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  1. darknight

    Seiko 5 VS Orient

    Could you guys share some experience of Orient movement and error?
  2. Hi guys, here have a question: as for ROO NAVY / SAFARI / VOLCANO, do they use AP in-house or other movements?
  3. darknight

    My Old Breitling

    It's interesting. And appeared the flavor in 1940s and 1950s.
  4. Owing to cooperate with Oechslin, they launched most of innovative and practical designs, and develop new material. I think this is one of the hardest brands.
  5. thanks for sharing and congrats on the new camera
  6. Thanks for sharing the diving watch.
  7. darknight

    Related to PIAGET?

    I didn't hear any source between Baume&Mercier and PIAGET. Piaget develops the luxury watches and jewelry. Baume&Mercier creates the classic style. Furthermore, Baume & Mercier founded in 1830, ten years before the Piaget.
  8. darknight


    It's a pity that Stowa insists on-line shop without dealer.
  9. Small perpetual calendar cannot recognize February 29 of once every four years. Perpetual calendar cannot recognize February 28 every year.
  10. With regard to Breitling Small Perpetual Calender, you need to adjust it every four years. Apart from quartz watch, I think there are rare similar watches with the same price. You could purchase it with the 40% discount.
  11. AP started to produce Cal 3090 in 1999.
  12. darknight

    Casio case back

    It’s difficult to find this watches.
  13. If you want to clean the bracelet remove it from the watch head. If you have to clean the case the movement must be removed.
  14. just replaced the pearl.
  15. Is that the dark blue dial or is it the AR coating giving that tint to a black dial?
  16. There have no effect on setting the time.
  17. The old Invictas are totally awesome
  18. Power reserve and blue hand, I love it.
  19. It will probably be cheaper for you to buy a new watch.
  20. I would choose Omega because of the appearance.
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