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  1. Lmao.. After asking this question I typed something in google an found this source http://www.oysterworld.de/automatic-movements.html
  2. What movements are used in ref 114060 and 14060m? Is it the same. I've been doing some research and Internet searches with no luck of a straight answer. Thanks
  3. Yanks213x

    Omega Beginner

    Thanks for the responses ... @azpaul - I hear what you're saying.. I have browsed a lot of different brands and haven't had a "feeling" for them the same way when I look at omegas. Montblanc - time walker - nice but eh Raymond Weil - free lancer Tag - Carrera lines, link. I've been browsing watches for quite sometime now waiting till I was able to afford one. I'd say my budget is around $1500 and if that's too low ill postpone a purchase to save a few more bucks. I did notice a nice speed master for $1200 on the "for sale" section but it looks like a 39mm model. I'll def keep looking but I'm glad to have found this resource.
  4. Yanks213x

    Omega Beginner

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as well as the world watches. A brief introduction of myself - I am a recent college graduate currently working in healthcare in a non-clinical department office setting. The first watch I ever owned was a Tag Heuer Series 6000, I don't remember the model offhand but it had a green face with a stainless steel case/bracelet with gold accent. I purchased it from someone at work for $350. It was definitely legit, had all the papers, etc.. I kept it for several months, got impatient and sold it for $550 on eBay. A part of me has regretted that decision since I really loved how it fit. With the money I made from that, I bought another watch of which I can't say because it would be an embarrassment to these forums. Anyway, that watch barely lasted a month before I dropped it and it broke. I am now watchless. A little more about me - I am a tall guy standing at 6 foot 8 and the Tag resembled a woman's watch on my wrist, hence another reason why I sold it. So now I have landed here with the help of a friend who currently used these forums. I've decided to move away from Tag and enter the world of Omega. IMO, they appear to be solid made watches with fantastic design for a reasonable cost in the secondary market. Besides what I've read on the Internet from reviews, I'd like to ask you for opinions and information. Omega appears to be around the same price point as some of the top model Tags, what makes them a better choice? Also, which model Omega would you suggest to purchase for a first one? Any other thoughts are welcome, specific Omega questions will come along as I continue to learn. Again, I am looking to buy on the secondary market as I do not have a ton of money to spend. Thank you college loans. I really like either the sea or speed master, really narrowed it down there lol. Thanks Mike
  5. http://omega.watchprosite.com/show-n...ost/ti-364597/ I haven't read through it yet but it looks to be a compete breakdown of the watch
  6. No problem. I meant to write it as if I wasn't as well versed on these watches as the people on this forum. My knowledge has only begun to build as I work on learning more about these watches.
  7. http://www.lesmala.net/jean-michel/s...er/history.htm I stumbled across this website as I have been doing my own research of the watch and thought this might be useful for those who are as versed as I with these watches.
  8. I appreciate all of your responses. I am new to this forum and have been shifting through pages and pages of old posts just to learn and gain knowledge from people who own the products. I think I will aim towards purchasing Speedmaster. The watch has a great look to it and it has some nice history behind it. I haven't narrowed down what era I'd like to select from. I'm not in a rush since I'm still putting together my budget and making sure I have the funds for a purchase. I raised the pro v auto question because of what this watch is historically. Personally I'm all about things being as they were intended and in my view the automatic was made to hit those who don't want to own an automatic, correct me if I'm mistaken. With that being said I will aim towards purchasing the pro. This raises my next question. On the secondary market, what price point should I be looking at. I'm guessing each decade and model has their own values. I've seen some for $1,500 - 3,000. What do you suggest my budget to be while looking for this time piece? Thank you
  9. So I've been browsing the forums and internet crazily over the past few days and have yet to really find information that I can really believe. So I pose a few questions for you Omega Vets. What makes Omega a special watch? Where are they made in comparison to the Swiss Rule aka 50% and are the main components made in Switzerland and does it really matter. Is there a big difference between the automatic and manual wind watches.. do true Omega buffs look down upon those who have the automatic versions. If there is anything else I should know within the context of these questions that I may have missed, feel free to make note. Thanks a lot.
  10. Congrats ... Tudor doesn't really do it for me either, the PO was definitely the way to go
  11. IMO there is only really one nice breitling line and that is the Navitimer , but even within that line there is only a handful of Styles I like. For example the Navi 01 - Looks amazing on leather and I'm not the biggest leather fan. Their Bentley Lines are also nice and initally my favorite style of the brand but have turned out to be a little flashy. However, I am in the process of buying my first watch and will go with the Speedy Pro ref 3570.50. I feel as if Omega is just the better brand overall.
  12. Haha I think it looks cool I wouldn't buy it. It's not practical, it's just a collector watch. But then again people buy movados and they don't even have markings, at least this watch has markings.
  13. I saw this in a watch magazine yesterday. I haven't seen any posts about it on the forum yet. Just wanted to share and get your thoughts. Really cool look IMO.
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