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  1. A quintessential marine instrument – now made even more powerful by the UN-150 – the Diver Chronograph Hammerhead Shark is presented as a limited edition in both stainless steel (300 pieces) and 18-karat rose gold 5N (99 pieces). Exceptionally nautical in style, both versions sport a deep blue dial with a signature hammerhead shark motif. Lifelike, the hammerheads appear to be waiting on their seamount before setting off to feed at night, only to return together to the same spot. They are the only sharks known to do this. Due to the shape of their expanded head, hammerhead sharks possess the s
  2. After the introduction of a new version of the Lange 1 watch in January 2015, A. Lange & Söhne is extending the collection with a model in white gold with luminous hands and hour markers. To complement the models in pink gold, yellow gold and platinum, A. Lange & Söhne is presenting a model with a 38.5-millimetre case in white gold. The luminous hands and hour markers on the argenté-coloured dial are crisply legible even in the dark, providing information on the precise time and remaining power reserve. Combining a large balance wheel with eccentric poising weights and a free-sprung
  3. When Tonda 1950 watch full diamond dial elegant encounter charm, magic instant shine. In the inherited "subvert conventional" tradition, the Parmigiani is designed to highlight the focus on both the diamond and the true beauty of a little static, but dazzling mosaic layout for these extraordinary gems into the life. Tonda 1950 simple smooth contour lines, with various harmonious appearance can dial communion, embodies the essence of the Parmigiani style. To highlight this absolute elegance, Parmigiani on the basis of the classic diamond bezel on the whole build Tonda 1950 Clarity diamond watc
  4. In addition to the annual Basel Watch Fair can watch and understand than the watch industry trends and new knowledge, as well as an incidental harvest, that would be thinner, because busy schedule may make you nothing too much time to eat, plus on the evening had to sit in front of the computer writing articles, doing content, accidentally nothing too much time to sleep, and then will naturally slim down. As we’ve already mentioned in previous articles, a surprising phenomenon emerged at Baselworld 2016: there were many new models that offer astonishing value for money. Seiko has followed
  5. Faced with a wide variety assortment of watches, fans can not help but have dazzled many tables, there is a loss of feeling. Just listen to buy the table when advertising or acquaintances, then watch how to buy it? Here poly fashion on the price, functionality and quality of the watch to analyze it for you! A principle: always stressed, do what you want to buy a table. In two months' salary to buy a watch as a reference - I believe this principle is very useful for the working class will not affect daily life, but also with the wearer's identity. Of course, this principle does not apply to al
  6. Most people buy are often the first watch quartz watch, with the ability to buy and to enhance appreciation of the gradual transition to mechanical watches. But the introductory paragraph of the mechanical watch how to buy? What watch brands and styles available it? Some people think that is hand-wound mechanical watch, but it is not. Whether hand-wound or self-winding, mechanical watch is a mechanical method used (instead of as electronic quartz watch) chronograph watch. The initial stage, the hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of ho table generally will not be considered, so th
  7. Watch the date of birth and then the gentleman has a bond, a different gentleman men's watch highlights different tastes, preferences and taste. The men watch itself like a gentleman, and gentlemen coincides with excellent qualities. Gentleman dress elegant, polished manners, to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, the pursuit of quality of life and construction. Highlighting man's fortitude, perseverance, subtle, deep, generous personality and beauty of "outstanding, extraordinary grace." Calm The real gentleman is restrained and elegant. Like fire enamel men's watch, seemingl
  8. Watch can be a symbol of woman 's daily mood. The women in the workplace is to pay attention to their own image, for example, competent, generous, etc; in the choice of a watch, be sure to choose the design simple atmospheric female form, giving a competent dazzling feeling. Here we give recommended several women in the workplace dress form. Cartier TANK series W51008Q3 quartz female form Choose This female form is to let the ladies relieve the pain of the chain, the women's wrist decoration very much, occasionally shelved, or often forget to tighten, it will affect the normal use of th
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