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    If you buy the watch, the deal will find some strange way to unwind. I would wait, but I'm slightly superstitious.
  2. Than you to all the mods for looking out for us.
  3. Than you to all the mods for looking out for us.
  4. My grandfather that passed away gave my father this watch in 1973 and had it engraved with the date. My father gave it to me in 1991 and also had it engraved. The family story is my grandfather purchased the watch when he came back from WWII, but no one really knows. He could have purchased it new in 1973 for all I know. On the 12 o'clock end of the case it has the number 9119. That does not seem to be a model number, but doesn't seem to be a serial number either. Google does not offer much help, I thought I would try here. Thank you.
  5. Very nice. Take care of yourself when you are back at it.
  6. Swatch. My 8 and 11 year olds both have G shocks.
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