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  1. Foucaugh7

    Help choose a manual winding mechanical watch.

    I just got this watch, Louis Erard, 7001 manual winding, 42mm diameter, black dial.
  2. Foucaugh7

    AP ROO NAVY or ROLEX 116520??

    In my opinion, just go for Rolex.
  3. Foucaugh7

    W6920071 and W6920085, need advice.

  4. Foucaugh7

    Advice needed, Lange 1

    There is no doubt that I would choose Datograph. I think this is the best in-house manual winding chronograph movement in recent years.
  5. Foucaugh7

    The error of GS spring drive

    Lost 7s a month?
  6. Foucaugh7

    Diver 44mm version

    AP has published SCUBA 44mm.
  7. Foucaugh7

    Question of STEEFISH

    Yep, just replace it.
  8. Foucaugh7

    Panerai GMT hand with red color?

    I always saw magazines showed there are silver and red hand about Panerai GMT hand. But I just saw silver hand in watch shop. So have you seen the red hand?
  9. Foucaugh7

    ZENITH Chrono Master El Primero

    I recommend Zenith Open series to work. Share my Zenith.
  10. Foucaugh7

    Issue of Omega Aqua Terra

    You should check your watch.
  11. Foucaugh7

    AP OAK 3120

    The Cal 3090 and Cal 3120 is accurate and steady, the polish is exquisite.
  12. Foucaugh7

    Lange 1 vs. Lange 1 moon phase

    I like Lange 1 moonphase more. Small seconds, moonphase and power reserve are all my favorite function. Even though it may be useless
  13. sorry for the irrelevant answer
  14. The watch utilized the K gold instead of pure gold because it’s difficult to deal with the pure gold. And K gold is harder than pure gold. At early times, most of watches used 9k, and later utilized 18k gold.
  15. Foucaugh7

    Cartier Santos 100 is discontinued?

    There will be new Santos models in future.