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  1. — Available in rose gold and bicolor versions, this jewelry watch is adorned with 922 diamonds and sapphires. With the Pathos Swan, Carl F. Bucherer launches a timepiece that showcases the watchmaker’s expertise in producing the most precious jewelry watches. Precisely 922 diamonds and sapphires adorn the case, dial and strap of this sophisticated ladies’ watch. Many cultures regard the swan as a symbol of purity, elegance, love, and beauty, and it is also emblematic of Lucerne and its eponymous lake. This is reflected in the mother-of-pearl dial of the new Pathos Swan. Top Wesselton quality diamonds and the finest sapphires in various blue tones combine to suggest the image of a swan gliding over water. Carl F. Bucherer’s attention to detail is evident in the delicate hour and minute hands - powered by the quartz movement Caliber CFB 1851 — as well as the crown and the aureole, characteristic of the Pathos collection. The Pathos Swan is a highly exclusive watch available in two variants. In one of the variants, the slender watchstrap and the folding clasp are made entirely from 18-karat rose gold. The second variant offers a combination of white and rose gold, both of which are 18 karat. Both variants are produced in a limited edition of 88 pieces and are manufactured exclusively upon request.
  2. Ulysse Nardin in order to celebrate becoming the 35th America's Cup Regatta Artemis team partners, especially the high-tech catamaran of the most representative decoration applied to the newly launched FreakWing tourbillon, the upper deck with sturdy internal sailboat structural design inspiration, the minutes, hours, rotating disk places mesh structure multihull for design inspiration, carbon fiber is the top sailing essential elements Ulysse Nardin carbon fiber to create a watch bezel and caseback. Watch Central has always spectacular tourbillon, while the new FreakWing tourbillon with high readability, and the addition of the calendar window at four o'clock position. On the technical side, the world's first watch with UlyChoc safety system, this new generation of shock devices entirely by Ulysse Nardin factory development and production designer, a silicon parts to replace the traditional suspension system, the three micro-components, which solve program to avoid any friction or parts release, when the watch on impact, swing axle heart can be the perfect place to return. Simple FreakWing tourbillon operation, did not watch the crown, its upper and lower bezel combined with the movement to perform various functions: first, between 6 o'clock lugs bezel has a safety locking device, cis clockwise can set the hours and minutes, can be rotated counterclockwise adjustment date; second, after rotating the bottom cover can watch the main mainspring, barrel designed for eight days power reserve and set. Case with black DLC titanium metal production, stronger than ever, with yellow stitching Carbon Ludwig grain strap. Ulysse Nardin Watch as Artemis Ocean Race team in the America's Cup partner in creative and cutting-edge technology FreakWing Tourbillon watch added Artemis regatta team lucky color, as this Swedish challenge team known for use with superb skills Like the AC45 catamaran, sailing together with the race team.
  3. The new Reference 5930 from Patek Philippe combines two grand complications: a chronograph and a world timer. This combination of complications, although rather rare, is already familiar to the brand’s collectors. The No. 862 442, a one-of-a-kind piece from 1940, was Patek Philippe’s first world time chronograph. This early 20th-century chronograph also featured a pulsometer and asthmometer. The new Reference 5930 brings this duet of chronograph and world time complications up to modern technical standards and puts it into Patek Philippe’s main collection for the first time. Chronograph Patek Philippe, not one to eschew a technical challenge, has produced a chronograph on which the sun never sets. This is because it constantly displays all 24 time zones: the cities disc bears 24 place names representing each of the 24 time zones, along with a 24-hour disc that shows local time in the chosen zone. The chronograph comprises a direct-drive seconds hand and 30-minute counter, while the world timer shows hours and minutes only. All the functions come together on the hands and discs visible on the dial of the World Time Chronograph, while the underlying automatic chronograph movement and world timer mechanism ensure that everything works together in perfect harmony. World time The world time function is remarkably easy to use. The central hour and minute hands show the time in the time zone that sits at the 12 o’clock position. The time in the 23 remaining time zones can be read off the city ring and 24 hour disc that lies inside it. There’s no magic involved: when the traveller finds himself in a different time zone, he merely presses the pusher at 10 o’clock, which rotates the cities and 24-hour disc anti-clockwise, while the central hour hand advances clockwise until the correct position is reached, i.e. when the name of the chosen city is at 12 o’clock. During the readjustment process the hour hands and universal time mechanism are disengaged from the base movement, so as to avoid disrupting the amplitude of the balance wheel. Beating heart This new timepiece is driven by a self-winding mechanical movement giving a power reserve of at least 50 hours, with the balance beating at 28,800 vph. The hands show the local hour and minute, the chronograph seconds and the chronograph 30-minute register. The discs display the 24 cities and 24 hours, along with graduated colours and a sun and moon symbols to indicate day and night. Complete with a hand-stitched large-scale alligator strap, the timepiece is sure to appeal to all Patek Philippe connoisseurs.
