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  1. Thanks for the advice, the.hatter. I'll do that. Wow, "3" post count and this comment makes you sound like a jerk, so I guess welcome to WUS and best wishes on your thread lol. There is also a sub-forum called "Fake Busters" where you may get more help when it comes to questions of legitimacy. Be prepared to upload many pictures of high resolution.
  2. Hey thanks everyone for the adv. tried both pretty ok with them both have their gd pts sub is classic slim n light. SD more manly doesn't hv a cyclops. Would SD be more exp to service? Assuming both similar usage? Thanks
  3. I'm in Sydney, Australia and have purchased from AD brands such as Breitling, Omega, Oris and Rolex. I have always received a discount from the ticket price up to 10%. In the actual Omega store discounted a piece for me the world have been about 13%. So it very much is possible but as other posts have suggested, depends where you are and the demand of that particular watch. I can almost guarantee you no AD will give a discount on a new submariner, the demand is too high..
  4. Looks good to me but as usual only one way to be certain, get it verified at an RSC.
  5. My crown pointing at 2 o'clock says hi
  6. Not specific to Rolex, but good article on modern auto-winder systems including rotor and bridge: ETA Automatic Winding - TimeZone A hairspring issue may be visually apparent, while rotor and other winding parts will require some observation/testing in motion. If the hairspring is not right, the watch will need that fixed first, to run and keep time (hairspring adjustments are often initially tested with auto-winding bridge, etc, removed). It's possible the dealer didn't "miss" damage to the auto-winding bits, but just concluded the inspection without more testing once finding a hairspring problem. As Kawika mentioned, crowns are a maintenance item, as are seals, and (depending on your repair person), tubes, and stems; RSC won't skimp on these if anything is worn.
  7. aminy

    £1000 ROLEX?

    Do heed this advice; otherwise, you will likely come to regret your decision and it will be money unwisely spent.
  8. No black one's yet or T/T ? Mike B , Canada ⌚
  9. I have a 7" flat wrist and recently tried on a BP at a couple of ADs. I think the watch actually looked ok but it still felt big. I don't think I would have been comfortable wearing the watch, and this is coming from someone with a 44mm and 45mm Panerai. The Big Pilot certainly lives up to its name. I doubt it would work on your 6.5" wrist.
  10. I will get the pic up soon , I can't wait like an expectant father ....it's been a bit of a grail watch although I rid say that about the others.... Lol
  11. aminy

    IWC Galapagos 2014

    Thanks for your reply. I wish I could make a trip to Australia. I am from India. The watch market is fairly big here, the unfortunate part is that the prices are way higher than in most countries. However I do know of a couple of places that I can get good deals from. I love the Cousteau and its color. Which one do you wear the most? I am sure it would be different watches for different occasions but which is your go to watch and why? I love the IWC Portuguese chrono, but its a dress watch and I am not in that caliber yet. I wanted something that I could wear everyday and go to school. Since watches take priority over other things, I refused to get a car because I wanted to get a watch instead. Is the SD an everyday watch? In your last post there are two SDs, I apologize but which one is the newer version. Thanks for your time.
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