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  1. Actor, racing driver and TAG Heuer ambassador Patrick Dempsey came to TimeCrafters to launch two new limited-edition TAG Heuer Indy500 watches two weeks before the legendary US motor racing event is due to start, with TAG Heuer as its official timekeeper. Even before its official launch at the show, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Indy500 limited edition could already be found on sale on Ebay at a premium to the official retail price – proof enough of the popularity of the race in the United States and the current boom that the brand is experiencing, with its Carrera Connected watch selling like hot cakes in the country. Another Indy500 limited edition in the Formula 1 collection was also presented by Patrick Dempsey, who spoke to WorldTempus about the special status of the race on the US motorsport calendar. “The Indy500 is like Le Mans,” he said. “At one point is was one of the rounds in the F1 championship and it is just one of those races that has a very special atmosphere to it.” That being said, however, the owner of Dempsey Racing, which competes with Porsche GT cars on the endurance circuit, has no plans to compete in this legendary race. “I have no desire to do open cockpit racing at all. It’s a young man’s or young woman’s sport and I’m very happy with Porsche and endurance racing, and GT racing in particular. The TV heartthrob will also be taking more of a back seat this year, assuming his role as team owner and putting less focus on his driving. “Last year the racing took up 100 per cent of my schedule and I had to sacrifice many things to achieve my goals. But I met those goals so I’m happy about that. This year, as an owner I am focusing on Le Mans and hoping for the best there. It’s a different focus this year working more as the owner and it allows me to spend more time with my kids. I’m bringing them over to Le Mans and I will be able to focus on getting them interested in the history of the sport and understanding what is going on. Last year I was too focused on the race. Faced with the choice of limited-edition Indy500 watches, the Carrera Connected and the various motorsport-inspired TAG Heuer watches, which does Patrick Dempsey most like to wear? “I hope they let me keep this new Indy500 limited edition,” he confesses to WorldTempus, “but the Monaco is my favourite. I have the recreation of the Carrera and that transformed everything for the brand. But I also have a vintage Monaco watch, which is very special to me. I wear that one on special occasions.
  2. The “Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget” Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie collection celebrates the mysterious and captivating light effects born of an invisible time: namely the countless hours devoted to each creation and echoing the long history of the Silk Route. The collection inspired by two legendary cities, Venice and Samarkand, shines with unprecedented radiance and creative vibrancy. A city of infinites where the immensity of the desert meets the precision of ancestral crafts, Samarkand has inspired the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget to create a fascinating collection. Associated with the excellence of the most famous artisans, the watchmakers of the Maison display their fully integrated dual expertise combining the development of finely finished watch movements with the mastered production of special-shaped or ‘form’ cases that are an inherent part of the Piaget style. The Limelight Secret Watch Reference G0A40616 takes its inspiration from the architecture of Samarkand. Its 18K pink gold case, measuring 30mm in diameter, is set with 449 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 2.30 cts) and opens on a clear mother-of-pearl dial. The cover is adorned with white mother-of-pearl stars while the case-back features the engraved Mythical Journey logo. At the heart of this precious watch beats the Manufacture Piaget 57P quartz movement which powers the hours and minutes. A hand-engraved pink gold bracelet with integrated buckle secures the watch on the wrist.