  4. For readers to buy high-end watches, it is recommended to give small series of poly fashion is to grasp two criteria: the size of the table is loaded later choose to follow the principle of a suit; the other tables for later follow the principle of buy a car, the first grade. Watch size from big to small, from small to large appears frequently, in fact, change the size of the watch dial designs even smaller than the change in frequency. If I have to watch the size of the trend to be a summary, we can only say that the size of the watch is more reasonable. That is, the great big, the little small. Their "large and small" really bring trouble is that the watch to buy big or buy small? Important attributes of the watch as a modern human jewelry. But for the consumer is concerned, it can be divided into dress form, sports watch and dedicated watches. Where the first two categories can also be subdivided into dress watch, business watch, sports watch, leisure table. After the breakdown, it can be more clear that the right to buy a dress form, rather small not big. The other tables on the contrary, that is rather large not small. Philippe Stern, former president of Patek Philippe, the ideal size dress form should be between 33 to 39 mm. In 2006, Patek Philippe launched the 5960P chronograph watch sizes up to 40 mm. "It was determined the size of the movement." Mr. President. Today, four years later, the advent of completely customize the Patek Philippe chronograph movement (diameter 39 mm), proved no joke, president. Confucianism satisfied F.P.JOURNE views on the case size fully demonstrated ultra-high skill of a watchmaker. He said: "First of all I do is watch watch size, and then determine the size of the movement."
  5. Everyone's favorite hobbies are different, then how to choose the right men's watch it? How to be able to say to choose the right one to improve their own taste it? Men's watch is a taste of the performance, the following poly fashion Xiaobian bring you a look at how to choose the watch. Hamilton Khaki Flight Pioneer watches RMB4250 asymmetry is the first impression it gives, 7:00 and 10:00 timing disc inspired by antique aviation watches decades ago, sandblasted matte treatment makes the case both inside and outside the cockpit wearer from the sun reflected light interference. Orange synthetic material strap is very conspicuous, so watch has become a key type of match. Man has never been rejected for military elements, IWC IWC Pilot's TopGun Miramar Naval Air Warfare Forces Chronograph RMB96600 rough green fabric strap, a good show masculinity watch, in order to pay tribute to the flight of the elite, titanium watch Special metal table back engraved TopGun emblem. Watch with minute-hour outer and smaller inner design is very worthwhile to write a few words in 1930 - 1940, the golden age of flight, the exact minutes and seconds of time is the key to determine the position of the flight. Flyback function has cropped up, it makes the chronograph to "delete" the ongoing timing record, and immediately restart the new timing. In the case of using the watch after the particular curve radius computing time or terminate operations requiring real-time to start a new timing, this feature is particularly important. If you like underwater sports, you might consider Tudor Tudor HeritageBlack Bay watch RMB26000. It was inspired by the 1954 launch of a diving watch, for many years, Tudor has been innovating for this watch, it rounded dial shows exquisite detail of retro style, a rare wine red outer ring and the "snow" shaped pointer such as design, make it stand out. Watch water depth of 200 meters, textured black strap with Tudor's proprietary new folding clasp, to eliminate all possibility of falling. Like outdoor sports men can choose the theme of this year's hunting Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren RL67Chronometer certified chronometer watch RMB22900, antique table has a unique appearance, dial assembly orange red second hand, milk and white Arabic numerals, 6:00 and 12 o'clock using large bold font. Watch diameter 45 mm, equipped with RL300-1 automatic winding movement, stainless steel case through high-tech treatment technology, so that the dark steels exhibit noble retro colors, and do the old olive green canvas strap to form a graceful echo.
  6. In love, a woman always favored, it is time to make a man feel your love. If he likes gentle, gentle touched him; if he favored personality, personality infection with him; if his favorite male form, he will meet with the male form. Here you recommend male form "dream lover", these delicate expensive guy, will not take away his love for you, but to make you dearly love for a long time. Patek Philippe 5146 Series 5146R rose gold male watch As long as man is yearning watch, Patek Philippe, how much will cherish unusual feeling, as if sitting on a successful man should Empress and the Warriors in general, successful man has a Patek Philippe is reasonable. While Patek Philippe 5146R is the high cost models, as a mass human unambiguous. Simple, classic, better get started, give him will be able to meet the vision of his mind. Glashutte SENATOR CHRONOMETER Chronometer series 58-01-01-01-04 Men's Watch Bezel where everyone Patek Philippe, Rolex, Glashütte three brands of high praise, often also looked at these classic brands as the best destination. Glashütte watch as Ashkenazi, has no exotic Swiss watchmaking, either the name of a beautiful gooseneck tuning or the good old German silver, Glashütte reputation had so many men cherished. While Senator series of watches, with small three-pin design, precise layout and beautiful dial, large date at 3 o'clock is still rustic and charming.
