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  1. I prefer to GMT, both are ETA Cal.2892 A2.
  2. It's always FP movement, GP used in sweep seconds edition.
  3. Lk999

    Casio case back

    I’ve owned a DW5000SP, this is a limited watch with screw-in case back.
  4. I have confidence in Longines and Tissot
  5. ETA movement: 000 and 005 In - house movement: 510 and 564
  6. You would like to purchase a watch or brand?
  7. Wow, beautiful, but It might be expensive
  8. It's based on the 6309, and If my memory is correct it's a 6347.
  9. I have the Invicta 6207, great watch, here is a short how to on setting the alarm 1. Unscrew crown and pull out to position 1 2. Turning the crown counter-clockwise will move the Alarm hand. Turning the crown clockwise will adjust the day. 3. Screw the crown back in (must be screwed back in) and press the top pusher once and wait until alarm indicator goes to ON position. To turn off alarm press top indicator again. To turn alarm on crown can not be in position 1 because then the upper pusher is used to adjust the power indicator needle. Always turn on/off alarm when crown is screwed in. Bottom pusher works for the GMT hand, if you hold it down it will advance fast. Hope that helps
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