  3. IWC Schaffhausen launched the Portofino 37 mm automatic watch moon phase display "Laureus Sport for Community Foundation" special edition to celebrate the Laureus World Sports Awards in Berlin. This is the tenth Schaffhausen IWC Laureus Sport for Community Foundation of launch special edition watch, the watch is limited to 1,500 pieces. Bottom of the table engraved 2015 "campaign in time" (Time for Sport) winning children's painting competition. Watch part of the proceeds will be donated Lawrence, sponsorship support its social projects. Movement to overcome their differences, gives self-confidence, promote teamwork: This is the motto of the Laureus Sport for Community Foundation. Laureus Sport for Community Foundation believe in the power of sport, and take advantage of its potential to promote social change, provide a broader future prospects for disadvantaged children and youth. Since 2006, IWC Schaffhausen has been actively promoting the development of Lawrence, and pick a watch every year as a Special Edition Laureus Sport for Community Foundation. Schaffhausen IWC CEO Georges Kern concluded:. "Cooperation with Lawrence is one of the cornerstones Schaffhausen IWC Laureus Sport for Social Responsibility Charity Foundation, and the field of professional sports ambassador, tirelessly, enthusiasm to improve social conditions. very proud to watch a special edition, the tenth consecutive year brought to support this important and necessary projects. "
  4. In the end, collectors always return to their point of departure. After the wealthiest and most enthusiastic collectors have acquired countless watches stamped with the Geneva Hallmark, there comes a time when the need for a more light-hearted, quirkier watch emerges. Sometimes this means something a bit less perfect, but with more personality. Bronze age A number of brands have begun to dip their toes into the emerging wave of neo-grunge. First there was the discreet but highly successful Terrascope with 39 mm bronze dial by Jeanrichard. Its main feature was a generously scratched dial that combined an “unfinished” look with a metal that tends to oxidise. The dial of the Terrascope, nevertheless, remained protected from atmospheric assault behind a sapphire crystal. More recently, Anonimo’s Militare models were subjected to the same rough treatment. Panerai was not so protective. The Luminor Submersible 1950 Bronzo PAM 382 has its entire case made of the alloy. The timepiece, which came just lightly polished, was unlikely to retain its lustre for long in contact with the sea air for which it was destined. Nevertheless, two limited series were not enough to satisfy the thirst of Paneristi. If there is a bridge between these two worlds, it must be the Excalibur 42 mm with bronze dial by Roger Dubuis. It has the aged patina of bronze with the protection of a sapphire crystal, producing a distressed material, like the Panerai, which is unlikely to age further, like the Jeanrichard. Corrosion explosion Bell & Ross recently took the concept a step further, offering a BR01 Skull Patine produced in partnership with Chronopassion. This timepiece, also produced in a limited edition (50 units), has been deliberately subjected to corrosion. The bronze has a natural verdigris patina, making each piece truly unique. But despite their superficially logical relationship, these watches all follow a different ethos. The former subvert the concept of finishing by celebrating their absence of finish. Defects are no longer not tolerated, they are positively encouraged; but once secured they are frozen and preserved. Bell & Ross, on the other hand, opened a creative door, creating a timepiece that ages with its owner, its appearance changing gradually over time. The approach is more personal, more intimate, but also more unpredictable, which adds to the timepiece’s whimsical appeal. The test of time Bronze is far from being the only material capable of providing an aged finish. Hublot showed its understanding of this with the Jeans model, which reminds us that true luxury means being able to buy a pair of pre-worn vintage jeans, rather than picking a new pair off the shelf! Hublot developed a series of Big Bangs with a faded and threadbare denim dial and strap. Ever keen to cultivate a paradox, the company also offered several diamond-set versions. There’s a fine line between trashy and grunge. In fact, one brand has erased the line altogether: OOO Watches (which stands for Out Of Order). Its byline is “Damaged in Italy”! Its timepieces are burned, scratched, dented and crushed, but they all work perfectly. Strange it most certainly is, but the brand at least offers the virtue of consistency, taking things to their logical conclusion.
