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  1. A quintessential marine instrument – now made even more powerful by the UN-150 – the Diver Chronograph Hammerhead Shark is presented as a limited edition in both stainless steel (300 pieces) and 18-karat rose gold 5N (99 pieces). Exceptionally nautical in style, both versions sport a deep blue dial with a signature hammerhead shark motif. Lifelike, the hammerheads appear to be waiting on their seamount before setting off to feed at night, only to return together to the same spot. They are the only sharks known to do this. Due to the shape of their expanded head, hammerhead sharks possess the sharpest sensory accuracy of all the sharks. Thus, they are the natural rulers in ocean navigation, renowned for their supreme navigational precision. It is no wonder the timekeeper bears the name “Hammerhead Shark.” The watch’s oversized case – 44 mm, 48-hour power reserve, screw-locked crown, pushers, solid lugs, and unidirectional turning bezel make it an essential watch for ocean travel and excursions. Rugged and reliable, it is the yachtsmen’s and diving enthusiast’s companion when stepping onboard. It offers supreme readability. The 30 minutes counter is located at 3 o’clock. At 6 o’clock, the date and 12-hour counter is displayed. And, at 9 o’clock rests the small seconds counter. A regal red accents the most notable elements on the timepiece’s face, including the luminous indexes, watch hands and even the lone shark. Its bezel stands out by its characteristic wave pattern, further emphasized by its ornamentation impressed into the rubber band. An azure rotor with the shark decoration is visible through the open, sapphire crystal case-back.
  2. After the introduction of a new version of the Lange 1 watch in January 2015, A. Lange & Söhne is extending the collection with a model in white gold with luminous hands and hour markers. To complement the models in pink gold, yellow gold and platinum, A. Lange & Söhne is presenting a model with a 38.5-millimetre case in white gold. The luminous hands and hour markers on the argenté-coloured dial are crisply legible even in the dark, providing information on the precise time and remaining power reserve. Combining a large balance wheel with eccentric poising weights and a free-sprung Lange balance spring, the manually wound calibre L121.1 assures superior accuracy. Refinements come to the fore in details such as the instantaneously jumping outsize-date display. The calibre features the proven twin mainspring barrel with a power reserve of three days. Lange-typical quality hallmarks include eight screwed gold chatons, a three-quarter plate made of untreated German silver and decorated with Glashütte ribbing, a precision beat-adjustment system with a whiplash spring and a set screw, as well as a manually engraved balance cock. This new Lange 1 is fitted with a black hand-stitched alligator leather strap, equipped with a white gold prong buckle.
  3. When Tonda 1950 watch full diamond dial elegant encounter charm, magic instant shine. In the inherited "subvert conventional" tradition, the Parmigiani is designed to highlight the focus on both the diamond and the true beauty of a little static, but dazzling mosaic layout for these extraordinary gems into the life. Tonda 1950 simple smooth contour lines, with various harmonious appearance can dial communion, embodies the essence of the Parmigiani style. To highlight this absolute elegance, Parmigiani on the basis of the classic diamond bezel on the whole build Tonda 1950 Clarity diamond watch, so that the diamond has become the protagonist of the design for the watch gorgeous and stunning style and added a touch of vitality . Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Clarity watch dial with five different sizes of round diamonds inlaid full decoration, size and location of each diamond have been precise calculation: the smallest diamond center, followed by a slightly larger, and this layout sketch after another round of design and calculation evolved - the smaller time scale distributed around. As an extraordinary work, Tonda 1950 Clarity full diamond watch seemingly simple pattern hidden under the meticulous design. Each one has been carefully considered diamonds have played in this magnificent magnificent picture of the indispensable role, thereby generating a confused eyes "visual trap" (trompe l'œil), as if the entire dial is dome-shaped . When exposed to light the dial, pressing dazzling diamond natural bloom unique light. The mosaic structure of the whole idea Tonda 1950 Clarity diamond watch exquisite complex and vibrant, Parmigiani once again confirms the extraordinary creativity. Total diamond decoration dial up to 620 (total weight of 2.495 kt), while the total number of diamonds on the bezel is also 84 (total weight of 0.6460 kt). Tonda 1950 Clarity full diamond rose gold case watch models with the same rose gold bracelets, showing very elegant overall effect. Platinum watch with mother of pearl calfskin strap, the leather fine luster create a glamorous modern look. And there is another decorative embossing pattern pearl calfskin strap, the better to highlight women's soft charm.
