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  1. This model is 4502-7001, I sent to the watch shop, but they cannot fount any springs for this watch, so could you offer some help? Thanks.
  2. Congrats on the accurate watch. My friend has bought this watch, but the error of this piece is 20s a day. I was disappointed with these watches, but you got a nice watch.
  3. How do you judge which watch utilize anti-reflective coating.
  4. I'm very sad about what happened to flight MH 17. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their family and friends. God bless you all!!
  5. I would stick with swiss watches, if I don't want it any more and want give it a flip, the resell value of seiko is gonna have a huge sway.
  6. I'll choose the Tissot black leather watch. Others may not fit this occasion well, but that depends what dress you want to wear.
  7. 1. Train bridge 2. Third wheel 3. Upper third wheel pivot / hole jewel 4. Set lever screw (detent screw) 5. Transmission wheel (Crown wheel) 6. Ratchet wheel (Winding wheel) 7. Barrel bridge 8. Clutch wheel 9. Winding pinion 10. Set lever 11. Stem 12. Crown 13. Yoke spring 14. Setting lever spring ( set bridge ) 15. Yoke 16. Upper forth wheel pivot / hole jewel 17. Set wheel 18. Lower barrel arbor pivot / hole 19. Minute wheel 20. Mainspring barrel 21. Center shaft and cannon pinion 22. Lower forth wheel pivot / hole jewel 23. Lower escape wheel pivot / cap jewel 24. Escapement inspection holes 25. Lower pallet arbor pivot / hole jewel 26. Lower balance pivot/ cap jewel 27. Click 28. Click spring 29. Upper center wheel pivot / hole jewel 30. Center wheel 31. Balance cock 32. Regulator 33. Upper balance pivot / cap jewel 34. Escapement inspection notch 35. Hairspring stud 36. Balance wheel 37. Pallet bridge 38. Hairspring 39. Upper pallet arbor pivot / hole jewel 40. Pallets 41. Escape wheel 42. Upper escape wheel pivot / cap jewel 43. Forth wheel 44. Hour wheel
  8. Bouldye

    6r15 vs eta 2824-2

    most swiss brand using 2824 movement, but 6R is more frequently used by Japanese brands, so in a more strict meaning, swiss brand watches are more expensive than Japanese watches
  9. Bouldye

    6r15 vs eta 2824-2

    6r15 vs eta 2824-2 Specification of eta2824-2 Diameter: 25.3mm Thickness: 4.6mm Power reserve: 38 hours Jewels: 25J Frequency: 28,800, bi-directional winding 6R adds on hand winding and hacking function compared with 2824, but canceled quick-set date Both two movements are powered by very high winding efficiency, but personally think 6R is fitted with a more advanced mechanism and very durable. 6R is an updated version of 7S, so stability is surely good, can’t lose to 2824, but speaking from the decoration of movement bridges, 6R is indeed lack of some aesthetic, materials used of these two are in a draw, but speaking from the balance alone, 2824 adopts higher level material, but shock absorber of 6R is slightly durable than 2824, as for movement thickness, can’t be regarded as a factor to determine a movement is good or not, so here I’ll escape this. Seiko magic lever winding is higher efficiency than the reverse wheel of 2824, Seiko 8L and 9S both using the same winding mechanism as 6R From the hairspring material Standard 2824 is fine, personally feel 6R is more sturdy But one feature of 2824 is more superior: cause frequency of 2824 is higher so second hand runs more smoothly, not like low frequency watches, runs slowly and feels like it will runs out of energy at any time. In this aspect, I will give this vote to eta, it runs quietly and smoothly, but due to the reason of more gearings are used, it speeds up wear of these gearing and requires oiling in a certain period, or if any rust occurred of the wheel, then the movement is dead Seiko’s patent An obvious advantage of this patent technology is that, simply depending on a single wheel and the cooperation of the magic lever, it will achieve bi-directional winding, more straight forward and convenient to maintain
  10. I'd also like to know a list of some of the cheapest watches that use this movement. I'm pretty sure some Accutron models use it but I could be wrong... That being said, while that one watch for $85k is crazy expensive, it's probably not very realistic in about 99% of peoples budget. I'd like to know some of the more expensive yet still somewhat affordable brands/watches. Thanks,
  11. I have to admit that I switched back to the regular way after 72 hours. :lol:
  12. I've always worn my straps in the usual way with tail running toward the pinky side of my hand (toward the 12 on the dial). But today, I accidentally put a strap on backward with the tail running toward the thumb side of my hand (toward the 6 on the dial). I decided to wear it like that for the day and, so far, I think I like it better. Anyone else wear their straps like this? Anyone want to try it out and let me know what they think?
  13. I like photography, just sucks at it
  14. Blancpain made the Fifty Fathoms, which is a highly sought-after and very expensive watch. Seiko makes three models in different colors that have a similar shape and style of the Fifty Fathoms, the SNZH53, SNZH55, and SNZH57. People realized that fitting these Seiko models with a new dial would create a functional and affordable homage to the high-end Blancpain, so they designed and ordered custom dials bearing the name "Fifty Five Fathoms" and then had their Seikos fitted with these dials. Seiko does not offer the watch in this configuration; it is an aftermarket mod. If you want to get your hands on one, you either need to: 1. Find someone who is selling a FFF-modded Seiko OR 2. Put in an order for a dial, purchase the corresponding Seiko model separately, then have someone assemble the watch. In short, it is a mod that you can't buy from Seiko. Hope this clears things up for you. (FYI, if you really want to go nuts, there are also more extensive modding options in the works, such as a Fifty Five Fathoms caseback and specially lumed bezel. I don't think these are ready yet, but discussions are underway.)
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