  5. The difference between quartz and mechanical watches which is better? In fact, mechanical and quartz watches each have their own good, this depends on how you choose. Mechanical watches relatively preserved. But time did not associate quartz digital watches. Accuracy is the most accurate mechanical watch, quartz Spreadsheet functions most versatile. Poly fashion today gave us something about later five advantages of quartz watches it! Before the original watch is mechanical watch, quartz watch then there is a battery as a power source, saving cost and complicated mechanical watches on the chain. It appears quartz watch, breaking the previous tranquility watch market, although it appears the time is not long, but it is overwhelmingly occupied a large part of the watch market. Become higher penetration watches category, sophisticated charm compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches to functional and practical, the price advantage and stylish qualities and so also won a large number of fans. 1, the price is relatively low quartz watch Although the quartz watch is also extremely expensive, but compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches cheaper. No matter what technological innovation and progress to improve, once order to solve all the problems. In addition, the need for regular mechanical watches wash oil protection, protection nursed back to health spending is relatively large. This can also be explained from the side of the higher cost of quartz watches. 2, quartz watch maintenance is simple, easy maintenance But for the quartz watch, the simple structure, easy maintenance advantages of so many ages. This greatly saves their time. Quartz watch repair Gaiyi nothing more than a regular batteries, as long as the selection of good credit quality clock repair shop and a matching good dry batteries, quartz watches living life certainly much more than mechanical watches. Since quartz watches, mechanical watches did not like that kind of wear problems, coupled with the use of the probability table to rarely, you can basically do not think the problem mechanical mill consumption, especially gear transmission. 3, quartz watch shape design potential Various limitations no mechanical movement, quartz movement can do thinner or smaller, which gives the watch exterior design more space to play. 4, quartz watch high accuracy, small error Now semi-automatic winding mechanical watches accounted for the majority, it is often faced with a problem, due to lack of exercise leads to wear watches power reserve is not enough, therefore occasionally stop and go. Then there is the total error count, error of mechanical watches day within plus or minus 30 seconds even in standard, but also a no error total down, while quartz watches ordinary ERROR will in about two minutes. 5, quartz watch SCIENCE function For example, science and technology as the highlights of the Citizen Eco-Drive watches, the solar energy into electricity to turn the watch. Breitling Emergency watch also offers emergency relief purposes, the watch wearer in case a disaster were to open a help function watch, within 48 hours continuously transmit a distress signal, allowing rescuers to determine the location where the object is in distress. These practical and technological features are cool mechanical watches can not be achieved.
  6. If you want among the ranks of successful people, to choose the most appropriate one good watch, however, the big gathering not vote. Poly fashion today teach your five steps selected value-priced luxury watch Watches are one of many fashion people to be optimistic about a single product the most investment value, successful people with a watch must be very outstanding. 1. This watch is which launched in? Sounds fairly simple question, but it can be seen that sales level of understanding of a particular timepiece release date. Watch the latest price often the highest, and watchmakers often have models and features to improve, to update their watch collection. This is not to say you should buy the latest watch, but that the introduction of a longer-year old models of the watch may be, or there may be more difficult to buy. You will often surprised to find that salespeople often a particular timepiece available time actually completely unclear. 2. The movement of this watch with what? You may not care about the answer, but the test is not a watch expert sales staff, the problem may be the most decisive. To answer this question in different ways, but you ultimately seek to answer is the exact name of the movement. Do not just stay in the "quartz" or "Automatic" movement this answer, continue to ask for more details, such as the name of the movement, who produced, as well as some details of the movement of the manufacturer. If necessary, let the sales staff access to reference information. We expect sales staff to remember details of all products they sell is not fair, but they should be able to fully and accurately answer your question in a few minutes. 3. What are the alternatives to choose from? Most watches can be attributed to a particular class and style. This means that the same price there will be a variety of optional products. Rare watch was no competition. Most consumers in the purchase of an expensive commodity, all want to know what alternative products. To watch the sales staff asked the same paragraph competitive products which, as well as what they would recommend the experience to wear the same price as a similar watch. If you want to rise in the price of a stall or drop a file, you can always ask them through Which watch would recommend to achieve the purpose. 4. Maintenance costs how much? Today's watch quality is far better than in the past, but most of the watches in use for a long period of time before need of repair or maintenance. Having said that, watches are still mechanical devices, mechanical watches in particular, need maintenance. Like all machinery, watches need maintenance, but fortunately not the number of your car as often. Quartz watch basically only need regular replacement of the battery, but depending on the model, some may require special care. Mechanical support once every few years Paul, which typically includes only cleaning and oiling. However, such maintenance is carried out in a watch shop might be expensive. Therefore, understanding the basic maintenance costs of a watch is a good idea, but also to take the test level sales professionals. 5. How to use this watch? The most basic question is the most important. Many watch displays only time, often also display the date. More complicated watch with a timer, calendar, or other complex functions, but as complexity increases, learn how to properly use the watch of the difficulty also increased. Sales staff can ensure a comprehensive and detailed introduce to you how to use the watch, adjust its settings, there is a very important point is how we will not spoil it.
