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  1. Palletwk

    7001 Nomos and Stowa ks.

    I really love this Stowa KS, and where can I purchase this watch, and how much does it cost?
  2. Palletwk

    Nomos Tetra Norma

    This is cool! But the water resistant is 30m?
  3. Palletwk

    Need some help to my old Pobeda.

    I want to recommend brown leather which would enhance the vintage feel.
  4. Palletwk


    I have interested in German watch, simple and elegant. But I have no idea about the price.
  5. Palletwk

    Blue or Gold hand?

    According to the picture, I recommend the blue hand.
  6. Palletwk

    Old Seiko

    Nice shot, thanks for sharing.
  7. Palletwk

    W6920071 and W6920085, need advice.

    I advice purchase the bracelet piece.
  8. Palletwk

    ROO dial

    I haven't seen it.
  9. Palletwk

    Strap of Nardin watch

    What's the model?
  10. Palletwk

    Seiko 5 VS 6R15

    Just go for SCVS015.
  11. Palletwk

    Grand Seiko, year of manufacturing.

    You should check the production year of the movement.
  12. What's the error of your Datograph.
  13. Palletwk

    Panerai 390

    Great looking, and this is the cheapest limited edition watch.