  4. In addition to the annual Basel Watch Fair can watch and understand than the watch industry trends and new knowledge, as well as an incidental harvest, that would be thinner, because busy schedule may make you nothing too much time to eat, plus on the evening had to sit in front of the computer writing articles, doing content, accidentally nothing too much time to sleep, and then will naturally slim down. As we’ve already mentioned in previous articles, a surprising phenomenon emerged at Baselworld 2016: there were many new models that offer astonishing value for money. Seiko has followed the trend with its Presage range, which represents an intermediate stage in the Japanese company’s product offering. Presage occupies the middle ground, offering higher quality than the Premier models, but without the prestige of the Grand Seiko, and there is a great deal riding on it. Presage watches are already available in Japan, and their worldwide launch has been timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Seiko’s first automatic movement. Although the range includes several new models, one in particular merits attention: the reference SRQ019. Its movement is a known quantity, already one of the company’s core assets. The calibre 8R48 is an automatic chronograph movement made entirely by Seiko in Japan. To understand the level of quality, you only have to read the first letter of the reference: the 8 puts it near the top of the scale of fully mechanical chronograph movements, just below the Grand Seiko movements. The Chronograph Presage 60th Anniversary case is made of steel and measures 42 mm in diameter. Its thickness of 15 mm is due largely to the dimensions of its engine. Nevertheless, on the wrist it feels comfortable and well-proportioned, despite its depth. Similarly, the pushers feel responsive to the touch. However, the real revelation is on the dial. The chronograph is offered in two versions. The first comes with a white dial in grand feu enamel, which is easy to spot around the date window and at the base of the chronograph hands, where the enamel slopes down in a gentle curve. The second version, in black, is made of Urushi lacquer, a traditional Japanese technique that uses the resin of a particular tree. The result is that the white is perfectly pure and luminous, and the black has an intensely dark sheen. In both cases the quality is immediately obvious. They are made by artisans steeped in the purest tradition, as we have come to expect from Japanese culture. So far, so predictable. Urushi and enamel are known for their lustre, their durability and... their price. Working these materials is anything but simple, and takes time and expertise, which is why they are a far cry from the painted or lacquered dials we usually see in the majority of mass-produced watches. But Seiko has set an amazing price point for its Presage chronographs: €2,500 for the enamel, and €2,800 for the lacquer. It is a fraction of what other companies ask for watches with comparable dials, still less chronographs. Seiko has achieved this without offering a discount finish or movement, cutting no corners in terms of the number of layers applied. But you will have to get in early: each version is produced in a limited run of 1000. And it’s a safe bet that the majority will stay in Japan.
  5. Faced with a wide variety assortment of watches, fans can not help but have dazzled many tables, there is a loss of feeling. Just listen to buy the table when advertising or acquaintances, then watch how to buy it? Here poly fashion on the price, functionality and quality of the watch to analyze it for you! A principle: always stressed, do what you want to buy a table. In two months' salary to buy a watch as a reference - I believe this principle is very useful for the working class will not affect daily life, but also with the wearer's identity. Of course, this principle does not apply to all people, for the fanatical pursuit of the perfect watch table fans, two months salary? Enough! II. Orientation: even table fans, generally also take into account the cost problem. The more expensive watch, the lower the price, because the same thing is to look at the time, why sell so expensive? Mentioned here are relatively cost-effective, based on a comprehensive consideration, within certain price ranges to choose the most suitable watches and styles. May table fans looking forward to seeing how much the price within the range of what is recommended by the watch brand watch what style, but I worry about favoritism, partiality of their favorite brands and styles, too subjective, or not write worth mentioning. Good watch is definitely a sub-price goods. Do not expect bargains, watch technology, quality, grade, value, are ultimately reflected in the price. According to their economic capacity, choose the right watch brand watches and watch, can not afford to watch watch, only to enjoy the main recommendations. Select watch function Watch styles with different functions, where the watch function refers to the complexity of the movement to the classification, generally divided into: simple models, complex models two categories. Just simple models display time or up to increase the function of the calendar week, and many types of complex models, the significance of the actual use is not great, it is generally for the novice, the watch function selection will not be much of a problem. Here only for two common problems for a simple tips. A. Manual or automatic? Sometimes, the novice will be puzzled to buy a table manually select models of mechanical watches and automatic paragraph. If only for practical, then select automatic watch more appropriate. Suitable for manual table table fans, table fans because more willing to take the time to enjoy the feeling on the bar, that moment on the table fans is an asset. II. Quartz or mechanical watches? If only for practical purposes the exact buy watches, quartz watches is the best choice. For a table hardcore fans, no matter from which side they're sure to choose a mechanical watch, after all, the charm of mechanical watches has attracted generations. Watch quality selection After the above issues are resolved, then the clerk is working to provide the kind of acceptance. A watch Accuracy: Large table stores basically have a certain degree of precision watch detecting device, able to do so may require the clerk to go about measuring machine, you can choose a relatively accurate time when some of the tables. Two watch Appearance: The main case is to observe whether there are traces of wear scar and bump if there is an inner surface impurities like to wear leather strap friend can ask whether the strip watch easy to replace the belt??. Three pointer watch: pull the head tone, the hour and minute hands look at the twelve o'clock position is re-aligned with the twelve o'clock when combined mark. Four watch his head: If the screw head, can loosen, to see if there is silk slip phenomenon? Five watch calendar: the calendar can try whether the adjusted scale hopping near midnight. Six watches Annex: OK card box complete, along with brochures and other related accessories, and asked for an invoice. Seven watch Warranty: Asking years warranty, whether to provide global services and other related issues.
