is going on and what you need. He has a Rolex parts account and he is cheaper than the RSC. I'm not ever going to the RSC again, Rik gets all my biz!! Quote:
  11. That's what skilled craftsman do, they knock it out of the park!!!
  12. I've heard of polishing an acrylic crystal but not a sapphire
  13. Rolex lume isn't the greatest, even the modern models leave a little something to be desired compared to other watches on the lume front. I'm not asking for tritium tubes but more than a 1/2 hour would be nice
  14. he does fabulous work and to top it off he's a great guy, all the way around!!
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