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  1. just wondering what does the letter LV stand for?
  2. Hkung

    AP OAK 3120

    Mine lost 4-5s a day.
  3. What's the use of anti-reflective coating.
  4. The second dial with moon phase, helps to liven up the dial and looks beautiful. I've purchased a Go watch with moon phase. The next purchase for Lange would be a moon phase watch.
  5. Hkung

    Omega vs Zenith

    In terms of movement, Omega is better.
  6. The dial looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  7. So you should test it and check out the appearance when you purchase a watch.
  8. They’re both great watch, I love the dial of Oris.
  9. I think the calendar is special, but I don’t like the bracelet.
  10. Sometimes, the more careful you are, the more mistake you would make. The only way you can repair it is replace the case. But it wasn’t worth it. So just enjoy this piece.
  11. Nice pics! Fantastic catch of a classy watch.
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