  6. Most people buy are often the first watch quartz watch, with the ability to buy and to enhance appreciation of the gradual transition to mechanical watches. But the introductory paragraph of the mechanical watch how to buy? What watch brands and styles available it? Some people think that is hand-wound mechanical watch, but it is not. Whether hand-wound or self-winding, mechanical watch is a mechanical method used (instead of as electronic quartz watch) chronograph watch. The initial stage, the hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of ho table generally will not be considered, so that some watches specifically for this demand, launched a number of entry-level mechanical watches. Tudor companies such as the high cost of the Swiss mechanical watch as a core business - brand products are all mechanical watches. On the other hand, both the production of mechanical watches Baume & Mercier also produced quartz watches, mechanical watches, but sought to make it more affordable price. Thanks to Swatch Group's strength, Hamilton Hamilton 500-2000 become a leader in the price of CHF mechanical watches. Swatch's another watch brand Certina Certina is also very concerned about the entry-level watch. Why watchmaking entry-level mechanical watches Not everyone will buy a beginning Cartier or Vacheron Constantin. The first few customers to buy high-end watch, so watch industry is necessary to provide low-cost entry-level mechanical watches. Entry-level products often transition to a more expensive watch. Watchmaking, the entry-level sector represents a great opportunity. Moderate prices make more people feel the charm of mechanical watches. Wear their own secrets and technological achievements mechanical watches more you know, the stronger the people's interest and possessive. Pricing is critical mechanical watches Price is very important, especially for entry-level products. Pricing is too high, customers will not buy a mechanical watch, quartz watch and continue to be devoted, even select smartphone. Down entry-level price for each watch watch brands are challenging, especially for small companies. As long as the proper marketing and pricing, entry level mechanical watch will continue to play into the Advanced tab of the threshold, to help transition customers to upgrade to a better watch. Entry level mechanical watch luxury watchmaking sector is a key part of the future. Fun and affordable mechanical watch will lead to more customers with advanced watch world, to ensure the future of watchmaking.
  7. Watch the date of birth and then the gentleman has a bond, a different gentleman men's watch highlights different tastes, preferences and taste. The men watch itself like a gentleman, and gentlemen coincides with excellent qualities. Gentleman dress elegant, polished manners, to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, the pursuit of quality of life and construction. Highlighting man's fortitude, perseverance, subtle, deep, generous personality and beauty of "outstanding, extraordinary grace." Calm The real gentleman is restrained and elegant. Like fire enamel men's watch, seemingly placid, bland, earnest play will find it exudes warm jade luster, which is the result under the precise control of firing numerous times. Experts define fire enamel need skilled and ingenuity of art, color and temperature of the game, a double Arts and Crafts stringent requirements. independent Kala Zhuo Hua Cross star men's watch is a symbol of the highest quality. Never follow the crowd to stick respect for tradition, technological innovation, for art heritage and to maintain real independence. Connotations Hour, minute, tourbillon, large calendar window display, when the moment, is divided into four hammer three questions Westminster chime sound of church bells, a small men's watch in receiving so much the content, but also so expensive treatment as it should be. Four hammer three questions asked in the table are difficult, Westminster Abbey church bell is tested to the highest standards three repeater bell. Refinement Warm rose gold case surrounded by Seiko silver dial carved reliefs, lined with the classic Roman time scale, to set off the neat features exquisite hand-carved, men's watches elegance without too much decoration. mellow Chteau Latour oak have a perfect mellow burgundy color, giving top wines rich wine, men's watch will use oak more than 200 years of watchmaking material, the production of wine spirit and life watch designs injection. The reason mellow, must be accumulated time. Let the moment every second based on the 200-year history not everyone can do it.
  8. Watch can be a symbol of woman 's daily mood. The women in the workplace is to pay attention to their own image, for example, competent, generous, etc; in the choice of a watch, be sure to choose the design simple atmospheric female form, giving a competent dazzling feeling. Here we give recommended several women in the workplace dress form. Cartier TANK series W51008Q3 quartz female form Choose This female form is to let the ladies relieve the pain of the chain, the women's wrist decoration very much, occasionally shelved, or often forget to tighten, it will affect the normal use of the table, so the purchase is a wise quartz movement select. At the same time, square case with respect to the circular, it is very formal and quite satisfactory, the work of the ladies mostly wore dark business wear, shuttling between the various offices and the various office buildings, gestures in bright silver French Tank, all reveal an able and astute. Longines- Longines famous artisan series L2. mechanical female form The female form unique wheat decoration bring a different visual effect, elegant blue steel sweep with Arabic numerals, elegant and generous, but also the 3 o'clock position to display the date. Sophisticated technology and style of the perfect combination of classic simplicity of this female form, so that women in the workplace easily manage formal occasions. Omega Constellation series quartz female form Europe eggplant Constellation series female form, with the famous "claws" (Griffes) and dial-profile, long-lasting and meaningful show charming design concepts. This female form mother of pearl dial with a blue, corrugated pattern from the iconic "claws" stretch out. Dial decorated with 11 diamond hour markers, calendar window at 3 o'clock, like the design of the dial and movement of ocean, fresh and beauty. 27 mm stainless steel case with diamond bezel, with a stainless steel bracelet, Ms. Smart display and soft on the wrist. For women in the workplace, in addition to tight spare time, a female form can also accompany you to a better perception of time.
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