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  1. I agree with those that advised to send your watch into an RSC. If you call one of the RSC's (ie Dallas) they will send you a mailing kit and very detailed instructions. If your watch is still under warranty Rolex will set it right. You could also ask the AD to do so. As an AD they would be obliglated to honor your request. For reference, my V series GMT IIC is unbelievably consistent. It runs +1 sec per day over a 2 week period. At a minimum your watch should be within COSC standards and most importantly gaining or losing the same amount every day.
  2. Creative approach - let us know how it works.
  3. Looks to me like those notches are cut from a robotic wheel tool of some type versus a die. My guess is those lines are the result of the cutting edge. It don't think it is the grain of the steel as that would only be visible in the microstructure.
  4. tfduff723

    Got the Call!!!

    Beautiful watch - congrats. Also, pardon my ignorance but what are some of the specs on that beauty? It looks like it has a ceramic bezel and I'm sure there are other attributes that made it a limited edition.
  5. Thanks very much for the info Fr. John. Your are clearly the "Ambassador of Omega" on TRF. I'm looking forward to joining the Speedy Pro Club
  6. Quick question for the Omega experts.... What is the current MSRP for a Speedy Pro (3750.50.00)? I saw $4,050 recently on a google search but then heard that Omega just had a price increase. I'm thinking of adding this iconic watch to my collection. Would appreciate this info if you have it Thanks guys
  7. Thanks guys - the Speedy Pro sure lives up to it's billing!! What a great watch...can't take it off.
  8. Fair enough - thanks for playing along guys. Here is the obligitory wrist shot. I am working on doing a few close ups & will try to post some later.
  9. Well then..... we're almost there
  10. Is this getting boring?
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