  7. Another year of graduation season, just out of the ivory tower for the new people entering the workplace, it is not an exaggeration appropriate decorative and elegant introductory paragraph, is absolutely competent all occasions, the only way to increase the degree of goodwill. Another year of graduation season, just out of the ivory tower for the new people entering the workplace, I would not want anyone to hear this evaluation, "like a student," for female consumers, the watch should be able to become a accessories, decorative watch therefore must be strong, to be elegant, can show their taste, the best you can as a piece of jewelry to wear. For newcomers, it is not appropriate decorative and elegant introductory paragraph exaggerated female form is absolutely competent all occasions, the only way to increase the degree of goodwill. Dior VIII Ladies Watch Series This is a debut in Basel latest Dior VIII watches although in appearance the previous Dior Christal watches look very similar, but has a material difference. A change in the configuration of black sapphire crystal, like the black swan While this time as mysterious beautiful watch all black high-tech ceramic, fine ceramic and diamonds dark echoes, is the moment the most advanced fashion watch new partner. Mido Baroncelli Tonneau Ms. female form Mido Baroncelli ladies watch design inspired by Emmanuel II arcade Italy unlimited symmetrical and unlimited extension of the elegant styling. Case shape with soft curved lines lined with smooth lugs, mapping out the elegant, harmonious, unified style. Barrel-type watch will highlight the features, great design and excellent quality combined, PVD gold plated ladies watch decorated with delicate dial, Arabic numerals as if by slender quill, classical and natural. Chanel J12 GMT white ceramic female table The J12 GMT white ceramic Chanel J12 watch series followed the classic look of 38 mm diameter easy to wear, but also a lot of pure transparent white girl's favorite. Self-winding mechanical movement. Power reserve 42 hours. Durable wear high-tech precision ceramic, water depth of 50 meters, triple folding steel clasp, perfectly proved absolutely can have both stylish and practical.
  8. Whether women in their daily work, appointments, parties or sports and leisure time, every moment should be accompanied by a female form, for their records and grasp life's important moments. Why not choose for yourself on a fascinating watch, the life of each unique moment filled with happiness. A work situation Omega Ladymatic series color dial models female form Ladymatic series models with dazzling charming color dial dial, so even more gorgeous Ladymatic series outstanding. Dial decorated with chic sun's rays light, 11 degrees at all times with a small arched brackets on 18K white gold inlaid diamonds to reflect its unique charm designs highlight the brand to become as innovative style and content of the model for. Patek Philippe slim female form diamond complex calendar As a Patek Philippe watch the Queen, the proud domineering style like a successful career woman in the workplace. Slim Ladies First Perpetual Calendar Ref. 7140 new interpretation of the complex calendar watch charm charm, not only pay attention to the appearance of elegance, cherish the same intrinsic value, the dazzling diamond bezel which has kept women watch sublime . Two occasions: Dating Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Wild Rose Wild Rose appointment series female form Dial just like a blooming flower, its corolla made of mother of pearl is made with fresh and elegant colors. Elaborately inlaid rose bud forward inlaid diamonds inverted corolla tell sweet, and under which the petal, day and night indication looming. Chanel Première Flying Tourbillon No.5 floating tourbillon female form Chanel female form is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, flower shape on the dial by Miss Chanel camellia favorite. However, the theme flower is also cleverly integrated into the hands of the move: the flywheel one revolution per minute, petal represents the seconds. Three occasions :on business The new Executive Lady Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Ladies Watch Patented dual time zone fast transfer device, without removing the watch, as long as the high-tech ceramic tap the button on the bezel, it will be quickly adjust the clock to another time zone. Whether abroad or with the lovers together in time, double time zone system is a practical and convenient watch function, suitable for wearing in the home country and when traveling abroad. White female form elegant design, adding a rich layers of mother of pearl dial, diamond hour markers are low-key shine bright light. Four occasions: party Piaget Limelight Garden Party female form The number of diamonds inlaid watch and let us shock carat diamond inlaid 164 diamonds, about 7.5 carats. Watch the series as if the garden elves, lead us into diamonds garland, odd exotic birds, leaves flashing mysterious world, brings us naturally feel like the Wizard of Oz. Five occasions:Motion Breitling (Breitling) Colt 33 female table movement Adhering to the essence of the ocean 33 watch Breitling "professionals wrist instrument", equipped by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) of SuperQuartzTM super quartz movement, beyond the standard precision quartz movement times; with double-sided anti-glare and scratch the sapphire crystal, screw-down crown, as well as robust and reliable stainless steel case, water-resistant up to 500 meters, showing respect - ladies wristwatch extremely rare in terms of superior performance, highlighting the extraordinary atmosphere bright modern women charm. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore dynamic motion female form Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph LADYCAT undoubtedly love sports for women tailored, but also dedicated to those who love having a sense of strength and geometric shapes, and can show their own vitality watch women. Stainless steel models clean crisp lines, links and bezel paved with brilliant-cut diamonds, with strap perfect integration. Waterproof up to 50 meters (5 bar), a blend of the essence of the female form, seeks to highlight the fearless courage of women called the ideal choice.