  7. I believe in buying male form, many people will ask what skills to buy the male form is? Usually people go to watch the sound to determine when the watch is good or bad, there is no scientific basis for quality watches mainly by the precision of the actual travel time to decide. Here gather together to see about sharing fashion male table selection techniques it First, consider the type of good to buy men's watches: mechanical, electronic, quartz. Mechanical watches long service life, the technology is mature, but there will be errors, the day the error is generally 5 to 15 seconds; electronic watches powerful, more time, but a couple of years to replace the battery; quartz watches, accurate time, you can make comparisons thin, the movement of life is generally 5 to 10 years. Second, watch materials. Men's watches material mainly gold, gold alloy, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, ceramics, etc., the price of gold is very expensive; gilt easy to wear; moderate stainless steel, titanium, alloy prices; rubber affordable diverse forms; ceramic affordable beautiful style. Third, watch sensitivity: the main attention to swing the needle automatically swing flexibility. I had not had any winding watch stopped walking and gently shaking it, pay attention to the second hand move, if the second hand stopped walking quickly, indicating high sensitivity. Men's watches shopping tips as well: Note the watch service, attention to appearance of the watch, starting performance of the watch, the watch dial needle, when to go watch precision. Men should be based on a different age, a different identity in lifetime wear different prices and brands of watches, because a man of taste and pursuit, with age and character of temper is constantly changing. Twenties worn by men watch recommend quartz movement, this watch is cheaper, more suitable for young people do not have much income; Thirties worn men's watch recommend dress form, is primarily an image of the Chamber of Commerce to participate in the party's investment, highlighting the calm and gentlemanly style; Forties worn men's watch recommend practical and beautiful coexist, highlighting the quality and taste of the watch; Fifties worn men's watch recommend excellent quality collectible and commemorative watch, then watch the feelings have been converted preferences rather than mere identity. Each watch has always been the pursuit of men, a men's watch can reflect a man's identity and strength. After I believe we have seen for men's watches have a certain understanding, no matter what age you are now, what is involved in the work, you should have a line with the identity and status of men's watches.
  8. 1, the best place to put the watch can place desiccant, but avoid using moth balls, insect chemical agent. 2, leather watches should avoid contact with the water, so strap harden, smelly, leading to the result of the fracture. 3, time to watch the event of abnormal should be immediately sent to the nearest specialized inspection of the watch shop. 4, automatic table activity must be under sufficient conditions that must be worn 10 hours a day. Manually fill up the case again for the first time wearing a string or lack of momentum (generally regarded as the full string thirty laps) 5, on different occasions should wear different watches, such as the best selection of waterproof and shock resistance, excellent sports watch movement. 6, table cover if marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM, which is limited to the extent of water spray or rain without pressure. 7 20:00 to the early morning between two points is most closely gear meshing, do not adjust the watch, so as not to cause damage to the movement. 8, to remind everyone of any watches are not worn in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is water table, because volume is a rubber seal watch, easy to aging by the temperature, and the smaller water vapor molecules around, it is easy to penetrate case, causing internal mechanical damage. 9, since each of its internal mechanical structure of the watch are different, in the normal use state, mechanical or automatic watch error is within 30 seconds per day, and the error is relatively lower quartz watch accurate.
  9. Some friends after reading the contents of the station, and asked me: Since you know so much knowledge of the watch, that you wear what table, what are the benefits? So, now I'll show you what everyday wear my own watch. This is a mechanical watch Eyki, imported semi-automatic mechanical movement, workmanship is very fine, and excellent quality, cost a lot more than other domestic table, my daily work and life, are in a lot of time to wear it. And this year, because of low Ikey price, cost-effective, so the market is very much a cottage products, we can be very lucky to buy authentic, so I am happy for a long time. King piece quartz watch is classic barrel shape, between steel tungsten steel strap, although many of my friends do not like barrel-type watch, but the watch business simple and elegant design and casual atmosphere has become my favorite, I usually mainly in some business occasions to wear this watch. Tissot (TISSOT) base map series, this series of tables can be said that one of the two classic men's Tissot watch series (the other series is a force Locke series), classic, elegant and dynamic styling, simple and elegant design, matched with a black leather strap, this watch become a symbol of elegance, friendly price stability and mechanical movement is the crowning touch base map series. The watch I mainly in some important occasions to wear, formal wear with this watch is very appropriate. My watch is this three, of course, because he is the Cock wire, like so many watches can not have, such as favorite Panerai, Vacheron Constantin another example. But within the scope of their capacity of think I chose the most suitable for them, the relatively high cost of a few tables (strictly speaking, I should have a sports watch, but I rarely have the opportunity to wear a sports watch, so there is no choice), I wish to make such a choice can be selected as a reference when you watch our friends.
