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  1. Willy

    Compared to 130 and 138

    I would recommend a quartz watch to girlfriend or wife.
  2. Willy


    Stowa, Nomos, Sinn, Damasko & Kemmner
  3. Willy

    Old Seiko

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Willy

    Remove Breitling bracelet.

    I advise you to discharge in a watch shop.
  5. Willy

    Breitling for Bentley

    I think this is not worth buying. The price costs double.
  6. Willy

    Advice needed, Lange 1

    Vote for Datograph.
  7. Willy

    When did Zenith start manufacturing Open series?

    I've owned a piece, but I cannot bear the complicated hand, then I sold it.
  8. Willy

    Design of VC overseas bezel

    With regard to Overseas, I just would purchase Dual Time.
  9. Willy

    Repair Panerai watch

    Two years ago got the same problem, and I've sent to repair for a month
  10. My first Lange 1 is Timezone.
  11. Willy

    16600, unscrewed crown

    Yep, I also read some article about this.
  12. Willy

    Omega Seamaster and Rolex 16570

    I suggest just go for Seamaster.
  13. Willy

    Any opinions of Nardin watch

    With the same budget, I would make better choices.
  14. Willy

    Nardin GMT

    If you can afford this watch, just go for it.
  15. Willy

    Questions on 16610LV

    The LV stands for lunette Verte = Green bezel, and as you will see in on the newer models with the form is now - model number and the bezel type (LN = Lunette Noire = Black Bezel). Borrowed from Internet.