  9. Swiss watch error is caused due to the Earth's gravity, plus personal wearing habits, ambient temperature, movement of material and other objective conditions have an impact on the accuracy of a Swiss watch. Accuracy table easily tune accurate, but if accurate low then there is some movement problems. For the Swiss end brands like, watch if there is no real problem within the provisions of certain error is normal. On the market Swiss mechanical watch, because friction and fatigue structural features clockwork, information circle between the output torque transition from strong to weak, and the like clockwork and friction that occurs when the gear torque walks, Rhyme influence precision clock when walking. Further weather conditions and geographical location status, also on the normal operation of Patek Philippe watch mainspring affected. Current quartz, mechanical watches weaknesses restraint, causing extreme applications once per second quartz crystal constant dither initiative as a reference work, after dividing circuit dividing, then drive via gear motor micro-stepping or scanning pointer, indicating time, even so, but the use of quartz crystal temperature transition disturbed by also showing error, ordinary every day, speed is 15 seconds. Swiss watch error is about how much Swiss quartz electronic watches daily error less than 0.5 seconds, which is attributed to the first quartz watch quartz oscillator high and constant oscillation frequency. High frequency quasi-go affair, which is a reason people discuss how to progress in the long travel time accurate clock found in the process, the higher the frequency of the oscillator, the oscillation constant, the stronger anti-interference ability, the more accurate watch. Swiss quartz electronic watches the oscillation frequency is 32768Hz, faster than ordinary mechanical pendulum frequency of 10,000 times per second 3Hz high, thus quartz digital watches to much more accurate than Swiss mechanical watches. Never minutes is not bad, Swiss watches practice does not exist, whether mechanical watch still has a stone-table error limitations, which limitations due to differences between countries and regions and the differences in terms of the ordinary, just a mechanical watch on the full string under conditions, when no more than a slow walk every day for 30 seconds, 30 seconds faster than simply not meet specifications, quartz watch is in the battery sufficient condition, speed not exceed 0.5 seconds, then fit the norm. Swiss watch how to adjust the error If you love sheet date error a few seconds, without having to find a professional technician to adjust, causing the Swiss watch generating principle error through the night to watch placed in a different position error adjustment according to Swiss watches gravity. If you want him along for a few seconds on the flat surface; walking if you want it, it stands up to upside down; go slow for some more, will head up the table stand up. In normal conditions wear down, if walking is unstable, it is possible that the movement problems errors, which indicates that the movement needs maintenance.
  10. Although the pointer always follow a circular path in constant motion, but sometimes wear a square watch was more handsome. NOMOS-selling Tetra square watch, has now officially joined the brand was launched last fall neomatik series, and the first edition sold out quickly neomatik series has also opened new automatic NOMOS watch series off. BaselWorld 2016, NOMOS will launch a special series of classic square watch men's style -Tetra neomatik self-winding watch, equipped with a new generation of automatic movement DUW 3001. When thin DUW 3001 movement gives a slim silhouette and precision go, Tetra neomatik thickness of only 3.2 mm, extremely slim, almost automatically win any industry on the list shall be able to mass production. 33 mm side length and a newly designed dial While further bring out the classic modern style timepiece movement, manual chain models compared to the same series of more masculine charm. The new Tetra neomatik were launched in two versions: one with green blue detail with white dial silver plating, with a deep blue dial with green detail. Both timepiece dial are using the new golden neomatik flag, rather than before the neon colors. Of course, the new Tetra neomatik retain the durable 科尔多瓦马皮 beautiful bracelet, the edging process, comparable with NOMOS delicate jewelry clasp. Tetra neomatik and Tetra neomatik tiefblau also use a little innovation ──DUW speed control system, this system further optimizes the movement DUW 3001, replacing the previous Triovis fine-tuning system that allows easy movement more easily achieve the most best travel time accuracy.