  10. Germany has been focusing its Industrial building, like its many brands are world famous German car (Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen), the German sports brand (Adidas), the German electronics (Siemens), Germany cosmetics (Schwarzkopf), of course, German watch (Lange, Glashütte original) and so on. In fact, on the table, the table in Germany and Switzerland table there are some differences, such as the German table is more emphasis on the eccentric dial design, like Lange and Glashutte Original has a lot of tables is such a design. There is obviously a large calendar, calendar German and Swiss calendar is somewhat different, in general, will use two windows to display calendar, show calendar bits and ten, clear at a glance, this personality and German characteristics related; There is a movement in terms of accomplishments, and gooseneck tuning, 3/4 plywood, gold sleeve, blue steel springs are all Ashkenazi movement unique. Not to say that only the German table have such a technology, like a goose-neck fine adjustment, IWC, Panerai there, but not so well-known it, and then fine-tuning on the gooseneck, double gooseneck spinner is the most beautiful and Glasgow Sudi original double gooseneck trimming known as the world's most beautiful dual gooseneck. Just general gooseneck trimming can only see the back of, but While this is rather special, Glashütte Original is a special movement inversion models, you can enjoy in front of the movement, the movement is not all Ashkenazi elements which have it? Although NOMOS style and its big brother and two different, but as a German watch also has a gooseneck fine-tuning, but also very beautiful, but the movement is carved and polished a little difference. German table Brand LANGE & SOEHNE (Lange) is a traditional German family of brands, is currently top of the pyramid field of Haute Horlogerie position, said to produce just 4-5 one thousand. GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL (Glashütte) originated in Germany city of watchmaking tradition and as for the brand name, by the watch factory from integration, the rapid rise after privatization, the use of the full range of their own movement. Lange is part of the Swiss Richemont Group, belonging to Glashütte SWATCH Group. These two brands have now been in China or have a special counter flagship store sales. Army Table Style: German master best at chronograph technology, although most of the core group from ETA, but they modify the appearance and performance tuning down the foot work, and this is the same level of many Swiss products can not match. IWC (IWC), Laco (Longcom), Stowa and Wempe. ) LACO Production World War II Air Force B-UHR famous revival in recent years after the Israeli army insisted table style, table fans in Germany has been named the most cost-effective high-grade German table, rivet cowhide strap flying very unique. German special forces Navy tables are designated watch suppliers. Low-end watch brand even more, more famous as STOWA, Junghans, DAMASKO, STEINHART etc, mostly use ETA movement, but polished and workmanship than the low-end Swiss watch better, I feel very good value for money of. Berlin, Germany watch shop seemingly everywhere, but the real strength, but only two or three only. Here, we mainly Glaschtte Original Glashutte, Jaeger-Lecounltre LeCoultre, Rolex Rolex, Omega and Omega Cartier Cartier watch as an example to analyze the Berlin market. The reason for this choice, first, because the five basic brands everyone knows; second, because its positioned as high-end watches, more stringent control of the market, generally do not have the strength of the table is not eligible for the retail store right. Thus, we can easily cross the Berlin powerful query table stores the selection out. First, we have to see who watch factory authorized agent rights. Secondly, I see the number of the door to the shop. Then consider going to an authorized place to buy, buy discount more favorable consideration go to that, then you can get what you want up.
  11. In the history of cultural exchanges between China and the West in the watch, a hundred years ago, the huge Chinese market exclusivity longest, most Chinese brands, sales of all kinds of amazing "big eight" pocket watch, extraordinary fine quality, the beauty of shape, the change of its, the sheer number and broad coverage, creating the largest watch a miracle. This is the famous watch collector Mr. Jiao Dayu evaluation. Faced with this timepiece miracle of modern Chinese people is already forgotten? Still hope to re-sort this history? The exhibition is hoped that through the exhibits collectors, experts, practical connoisseur, but has gone close to writing history, restore Chinese and Western people watch the first intimate contact with facts. Faced with this timepiece miracle of modern Chinese people is already forgotten? Still hope to re-sort this history? The exhibition is hoped that through the exhibits collectors, experts, practical connoisseur, but has gone close to writing history, restore Chinese and Western people watch the first intimate contact with facts.
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