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  1. I had limited budget, and I always watched to purchase a nice-looking and durable watch. I saw this watch unintentionally at the counter, and its price is less than my budget, thus I bought it.
  2. I got a promotion last month, I bought myself a present. The box on the right is complimentary. Exquisite packaging. Pretty thick manuals. COSC guaranty. Nice red second hand. The crown is engraved with the words of MIDO. Its sapphire crystal is thick. It is attractive. Its buckle is engraved with the words of MIDO COMMANDER. Nice texture. The skeleton design of its case back is really beautiful. The red jewel and blue steel screws are eye-catching. It is equipped with brand new Caliber80 movement. Its power reserve is 80 hours, which had been greatly improved. I feel so good when I wear it. White hour markers and hands are luminous. Large collection of pictures.
  3. IMO, strap is a consumable item. It is normal that it will become aging in noemal use. As long as you know its trait and use it carefully in daily life, it can be used for a long time.
  4. I love Nomos, and I am gonna buy Orion.
  5. This is durable and accurate, if you can afford it, just go for it. With regard to the band, depends on yourself.
  6. Ravenna

    A rare AP

    I haven't seen this watch, thank you for sharing.
  7. Ravenna


    It ran fast 2s.
  8. I also got some question with this watch. The date changed to another day would catch in the middle and finished at 3o'clock a.m.
  9. G-shock is practical, durable and accurate.
  10. Could any one post some picture?
  11. In my mind, I've seen some information that the unscrewed crown is waterproof to 100m.
  12. Ravenna


    Love the clean dial, I've been thought Nomos is affordable watch, but most of guys said this belonged to poor. Hard to believe, and what's the diameter, I felt it's little small.
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