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  1. I would share some experience. 1, of course, it is suitable for lady, I heard that these watches are often out of stock. 2, the movement is based on ETA2892, but ladies focus on the appearance. 3, Under normal circumstances, you should maintain it every three to five years. 4, this is waterproof watch, but just do not put it in water. 5, the leather strap can be used about two years. 6, as for other IWC watches, I advise Portugieser, simple but elegant. 7, I would choose Da Vinci instead of Cartier. 8, brown dial is my favor. hope it can helps
  2. Diashock is shock resistant device. Just click here: http://files.homepagemodules.de/b514521/f26t1599p13456n4.pdf
  3. With the these diving watch, chronograph is more expensive.
  4. I've received this gift from my uncle, and this was the first mechanical watch for me.
  5. You may be able to order 1.5 link that will enable you to fit the band.
  6. vote for black dial with bracelet.
  7. Solar watch is more durable.
  8. I would recommend a mechanical watch, it is durable. But you also can choose quartz watch, besides, it is inexpensive to replace the battery. But the watch is expensive, you might need to pay others to maintain it.
  9. tunafun

    Seiko 5 VS Orient

    Seiko 5, I prefer to this brand.
  10. IWC is more expensive than Tudor with the same 2824 movement.
  11. tunafun

    Stowa &Nomos

    The polish of Stowa movement is beautiful.
  12. Stowa, I think it is value for money.
  13. Nice collections Thanks for sharing!
  14. I like the quality of Forged Carbon Diver. It's durable watch.
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