  11. Watches, already out of its original features, for the average person is an accessory, for some people it is a status symbol. First watch brand to have a general understanding. Usually watch brand to hear more and more, such as Swatch, there will be general shopping malls counters, relatively young fashion, like Casio, work well, is relatively young, be it to the mature stage of transition, there are many luxury brands, various brands of watches, you can understand the brand and then see the price. Then define their purpose to buy a watch. Married tokens, or just for decoration, or for collection. Different needs, willing to pay much money, choose a different price, the number of heart there. And then go to the store at his watch. Choose a watch shop, watch shop look substantially. Assortment of watches, there are so few to attract your attention. Let the clerk take your fancy try to give you a few. They are like watches, but does not mean you are suitable belt. Some brought to the wrist, to know good or bad. Selected favorite watch, followed by price. General stores, then watch the price is a unified national price, nothing good bargain. Perhaps you can take risks scouring a network of parallel bars. Online buy watches, just buy a cell phone or something similar, there are really false. If you bought in the store, you can spot your wrist according to the thickness, cut strap. Keep watch warranty cards, invoices, etc., can be a problem in future warranty
  12. As a Premium table fans, usually have a collection of watches preferences. But there is a new issue has been much concern Collectors: Which brand of watches will produce value-added? Watch added on this question, points long and short two categories. Short view is very simple: Rolex and Patek Philippe. Long view is more complicated, with value-added potential 一枚 will watch a number of factors involved. Including brand awareness, inheritance, unique, accessibility, and one of the most influential - demand of demand plays a very important role in the watch value. Not too long ago, the remontoire, also known as a constant force mechanism, was one of the rarest, most scarcely encountered specimens of watch complications – and while it remains extremely challenging to engineer and produce correctly, it is true that we have been seeing more and more high-end brands add this age-old, and yet conceptually still highly fascinating device to their super-high-end watches. The very latest addition to this small, but expanding family of impressive remontoire timepieces is the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire, that spices things up with a case design new for the brand and a genuinely beautiful, 258-part movement. As you would expect, the movement is constructed in typical Grönefeld fashion: the bridges and cocks are all stainless steel (a big plus over the much, much more frequently used brass, because Grönefeld's steel bridges do look different to any rhodium plated brass out there), their centers have been micro-blasted to create a frosted effect and a truly mesmerizing contrast between the blindingly highly polished edges and screw-heads, and these recessed central areas. Despite the amazing movement architecture and the neat constant force mechanism, I feel that Grönefeld might have missed a stellar opportunity to make this tribute even more interesting: adding a 30-second jumping minute hand would have made for a terrific homage to that old church clock, and also for a very cool complication overall. The running seconds are on display at the 6 o'clock position anyway, but to have a minute hand always advance to exactly between and then exactly onto the indices, I reckon, would have been not only a first, but also an impressive feature many would have appreciated. Realistically thinking, to move such a big hand (and with it the hour hand) over such a long distance once every thirty seconds may be beyond the power limitations of a wrist watch movement, and if that is the case, then of course, I duly take back this remark. The Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire will come in a 39.5-millimeter-wide case crafted from either white gold or red gold. Notably, the 18k white gold version is alloyed with Palladium 150, that allows for the omission of rhodium plating while still ensuring that the surface of the precious metal will not wear out or fade. At just 10.5 millimeters thick, it will without a doubt appear elegant and subtle on the wrist – something that clearly cannot be said about every constant-force-equipped timepiece. It is a new case design and one that looks unique and graceful, even. This is largely thanks to the excessive milling technique where, between different cuts, parts of the case are polished to allow for complex and yet beautifully finished concave recesses and convex surfaces. The dial is made from 925 Sterling Silver with frosted and satin-grained surfaces, and should be highly legible with the flame-blued and mirror polished Lancette hands indicating the time. A new case design and an evergreen, remontoire-equipped movement make this new release from the Grönefeld brothers notable. It is great to see that they have the capacity to develop new designs and work out new movements – especially ones that fit into such sensibly sized cases.
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